JAL JAL Group decides basic domestic flight plan for FY2023

JAL Group decides basic domestic flight plan for 2023
~In order to meet tourism demand, we will utilize large aircraft and expand our network, mainly in Okinawa~

January 17, 2023
The JAL Group has decided on a basic flight plan for domestic flights in 2023. 【Topics】
◆The Boeing 777-200ER, which entered service in August 2002, will be retired in the first half of fiscal 2023 (*1).
As a result, all of our Boeing 777-200/-200ER aircraft, which have been in service for 27 years, will be retired, including the Boeing 777-200 that operated from April 1996 to March 2021.
Going forward, we will contribute to the reduction of environmental impact through the operation of Airbus A350-900, our fuel-efficient and low-noise flagship aircraft for domestic routes, and achieve the JAL Group’s goal of “substantially zero CO2 emissions by 2050.” We will make steady progress towards
◆Regarding Tokyo (Haneda) routes, we will increase the Tokyo (Haneda) = Okinawa (Naha) route and the Tokyo (Haneda) = Ishigaki route during the busy summer season.
◆On Osaka (Itami) routes, we will increase the number of flights on the Osaka (Itami) = Aomori and Fukuoka routes, and during the busy summer season on the Osaka (Itami) = Sapporo (New Chitose) route. ◆Hokkaido Air System (HAC) has decided to introduce the fourth ATR42-600. In the future, we will utilize this aircraft to expand routes to and from Hokkaido and improve convenience. The new aircraft is scheduled to be put into service in October. (*2)
◆Japan Transocean Air (JTA)’s Osaka (Kansai)=Miyako route will change from seasonal operations to year-round operations. In addition, some flights on Haneda = Komatsu and Okayama routes will be operated jointly with JAL (flight numbers are JAL flight numbers). (*3) ◆Regarding the Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC), the Ishigaki = Yonaguni route and Okinawa (Naha) = Yoron route will be increased during the busy summer season. (*3)
◆From December 26, 2022, J-AIR has started Internet service on Embraer 190 (E190) aircraft. In the future, we will proceed with the repair work in stages, expand our services, and strive to improve convenience for our customers. (*Four)
◆We will continue to extend the operating hours of some flights as an initiative to reduce fuel consumption, which started in the winter of 2022.

 The JAL Group will continue to provide safe and secure air travel by creating a hygienic and clean environment together with customers at airports and on board, while enhancing customer convenience. (*1) We will inform you of the detailed retirement date and final flight schedule as soon as they are decided.
(*2) January 17, 2023 HAC press release “HAC Decides to Introduce 4th ATR42-600” Reference URL: https://press.jal.co.jp/ja/areanews/release/202301/007169.html (*3) JTA press release dated January 17, 2023 “JTA and RAC decide on basic frequency plan for 2023”
Reference URL: https://jta-okinawa.com/pressrelease/22049/
(*4) Press Release No. 22090 dated December 23, 2022 “In-flight Internet service to be gradually launched on Embraer 190 aircraft” Reference URL: https://press.jal.co.jp/ja/release/202212/007142.html *The following plans and schedules are subject to application and approval from the relevant authorities.
Please check the JAL timetable or the JAL website for seasonal flight changes and seasonal flights not listed below.
[Increased flights]
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(*5) There are periods when the number of flights varies (6 to 7 flights/day). For details, please check the JAL website.
(*6) For details, please check the JAL website.
[Suspension/reduction of flights]
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