JAL (Joint release) Demonstration of long-term drone operation in Tokyo with a view to level 4 flight

(Joint release) Demonstration of long-term drone operation in Tokyo with an eye on level 4 flight
-Aiming to achieve both social implementation of drone logistics services and improvement of social acceptance of drones-

January 18, 2023
(joint release)
KDDI Corporation
KDDI Smart Drone Co., Ltd.
Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
East Japan Railway Company
Weathernews Inc.
Mediceo Co., Ltd.
KDDI Corporation (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Makoto Takahashi), KDDI Smart Drone Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Masafumi Hirono), Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo) Shinagawa Ward, President: Yuji Akasaka), East Japan Railway Company (Head Office: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, President: Yuji Fukasawa), Weathernews Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, President: Chi Kusabiraki) Jin) and Mediceo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Kuniaki Imagawa) will operate medical supplies transportation using drones in Akiruno City, Tokyo from February 1, 2023 for one month. Demonstration (hereafter, “this demonstration”) will be implemented.
In addition, prior to this demonstration, an event will be held at local elementary schools on January 25, 2023 to improve the social acceptance of drones.
This demonstration is based on the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Demonstration Project for Promoting the Social Implementation of Drone Logistics Services” (Note 1). Taking advantage of the fact that drone flight (level 4 flight) has become possible, we aim for early social implementation of drone logistics services in Tokyo. This year, we will conduct flight demonstrations and confirm operations with the aim of establishing the foundation for level 4 flight demonstrations from 2023 onwards.
1. Overview
(1) Long-term operation demonstration of medical supplies
transportation by drone
Assuming drone operation in Level 4 flight, flight operations will be carried out by operational management from remote locations during the daytime on weekdays in February 2023. A flight route is set between the public medical center (location: 78-1 Hiketa, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo) and SRL Central Laboratory (location: 50 Fuchigami, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo), and medical supplies are transported by autonomous flight of logistics drones. to hold.
In February 2022, the delivery of medicines (Note 2) on the Sumida River was a three-day demonstration, but this time, by conducting long-term operation for one month, we were able to identify technical, business, and institutional issues. , contributing to the social implementation of the drone logistics business for medical supplies. [Image 1d30684-779-eca6dd50a29963546257-0.png&s3=30684-779-773c6879b29d847f0c619f2d27985974-542x392.png

[Image 2d30684-779-3f7f038d47bf176747c0-4.png&s3=30684-779-6de2ff954fcee9675ead7bdfa4b3be37-933x796.png
(2). Event aimed at improving social acceptance of drone logistics [Image 3d30684-779-dab4a4f2e6ce85ad4034-1.png&s3=30684-779-efbe01a646de8c5da68e22532946f7d8-431x320.png
We will hold classes on drone logistics for children at local elementary schools. We will explain the safety management mechanism and legal system of drones, conduct surveys on social acceptance, and conduct promotional flights using drones that are actually used. In order to realize drone services in urban areas, it is highly likely that it will be necessary to fly over third parties, including local residents, so it is essential not only to ensure business feasibility, but also to improve social acceptance. By disseminating information on the convenience and safety of drones through events, we aim to improve the awareness and understanding of local residents, which is one of the challenges in social implementation of the drone logistics business.
[Image 4d30684-779-5e20e0a6501324588d68-2.png&s3=30684-779-7e4807a59eae0d84eff0d24b831198b9-861x480.png
(3). Cooperation
  Akiru Public Medical Center
SRL Co., Ltd. H.U. Group Central Research Institute, LLC
Educational Corporation Asia Gakuen Asia University
2. Roles of each company
[Image 5d30684-779-5ea4c4fb7a085d8eeee4-3.png&s3=30684-779-c02dc10565b02081ccf1034c89d60cf1-818x274.png
3. Future development
Through the long-term operation of drone logistics in this
demonstration, we will identify technical, business, and institutional issues, and examine the safe operation system and business model necessary for constant drone flight. In addition, we plan to conduct a Level 4 flight demonstration in the city center in FY2023, and a long-term Level 4 flight demonstration in the city center in FY2024. In the future, we will proceed with demonstrations with the aim of developing a variety of services, including logistics, in order to realize urban development using drones.
that’s all
(Note 1) This demonstration was selected as the 2022 demonstration project of the “Demonstration Project for Promoting Social
Implementation of Drone Logistics Services”.
(Note 2) Press release dated February 1, 2022: “First in Tokyo, drug delivery experiment conducted by drone across multiple bridges including Eitai Bridge”
■ Past press releases
・July 28, 2022 press release (Tokyo)
Selected projects aiming at social implementation of drone logistics services in Tokyo
・February 1, 2022 press release
Tokyo’s first drug delivery experiment using drones to cross multiple bridges, including the Eitai Bridge
・November 11, 2021 press release
Tokyo’s first demonstration experiment of food delivery in inhabited areas by drone on November 20th at Waters Takeshiba
■ About KDDI Smart Drone Co., Ltd.
KDDI Smart Drone is building a service that realizes safe remote and long-distance flights by controlling drones using mobile
communications such as 4G LTE. We are working to realize new businesses using drones and to provide flexible services that meet customer needs in various fields such as inspection, logistics, surveillance, agriculture, and surveying.
*Please see https://kddi.smartdrone.co.jp/ for company profile. ■ About Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.
It is the JAL Group’s responsibility to spread the next-generation air mobility represented by drones and flying cars widely in all regions of Japan by utilizing the knowledge and technology to protect air safety cultivated in the air transportation business. I believe it is. So far, we have actively participated in demonstrations and surveys in various parts of Japan, and are making steady progress toward commercialization. We will continue to lead new markets by painting a picture of a society in which drones and flying cars are active in each area. Aiming to realize a world where diverse air mobility frequently flies, we will also build a platform that supports safe and smooth operations so that more businesses can use air mobility with peace of mind.
*Please see https://www.jal.com/en/ for company profile.
About JR East “Takanawa Gateway City (tentative name)”
JR East is promoting the urban development of “Takanawa Gateway City (provisional name)”. Inheriting the historical background of serving as the gateway to Edo and the memory of innovation in the land where Japan’s first railway ran, the development concept is “Global Gateway,” and the concept is “to create a rich life 100 years from now.” We aim to be a city where new cultures and businesses continue to be born as a testing ground for
Complex I including MICE facilities, offices, commerce, etc. and the area around Takanawa Gateway Station will open at the end of fiscal 2024 (March 2025). The surrounding area will open in 2025.
In this city, further demonstrations will be carried out with the aim of social implementation of drones in various places in the city. ・Regarding urban development of “Takanawa Gateway City (provisional name)” (https://www.jreast.co.jp/press/2022/20220421_ho01.pdf)
■ About Weathernews Co., Ltd.
Weathernews was born out of the passion of our founder, who
experienced a maritime accident in 1970, to “protect the lives of sailors.” Since then, we have taken on the challenge of providing weather information to people who really need it as countermeasures. The weather service market, which started from the sea, has spread to the air and land, and with the slogan “I want to help people in times of need”, we are currently providing risk communication services to customers in about 50 countries around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. going. Weather information is essential for the safe operation of drones. Weathernews Aeronautical Meteorological Division supports safe operation by utilizing know-how of weather and dynamic information support for airlines, helicopters and other manned aircraft for 37 years.
*Please see https://jp.weathernews.com/ for company profile. ■ About Mediceo Co., Ltd.
As a member of the MEDIPAL Group, whose business fields are “medical care, health and beauty,” MEDICEO supports the healthy lifestyles of the people.
In Japan, where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging, the people’s needs for a healthy life are increasing more and more.
In such an environment, as a social infrastructure company that stably supports the distribution of “medical care, health and beauty,” we aim to accurately and efficiently fulfill the desires of those who create products and those who await necessary products. We have a role to play in connecting.
Furthermore, in order to optimize the entire supply chain, we pursue and embody logistics that are efficient, highly satisfying to our customers, and strong in emergencies, while developing and nurturing new businesses with high social value. We are working on various innovations such as
As a wholesaler that provides safe, stable, and valuable distribution that can meet the expectations of society and customers in any era, we are a management company that “contributes to the health of people and the development of society through the creation of distribution value.” We will continue to make further progress in line with this philosophy.
*Please see https://www.mediceo.co.jp/ for company profile.

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