“Jalan” retro hot spring town ranking announcement where you can enjoy the feeling of slipping back in time!

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“Jalan” retro hot spring town ranking announcement where you can enjoy the feeling of slipping back in time!

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Recruit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshihiro Kitamura; hereinafter referred to as Recruit) published a travel information magazine “Jalan”, which conducted a survey on “retro hot spring towns”, so we will inform you of the results. . This content is also introduced on the travel information site “Jalan News”. https://www.jalan.net/news/article/701172/
■ “Jalan” Retro hot spring town ranking where you can enjoy the feeling of slipping back in time
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The season when you miss hot springs. All over Japan, there are not only wonderful hot spring towns full of new spots, but also many hot spring towns with a great retro atmosphere. Therefore, this time, we conducted a questionnaire about “retro hot spring town”.
“Shiman Onsen” in Gunma Prefecture won the No. 1 hot spring town where you can feel as if you have slipped back in time. It has been popular as a hot spring resort since ancient times, and boasts an abundance of hot spring water. The old-fashioned townscape, with no traffic lights or neon lights, is a quiet spot full of Showa nostalgic atmosphere. The second place is Yamagata Prefecture “Ginzan Onsen”. Located in an area rich in nature, the gentle light spilling out from the rows of wooden inns creates a tasteful atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve slipped back in time to the early Showa era.
In addition, all of the hot spring towns ranked in the top 5 are spots where you can feel a lot of retro atmosphere. There is no doubt that you can experience an extraordinary feeling just by taking a walk in the city surrounded by nature and mystery. The buildings and scenery full of emotion will make you feel like you are in a movie world. If you want to take a trip that is a little different from the usual, such as retro hot spring inns, classic hotels, and hot springs with a retro feel, why not enjoy a stay in a “retro hot spring town” where you can feel the history. It is also recommended to take pictures while feeling like you have slipped back in time while playing at an old-fashioned playground.
“Jalan” Retro Onsen Town Ranking: Introducing the Top 5 Spots 1st place: Shima Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)
Shima Onsen, surrounded by mountains, is said to have been popular as a hot spring resort since the 900s. The hot springs are drinkable, which is rare in Japan. There are a total of 42 sources, 39 of which are naturally gushing, and the hot springs are abundant. The hot spring town is full of cafes and souvenir shops, and there is also a playground where you can play with nostalgic smart balls and shooting games. You can enjoy the quiet atmosphere with no traffic lights, convenience stores, neon lights, etc.
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2nd Place: Ginzan Onsen (Yamagata Prefecture)
Ginzan Onsen is quietly nestled in rich nature. The hot, milky-white hot water mixed with fine mineral deposits will warm your body to the core. The communal bath “Shirogane-yu” near the Shirogane Bridge was designed by the architect Kengo Kuma, and the indirect lighting gives off a calm atmosphere. In addition, the wooden inns that stand across the Ginzan River are full of atmosphere, and the wooden lattice windows, the plaster on the outer walls, and the gas lamp streetlights make you feel as if you have slipped back in time to the early Showa era. It is recommended to enjoy the hot springs while strolling along the banks of the Ginzan River.
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3rd Place: Shibu Onsen (Nagano Prefecture)
Shibu Onsen opened 1300 years ago. It is a hot spring area with so many sources that it is said that if you dig the ground, hot water will come out. It is characterized by a variety of effects and ingredients, such as a lot of iron, and some are brownish, some are cloudy, some are greenish, some are colorless and transparent. Guests staying at the hotel can use 9 public baths free of charge, so you can enjoy a tour of the public baths. In the cobbled streets, you can feel the history of the good old hot spring town, where the hot spring inn “Kanaguya” was designated as a registered tangible cultural property of Japan in 2003.
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4th place: Ikaho Onsen (Gunma Prefecture)
Ikaho Onsen has such a long history that it appears in Manyoshu and Kokin Wakashu. You can enjoy two types of hot springs, “Kogane no Yu” and “Shirogane no Yu”. At the 365-step stone steps that are the symbol of Ikaho Onsen, it is also recommended to take a picture of yourself on the steps of your birth and try to find this year’s sexagenary cycle. On both sides of the stone steps, there are inns, souvenir shops, restaurants, and amusement parks such as shooting games, so you can enjoy an elegant stroll. In addition, it is a charming hot spring town with a footbath that can be used casually, and a stone steps hot spring that uses stones that were used for stone steps as paving stones nearby.
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5th place: Kurokawa Onsen (Kumamoto Prefecture)
Kurokawa Onsen has 7 types of hot springs in a compact area. The hot spring town is divided into the hot spring town area where ryokan are lined up along the river and the Okukurokawa area where single inns are lined up in the woodlands a little far from the city center. The charm of Kurokawa Onsen is that the scenery of the entire town blends into nature, just like an inn. If you visit Kurokawa Onsen, you should definitely try visiting the hot springs using the “Nyuyu Tegata”. In June 2022, the hot spring pass, which allows you to visit the open-air baths of 27 inns, will be renewed and can be used at restaurants and souvenir shops in the hot spring town.
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*The content introduced is information as of January 18, 2023. *Please check the official website of each spot for the latest information on the status of events and sales.
*When introducing this ranking, please be sure to include the following credits. “Jalan Retro Onsen Town Ranking Where You Can Feel Like Going Back in Time” *When you go out, please check the latest information on the homepage of the local government. Also, please take sufficient care to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
[Survey overview] Internet survey / survey period: December 7 (Wednesday) to December 9 (Friday), 2022
Survey target: Nationwide residents in their 20s to 50s / Number of valid responses: 1,088
Multiple answers (choose up to 3 hot spring resorts where you can enjoy the feeling of going back in time)
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