January 14th is “Iyokan Day”! “Nakajima Mikan NFT Series” 3rd edition “Nakajima Iyokan NFT” will be rele ased with a limited number of 14 points!

Nojojin Co., Ltd.
January 14th is “Iyokan Day”! “Nakajima Mikan NFT Series” 3rd edition “Nakajima Iyokan NFT” will be released with a limited number of 14 points!
“Nakajima” and “Iyo” gather! We will present “Nakajima Iyokan” to 3 people by lottery!

The agricultural support organization “Metagri Research Institute” operated by “Nojojin Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture; Representative Director: Yuichiro Kai)”, which develops agricultural branding services, is the “Nakajima Mikan NFT Series” in Nakajima, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. As the third installment, we will sell “Nakajima Iyokan NFT” on January 14th (Sat), the anniversary of the historical variety “Iyokan” that supports Japan’s leading citrus production area.
In commemoration of the release of “Nakajima Iyokan NFT”, a campaign will be held to present “Iyokan” to three people by lottery for “Nakajima” and “Iyo”.
[Image 1

“Nakajima mandarin orange NFT series” with the theme of Nakajima connected by art
Nakajima is the central island of the Kutsuna Islands in the Seto Inland Sea off the northwest coast of Matsuyama City, Ehime
Prefecture. Cultivation of citrus fruits is thriving, and the production volume of fruit cultivation is also one of the leading production areas in Japan.
What connects Nakajima with the world is the Metaverse (virtual space), which is attracting attention as a new means of online interaction. Aiming to develop new markets by selling citrus fruits, a specialty of Nakajima, and products from the sixth industrialization (aroma oil, etc.) online, and create a related population by connecting online communities to local offline experiences. I will also work on
Official website: https://meta-iyokanjima.net/
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As one of the projects by the Meta-Nakajima community, the Metagri Research Institute will issue the “Nakajima Mikan NFT Series,” which is a cross between citrus fruits produced in Nakajima and NFTs. We aim to create a related population by supporting the community management of DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) through “connection” triggered by NFT.
[Set sale of citrus fruits produced in Nakajima and NFT]
“Nakajima mandarin orange NFT series” is sold as a set with citrus fruits produced in Nakajima.
“Iyokan”, which will be offered as a set with Nakajima Iyokan NFT, which will be on sale from 21:00 on Saturday, January 14, has a “refreshing scent” and “juicy taste” made in Nakajima, an environment suitable for citrus cultivation. It is a citrus fruit with the characteristics of
The peel is thicker than that of unshu mandarin oranges, but the most distinctive feature is the refreshing aroma that spreads as soon as you peel it. Sweet and sour juice drips from the large, plump flesh. The cultivar name is ‘Miyauchi Iyokan’ and it is a historic cultivar discovered in 1955. It is also popular as a winter gift.
[How to purchase “Nakajima Mikan NFT Series”]
“Nakajima Mikan NFT series” can be purchased at the world’s largest marketplace “OpenSea”.
[Image 3

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/nakajima-mikan-nft
* Sales start from 21:00 on Saturday, January 14th
Please let us know the delivery address from the limited channel of Meta Nakajima Community (Discord) within 2 weeks after purchasing NFT through primary distribution.
* Please note that citrus and NFT are not provided as a set for transactions after secondary distribution.
[Image 4

[“Nakajima mandarin orange NFT series” sales schedule]
The 3rd “Nakajima Mikan NFT Series” “Nakajima Iyokan NFT” will be sold at 0.05 ETH for 14 points from 21:00 on Saturday, January 14, 2023. The sales schedule for the “Nakajima mandarin orange NFT series” is as follows. ・ [Thank you for selling out] Nakajima Harehime NFT: December 22, 2022 (Thursday) 21:00–First sale in the series on the day of the winter solstice-
・ [Bid at 0.092 WETH] Nakajima What kind of NFT: January 4, 2023 (Wednesday) from 19:00-1 point NFT auction limited to 24 hours- ・ Nakajima Iyokan NFT: Saturday, January 14, 2023, 21:00–Limited to 14 items on Iyokan day-
・ Nakajima Harumi NFT: February 4, 2023 (Wednesday) 21:00–Limited to 12 items on the first day of spring-
[NFT Utility]
In addition to access privileges to limited pages in the community, various utilities are planned, such as information on events in the Metaverse space, Iyokan sauna events in Nakajima, and discount purchases of Nakajima’s specialty citrus and related products. [Details of NFTs]
collection name
Nakajima Mikan NFT
chain used
Ethereum network
NFT standard
Display based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions: https://metagri-labo.com/specific-trade-law/
*If you do not know how to purchase NFT or how to receive citrus fruits provided as a set with NFT, please contact us using the following inquiry form.
Contact: https://metagri-labo.com/contact/
“Nakajima” and “Iyo” gather! “Nakajima Iyokan” present campaign held! In commemoration of the release of “Nakajima Iyokan NFT” on “Iyokan Day (January 14th)”, “Iyokan”, one of the citrus fruits produced in Nakajima, will be presented to “Nakajima” and “Iyo”. We will present to 3 people by lottery.
If you have “Iyo” or “Nakajima” in your name, please apply in the following three steps.
This is a must-see project for those who want to lavishly eat seasonal Iyokan made in Nakajima, a famous citrus production area.
[Application procedure 1]
Follow the meta Nakajima community Twitter account (@metanakajima) Twitter: https://twitter.com/metanakajima
[Application procedure 2]
Likes and RTs of campaign tweets
Campaign tweet: https://twitter.com/metanakajima/status/1613730682022531074 [Application procedure 3]
Enter your name and mailing address in the application form below. Application form: http://bit.ly/3H0Rixq
Present contents: Iyokan (2 kg x 3 people)
Application period: January 14 (Sat)-January 20 (Fri), 2023
Executive Committee to connect Nakajima and the world with DX This project will be implemented as a project selected for the Ehime Prefecture Digital Implementation Acceleration Project “Triangle Ehime” in 2022.
With Ehime Prefecture as the implementation field, Ehime Prefecture solicits project proposals from private business operators (including consortiums) to address local issues in various industrial fields. Proposals with high feasibility for horizontal deployment were selected. For the adopted project, we will form a consortium with local business operators and verify the implementation of digital solutions that will lead to problem solving.
Various experts gathered in Ehime Prefecture from various places, starting with the implementation members of this project from Ehime Prefecture, and created a new industry centered on “connecting,” “creating,” and “experiencing” on the remote islands of the Seto Inland Sea. We have established an organization to hold the event, and for C Co., Ltd. is working with each company as the secretariat. Official website: https://meta-iyokanjima.net/
Details about this release:



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