January 2023: Free online seminar SNS marketing strategy seminar for BtoB companies

Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd.
[January 2023: Free online seminar] SNS marketing strategy seminar for BtoB companies
~ What is the SNS utilization strategy to improve the LTV of target customers ~
Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd., which provides Internet marketing support, will hold a free online seminar titled “SNS Marketing Strategy Seminar for BtoB Companies” twice in January 2022 (same content).
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*All schedules have the same content, so please choose the time that is most convenient for you.
*This is an updated version of the same content seminar held on November 17, 2022.
▼ Apply from the following web page
*Applications must be made by 12:00 on the day before each session. *The seminar viewing URL will be sent the day before each session in the afternoon (16:00-18:00).
*Excuse me, but we may ask you to refrain from accepting applications from other companies in the same industry.
In recent years, corporate marketing that utilizes SNS for marketing has become commonplace. On the other hand, there are still few cases of SNS marketing for BtoB companies. From a person in charge of a BtoB company
“Unlike BtoC companies, BtoB companies do not have an image of using SNS.” “I don’t know what kind of content BtoB companies can send.” There are voices like this.
When considering the marketing activities of BtoB companies, there are many differences compared to BtoC companies, such as a clearer target customer and a longer period of consideration before purchasing. However, we believe that it is important for BtoB companies to practice SNS marketing, build relationships with target customers, and improve LTV (Life Time Value). Therefore, in this seminar, we will introduce the concept of SNS marketing strategy design that BtoB companies should work on.
▼ Full-speed “SNS operation agency service”
We have a dedicated SNS department with a track record of operating more than 300 accounts, including BtoB companies. Your company’s dedicated staff will help you grow your SNS account by designing the PDCA cycle from ad distribution to post writing, scheduling, and effect measurement based on the risks in SNS operation.
Recommended for people like this
Persons in charge of BtoB companies, persons in charge of managing SNS accounts, and persons in charge of brands who are considering the following
・ Considering implementing SNS marketing
・I feel that there is a problem in the strategic design of SNS utilization ・I have already opened an SNS account, but I am worried about the current policy and content to be sent.
*We do not accept applications from other companies in the same industry. Seminar content
11:00-11:03 Greetings and program explanation
11:03-11:35 What is the SNS utilization strategy of a BtoB company to improve customer LTV (Full Speed ​​Onodera Tsubasa Co., Ltd.) 11:35-11:40 Questionnaire responses
*The content and schedule of this seminar are subject to change. Speaker introduction
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Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd.
Marketing Department Marketing Group
Tsubasa Onodera
Responsible for corporate website operations at multiple web production companies and BPO vendors.
Since 2011, he has experienced social media marketing support and research work for BtoC companies centered on Facebook, as well as customer support and service introduction support using social media. Joined Full Speed ​​Co., Ltd. in February 2020. After supporting social media marketing for multiple companies as a consultant, he is currently in charge of the company’s marketing department and seminar manager. In charge of lecturers on the theme of corporate SNS utilization at advertising conferences and SNS manager training courses, including in-house seminars.
Author of “Facebook Professional Guide (Marketing/Design)” (Mynavi) “The latest common sense of web marketing taught by professionals in the field” (MDN Corporation)
and so on. My hobbies are cooking and triathlon.
Overview of the event
Date and time
・January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) 11:00-11:40
・January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 11:00-11:40
held online
*This seminar will be delivered online only (no venue will be held). Please join us when it is time from the URL sent after the
Entry fee
means of participation
Please download Zoom in advance (free).
If you are using Zoom for the first time, please download it in advance from the URL below.
* Detailed explanation of download procedure
Application method/deadline
▼ Applications are accepted on the following website.
・January 24, 2023 (Tuesday) 11:00-11:40
・January 25, 2023 (Wednesday) 11:00-11:40
* Reception is possible until 12:00 the day before.
-Inquiries about seminars-
TEL: 03-5457-7707 | Email: mkt@fullspeed.co.jp | Marketing Department Tsubasa Onodera
-Media inquiries-
TEL: 03-5728-4460 | Email: press@fullspeed.co.jp | Public Relations

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