Japan Advertisers Association 60th JAA Advertising Awards Consumer-Chosen Advertising Contest Advertisements that “resonate” with consumers decided

60th JAA Advertising Awards Consumer-Chosen Advertising Contest Advertisements that “touched the hearts” of consumers were decided -Evaluation points selected by 120 general consumer judges are “cheerful, laughable” and “want to look ahead”-

The Japan Advertisers Association (Chairman: Masatoshi Ito, Special Advisor, Ajinomoto Co., Inc., Ginza, Chuo-ku, abbreviated as JAA) has announced the winning works of the 60th JAA Advertising Awards Consumer-Chosen Advertising Competition. bottom. San’in Chuo Shimpo, Ajinomoto, AC Japan, Mori Building, Saga Prefecture, and Shizuoka City won the JAA Award Grand Prix, the highest award, from all 6 divisions, and AC Japan won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, and all 64 works. was awarded.
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* “Public Interest Incorporated Association AC Japan / Tolerance Rap”, which won the “JAA Grand Prix TV Advertising Category” and the “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award”, will be awarded for the same work.
About winning works
It is published on our website (https://www.jaa.or.jp/).
JAA Award Grand Prix/Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award Winner ■ JAA Award Grand Prix Newspaper Advertising Category
Sanin Chuo Shimpo Co., Ltd. “Distributing newspapers means paying attention.” Sanin Chuo Shimpo 140th
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[Judge comments]
・The feelings and breathing of people involved in newspapers are conveyed. ・I learned that newspapers are not only effective as content, but also have great significance in delivering them.
・In today’s digital society, the merits of paper newspapers are conveyed. ■ JAA Award Grand Prix Magazine Advertising Category
Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Flower Language of Vegetables
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[Judge comments]
・I likened vegetables to flowers and noticed that there is a flower language. ・Interesting to watch and interesting to read.
・Vegetable bouquet is novel and very beautiful.
JAA Award Grand Prix Television Advertisement Category, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award
Public Interest Incorporated Association AC Japan Tolerance Rap [Image 4

[Judge comments]
・It is a message that leaves an impression by skillfully weaving in the contrast of the appearance.
・I learned the importance of caring for others through music with a good tempo. ・People teach me different things in a fun way.
・You can feel comfortable.
■ JAA Award Grand Prix Radio Advertising Category
Mori Building Co., Ltd. Name of Hashi
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[Judge comments]
– It remains in an impression by deployment gathered up very well. ・There is a new realization, and the last punchline is also laughable. ・It is good to feel the company’s stance to create a clear future. ■ JAA Grand Prix Digital Advertising Category
Saga Prefecture Start in Saga
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[Judge comments]
・It’s nice to see a strong message from Saga Prefecture, which is an administrative body, that “marriage is not the goal.”
・It is conveyed that marriage is supported not only by the individual, but by society as a whole.
・I strongly felt that Saga Prefecture should promote support to make everyone happy.
■JAA Award Grand Prix Outdoor/Traffic Advertising Category
Shizuoka City Shizuoka City Plastic Modeling Plan
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[Judge comments]
・By transforming familiar things, the impact is increased and the message is easy to understand.
– A very interesting project. I never thought of it.
·funny! So that’s it! I thought, and I wanted to talk to someone. Judging Comment (Chief Judge Yasuhiro Haga)
This year’s judging session was held in the midst of a heavy atmosphere as usual, but I felt that there were more “bright and funny” works than last year among the works that passed the first judging. I think it reflects the consumer’s desire to “move forward” and “want to look forward” while still being forced to live with many inconveniences.
Another thing that I noticed in this year’s competition was that the works of local clients stood out very much. Remote work has suddenly expanded and taken root due to the corona crisis, but along with that, people are living in two locations and moving to rural areas. As someone from a rural area, I was happy to see the signs of regional revitalization at this competition.
What is the JAA Advertising Award?
This comprehensive advertising award is unique in the world in that it does not include people involved in advertising among the judges, and is judged by consumers, who are the recipients of the advertisements, from the perspective of consumers.
This year, we received 1,164 entries in six categories: newspapers, magazines, television, radio, digital, and outdoor/traffic. The criteria for judging are “whether the ad evokes a favorable
impression, sympathy, and a sense of affinity (sensitivity)”, “whether the ad is easy to understand and convincing (reason)”, and “whether the ad evokes originality (creativity)”. And 120 consumer judges were involved in the selection for about a month.
About the Japan Advertisers Association
It is a public interest incorporated association that aims to contribute to the sound development of advertising activities in collaboration with Japan’s leading advertiser companies and
organizations. We have a digital marketing research organization that conducts research and information gathering to utilize digital in marketing communication, and we have “human resource development business”, “survey research business”, “award business”, “information transmission and sharing business”, and “consultation and advice business”. ”, ”Collaboration with other organizations”, and ”Public relations”.
266 regular member companies, 335 supporting member companies (digital marketing research organization member companies) (as of the end of December 2022).
Inquiries regarding this matter
Public Interest Incorporated Association Japan Advertisers Association JAA Advertising Awards Secretariat
E-mail: contest@jaa.or.jp
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