Japan CEO Association Alliance with Japan CEO Association and Create Management Association Co., Ltd.

Japan CEO Association
Alliance with Japan CEO Association and Create Management Association Co., Ltd.
Japan CEO Association (Location: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; Representative Director: Chiho Tanaka) and Create Management Association Co., Ltd. (Location: Kita-ku, Osaka City: Representative Director) signed a partnership on January 6, 2023. .
As one of the training projects of Create Management Association Co., Ltd., we will provide a program for the Jr.CEO Club operated by the Japan CEO Association.
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The Japan CEO Association aims to solve social issues and realize a sustainable society by producing excellent managers and entrepreneurs. Creative Management Association Co., Ltd. actively provides creative education, from management consultation, ISO guidance, educational planning to Zen temple training.
The program of the Jr. CEO Club, which provides entrepreneurship education for children run by the Japan CEO Association, has become one of the creative power training programs of the Creative Management Association.
I will explain the synergistic effect created by the Japan CEO Association collaborating with the Create Management Association Co., Ltd. from two points of view.
Multiplying the know-how of entrepreneurship education for children We will combine the knowledge of entrepreneurship education for children that the Japan CEO Association has been doing so far with the strengths of Create Management Association Co., Ltd.
・Out-of-school learning programs for schools
・ Program to learn entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial thinking for parents and children
This is a partnership that will further expand the range of training provided by the Create Management Association Co., Ltd. by conducting a program that considers the appeal of entrepreneurship from a child’s point of view.
A program that makes use of the traditions of Kyoto
Entrepreneurship education for children, a strength of the Japan CEO Association, is combined with Zen meditation at a temple.
Entrepreneurship education will be held at a Zen temple in Kyoto while incorporating the five Zen spirits of honesty, self-reflection, humility, service, and gratitude. This is a completely new program where anyone can earnestly learn a program that will enable them to live their lives with high aspirations through a combination that has not existed in the past while enjoying the charm of Kyoto’s history. The Japan CEO Association will continue to use its originality and ingenuity to produce excellent managers and entrepreneurs.
Create Management Association CEO Tomohiro Tomita Profile
[Image 2d105290-25-9781cf99ba0bbbc89893-0.jpg&s3=105290-25-be9626ae03fb6a64095238834af81208-400x400.jpg
Born in 1985. Joined Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation in April 2008 after graduating from the Faculty of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University.
Responsible for more than 100 small and medium-sized companies at two stores, solving problems faced by companies.
Executed deals exceeding 5 billion yen per case, including
organizational restructuring for the purpose of business succession, project finance, and business revitalization projects.
Since February 2015, he has been engaged in a wide range of operations from sales to new projects, recruitment, and human resources as the president’s right-hand man as the manager of the management strategy office of a medium-sized specialized trading company.
In August 2021, he assumed the post of Representative Director of the Japan Creative Management Association. We are striving for management based on the spirit of learning from the past.
About Japan CEO Association
Corporate name: Japan CEO Association
Location: 2F, 251-2 Takeyanomachi, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8090 Representative: Representative Director Chiho Tanaka
Established: March 2019
URL: https://jceoa.org/
About Create Management Association Co., Ltd.
Corporate name: Create Management Association Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒530-0041
2-5-21 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka Matsubara Building 2F
Representative: Tomohiro Tomita, President and CEO
Established: September 1978, reorganized into a corporate organization on November 1, 1987
URL: http://www.cmajapan.co.jp/
Jr. CEO club management cooperation About the Town Council Committee Corporate name: Machi no Kyouiku Committee
Location: 107 Corporus Fushimi, 3-3 Fukakusa Ikenouchi-cho,
Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Representative name: Co-representatives Hiroshi Nishimori and Tomohiro Matsui Date of establishment: January 31, 2021
URL: https://machinokyoiku.com/
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