Japan Design Co., Ltd. Free to join The program “FUN Onsen” by hot spring lovers for hot spring lovers 9th “Sauna Lovers vs. Hot Spring Lovers, Who Are You?” Streaming from 20:00 on 2/15 (Wed.)!

Japan Design Co., Ltd.
[Participation is free] Program “FUN Onsen” for hot spring lovers by hot spring lovers 9th “Sauna Lovers vs. Hot Spring Lovers, Which Group Are You?” Streaming from 20:00 on 2/15 (Wed.)!

“Onsen General Election (Management Secretariat: Japan Design Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, General Producer/Representative Director/Social Entrepreneur: Taro Yamashita)” will start at 20:00 on Wednesday, February 15th. “FUN Onsen”, a program for hot spring lovers by hot spring lovers, will be broadcast for the 9th time.
This time, we will deliver it with the theme of “Sauna Lovers vs. Hot Spring Lovers: Which Group Are You?” The guests this time are Mr. Takeshi Matsunaga, a bath sommelier, and Taro Yamashita, general producer of the hot spring general election. He was divided into two teams as a “hot spring lover” and passionately debated using their respective charms as weapons!
We will also vote for the viewers!
Anyone can participate for free, so please feel free to watch it. [Image

https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84734942917?pwd=NzNTMFppYWxjcTZ1UE5TcDBKSWM4QT09  Webinar ID: 847 3494 2917
 Passcode: 011178
・ Theme talk
・This month’s PICKUP hot springs
  → Corner where guests and regulars introduce recommended hot springs (accommodations)
We will also introduce recommended hot springs (inns) from viewers who posted on SNS in advance

★ How to participate in “This month’s PICK UP Onsen” ★
In the “This month’s PICK UP hot spring” corner, viewers who posted in advance on SNS (Instagram or Twitter)
We will also introduce you to our recommended hot springs!
1) Follow the “Onsen support” (@onsenouen_info) account (Instagram or Twitter) 2) Add #FUN hot springs #recommended hot spring names to hot comments about hot springs and post them on SNS (Instagram or Twitter)! *Posts by 12:00 noon on 2/15 (Wednesday) will be eligible for introduction. *Not all posts can be featured.
*You cannot participate with a private account.
★ “Hot spring support campaign planning”
If you add #hot spring support to 1) 2) and post it, it will be in the “hot spring support campaign plan”
You can participate!
“Hot spring support campaign plan” is a campaign where you can win an original hot spring accommodation ticket by lottery.
Please check this out for details. URL: https://snscp.onsen-ouen.jp/ ■ What is the “Onsen General Election”?
The “Onsen General Election” is a public-private partnership website that started in 2016 to disseminate hot spring information, and is a public participation-type regional revitalization project through support voting.
For each hot spring resort, you will be asked to enter in the category of the features and items you want to appeal, and the public vote will determine the award-winning hot spring resort in each category. In addition, from among the hot spring resorts that received entries, ministry awards (Environment Minister’s Award, Regional Revitalization Minister’s Award, Internal Affairs and Communications Minister’s Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Award) and special awards were decided, and at the awards ceremony along with the category awards We are commending.
Official website: https://kanko.onsen-ouen.jp/
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