Japan Femtech Association “1st JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” will be held on February 19, 2023 (Sunday), “F emtech Learning Day”! Ticket application start. Speakers decided one after another!

Japan Femtech Association
“The 1st JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” will be held on February 19, 2023 (Sunday), “Femtech Learning Day”! Ticket application start. Speakers decided one after another!
Femtech ambassadors who have acquired 10,000 people gather from all over the country! Participation fee is free for the online event.
The Japan Femtech Association (Representative Director: Naoko Yamada, Yuki Sekiguchi, Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, HP: https://j-femtech.com, hereinafter referred to as the Association) announced on February 19, 2023 (Sunday) ) “The 1st JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” will be held online on “Femtech Learning Day”. Ticket application has started on the special event site.
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Ticket application—JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023 | Peatix
Overview of “JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023”
Since its establishment (July 21, 2021), the association has conducted awareness-raising activities in various places, such as femtech certification exams and training programs based on the supervision of doctors, in order to improve women’s health literacy. “JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” will be held on February 19, 2023, the day to learn Femtech. Everyone from all over the country who quickly realize the importance of Femtech and work as Femtech Ambassadors (*) will gather together.
Femtech has a wide range of fields and many challenges, so the first year will be held as [1 day approaching the problem universe] by linking the challenges. We have prepared sessions in various fields, such as the historical background of femtech, future economic forecasts, and initiatives in each region. In the talk session, local governments, companies, individuals, and all sectors will gather to discuss “the future we aim for with Femtech”.
In the final session, we will also hold a workshop on the future we aim for with Femtech, aiming to connect each Femtech Ambassador to the next action.
*Femtech Ambassador
Members who hold the 3rd grade of the Japan Femtech Certification Examination of our association and are active.
Japan Femtech Association Certification Level 3 —
Femtech Learning Day
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We hope that it will be an opportunity for women to pay attention to their health and update their knowledge. , was established in 2021 by our association as a “day to learn Femtech”. We will create various opportunities for the purpose of updating knowledge.

“JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” event overview
■ Theme
−Creating a well-being society with the power of femtech−
-Depicting the next generation’s way of working and living! ~ ■ Date and time
Sunday, February 19, 2023 10:00-16:00 (planned)
■ Participation fee
Free (There is a donation system of 2000 yen, 5000 yen, and 10000 yen at peatix) Archive viewing 2 weeks (3000 yen)
■ Venue
Online (ZOOM)
■ Participation conditions
・Holds Level 3 certification from the Japan Femtech Association and is a Femtech Ambassador.
・I want to create a bright future with the power of femtech. Click here for free classes for the Japan Femtech Association Certified Qualification Level 3
■ Application
Peatix website
■ “JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” special site
“JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” Speakers (some will be added sequentially) 〇 Yosuke Imaizumi / Executive Officer, Neo Marketing Co., Ltd. 〇 Hikaru Tanaka / Historical sociologist, Ph.D., full-time lecturer at Rikkyo University
〇Ruriko Tsushima/Doctor/Chairman of Women’s Men’s Werner Medical Corporation 〇Rei Matsuo/Persol Career Co., Ltd. Management Strategy Headquarters Public Relations Department and Diversity Promotion Office
〇 Chikako Morimoto / CEO of morich Co., Ltd.
(Honorifics omitted, alphabetical order)
Approximately 30 others will be on stage
〇Yuki Sekiguchi/Representative Director of the Association, Doctor 〇Naoko Yamada/Representative Director of the
Association/Representative Director of Silky Style Co., Ltd. 〇 Yuki Takahashi / Director of this association / Executive Vice President of Bears Co., Ltd.
〇Mika Masuda / Director of our association, female medical journalist 〇Junya Ishikawa / Our Association Advisor / Social Good Producer 〇 Ayako Oguchi / Secretary of our association, social insurance labor consultant Special site for “JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT2023” —
*Sequentially, the latest information of the speakers will be added on the special site.
[Image 3d83342-22-13d4ac6934283aecbca7-6.png&s3=83342-22-248729a9db75951c5059bb190dca6e62-400x300.png

“JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” program (planned)
・Opening Declaration ・Reception Talk
→ Announcement of a survey to grasp the actual situation of women’s health literacy, which was conducted jointly with Neo Marketing, Lectures and sessions on work life and hormone balance in the era of 100-year life will be held.
Part 1: Femtech in Japan and the World through History
→Learn about the history of menstruation and working women in Japan and around the world, and hold a session to realize the importance of improving health literacy.
Part 2 Regional Revitalization and the Future of Femtech
→We will discuss the future of femtech and community development while learning about local government cases.
Part 3 Working Women and the Future of Femtech
→ We are planning a session with companies on organizational reform from femtech promotion indicators in companies.
Part 4 Improvement of QOL for women and femcare
→Health literacy, which is the key to women’s happiness, will be discussed by doctors, and presentations on femtech will be held. Part 5 Femtech Circumstances ~From the Educational Field~
→Discuss with students about the importance of femtech initiatives in femtech. Part 6 Femtech Workshop
→We will hold a workshop to envision the future of femtech.
Special site for “JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT2023” —
*The program will be updated with the latest information on the special site. About media partners
We have started accepting media that wish to view “JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT 2023” on the day, pre-announcement, post-event report, etc. Please apply using the form below.
https://j-femtech.tayori.com/form/2bdd56468626db2168166045c4f614224657d06c/ Recruitment of partner companies
“JAPAN FEMTECH SUMMIT2023” is looking for partner companies. Please feel free to contact us for details of each plan.
https://j-femtech.tayori.com/form/fe4a3f3e57f6c5ae9c9098ab3a02859ed04e4ce1/ Challenge the femtech certification that 10,000 people have acquired! [Image 4d83342-22-9e75e2f750b2e4f4b4e7-4.png&s3=83342-22-7bd728d6fc9a2329996258009d6f0da3-400x300.png
3rd grade is open to the public for free. At our association, anyone can take the exam in 10 minutes at any time.
If you pass, you will be certified as a Femtech Ambassador and you can download the certificate. We recommend that you test your basic knowledge by taking this test first.
Click here to take the course — https://j-femtech.com/femcare-l/certificate/l3 Now accepting applications for the 4th “Certified Femtech Expert Course (Femtech Association Certified Qualification 2nd Grade)” [Image 5d83342-22-997f77433a94408a6be4-5.png&s3=83342-22-acad5509482b0b45f4b6e89781836fc3-400x300.png
The “Femtech Association Certified Qualification Level 2” consists of two parts: lectures by doctors and journalists, and an exam to establish knowledge. All programs are online and can be taken and taken at any time during the period. In addition to establishing knowledge such as changes in the body and mind of women’s unique life stages, mental care for working women, and the basics of femtech, after passing the exam, you will be able to obtain the title of “certified femtech expert” and a certificate. .
Click here for details and application–https://j-femtech.com/certificate-l2/ Overview of the Japan Femtech Association
[Image 6d83342-22-ce6bf583e94a7359e689-1.png&s3=83342-22-16001e5cdbf08202e525e9283b0a3f17-235x235.png
Femtech is a coined word that combines Female and Technology. It refers to products and services that use technology to solve health problems and life stage issues faced by women. In Japan, it is also used as a word to express the movement as a whole. In the midst of this, with the idea of ​​“I want a society where women can play an active role in their own way while maintaining a balance between body and mind at any time according to their life stage,” the general public was founded by corporate managers, doctors, journalists, and developers. The Japan Femtech Association was established on July 21, 2021. In order to solve problems that are unique to women, we are conducting awareness-raising activities for accurate knowledge about changes in women’s minds and bodies and hormonal balance
Location: 3rd floor, RiseWell Building, 2-13-12 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013
Business description: Development of Femtech certification exams and training programs
Inquiries from the press regarding this matter
Japan Femtech Association Public Relations
Email: pr@j-femtech.com
Inquiries regarding this matter
Japan Femtech Association Secretariat
Email: info@j-femtech.com
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