Japan PC Service introduced Panasonic’s AI chatbot “WisTalk” for internal inquiries

Dear reporters and reporters,
Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.
Japan PC Service introduced Panasonic’s AI chatbot “WisTalk” for internal inquiries
The operator’s knowledge and experience are turned into knowledge, and the inquiry response time is reduced by about 17%. Realized
improvement in response quality.

Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiyuki Koda) has sent an internal inquiry to Japan PC Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka, President: Nobuyuki Iaki / hereinafter referred to as Japan PC Service). We delivered the AI ​​chatbot “WisTalk”.
The help desk section of the BPO Solution Division of Japan PC Service Co., Ltd., which provides telephone and remote technical support in order to solve settings, repairs, and problems related to customers’ information equipment, has improved the quality of operator inquiries through the introduction of WisTalk. improved and reduced work load. ▼ Click here for details of the introduction case of Japan PC Service. https://www.panasonic.com/jp/business/its/wistalk/case-pc-service.html [Image 1

Japan PC Service introduced AI chatbot “WisTalk”
We would like to introduce the contents of the interview with Japan PC Service at the time of introduction.
[Issues before introduction]
The main issue we faced at the time was that the amount of information in the manuals that operators referred to was insufficient when responding to customer inquiries. In particular, the know-how for responding to inquiries, which are worded differently depending on the customer, was not verbalized as materials, and much of it was learned from actual experience, resulting in differences in the quality of response depending on the operator.
In addition, regarding technically difficult content and precedents not listed in the materials, the operator asks for instructions from the manager each time, and as a result, multiple questions occur at the same time and the customer is kept waiting. , In addition, a situation was created in which managers could not take time for their own work.
In response to this situation, we wanted to enhance the follow-up of operators in order to improve the quality and speed of responding to inquiries, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the workload of managers.
[Decisive factors for adopting WisTalk]
If it is difficult for operators to find information, it will still take time to respond even if we introduce it. .
Among them, I learned about “WisTalk” and compared it with other products, (1) Simple and intuitive UI
(2) Emphasis, links, and images can be inserted, making it easy for operators to understand the content of each item.
(3) Both “word search” and “search from a list by category” method can be used (4) It can be used not only for customer support but also for internal use, and can be searched immediately without the hassle of logging in. From these points, we thought it would be very easy for operators to use, which was a major decisive factor in our adoption.
As soon as I started using it on a trial basis, I immediately realized how convenient it was and decided to use it.
[How to use WisTalk]
Currently, when receiving inquiries from customers, operators refer to “WisTalk” if there is something they do not understand. In addition to systematizing knowledge in a Q&A format, the “no-code scenario setting*” function is used to create talk scripts in “WisTalk” to make it easier for operators to respond to inquiries. increase.
By selecting the options displayed on the “WisTalk” chat screen according to the customer’s situation, the next question that the operator should ask the customer is displayed. Now available as documentation.
* An editor function that allows the user to select a multiple-choice answer to create a scenario in which the next question branches without programming. Based on the results of the interview conducted by the chatbot, it can be used for guidance on procedures,
troubleshooting, online customer service, etc. according to the user’s situation.
[Image 2

Actual chat screen in talk script format with no-code scenario setting. The operator simply selects the question from the customer and the option that matches the situation, and the chatbot
automatically displays the next question for the customer.
[Effects after introduction]
It is easy to find the information you are looking for, and the combination of words and images makes it easier for the operator to understand the content, shortening the time it takes to answer the customer. We succeeded in reducing the response time per customer by about 17% and reducing the time per operator by 70 minutes per day. In addition to reducing the burden on both administrators and operators, customers’ “waiting stress” has also been reduced, and I feel that their satisfaction level has changed.
In particular, the effect of the “no-code scenario setting” was great, and since it was possible to handle each case in detail, it also led to the unification of the operator’s response level.
[Future outlook]
In order to further improve customer satisfaction at each base’s help desk, we aim to eliminate the concentration of burden on
administrators by promoting the conversion of operators’ knowledge and experience into knowledge using “WisTalk”. I’m here.
In addition to telephone support, it is also possible to develop tools such as chat support to meet new customer needs.
In anticipation of expanding the range of customer support, and in order to use the accumulated knowledge as a weapon for the help desk business, I would like to expand and spread the use of “WisTalk” in the field. .
[About Japan PC Service Co., Ltd.]
Head office location: President Building, 9-33 Hiroshiba-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka Representative Director and President: Nobuyuki Iaki
Business description: Operation of “Doctor Home Net”, a rush support service for personal computers and IT-related equipment.
Comprehensive support services for IT equipment, etc.
Corporate site: https://www.j-pcs.jp/
Doctor Home Net: https://www.4900.co.jp
[About WisTalk, an AI chatbot for internal inquiries]
[Image 3

Features of WisTalk
WisTalk, an AI chatbot for internal inquiries, is a service that allows AI to understand questions and automatically provide the most suitable answer immediately by talking with AI on the chat screen installed on internal portal sites and websites.
By automating the day-to-day telephone and e-mail inquiries that had previously been handled by humans, it is now possible to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (excluding maintenance), including nights and holidays, resulting in improved operational efficiency. We aim to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.
You can check the details of “WisTalk”, which can be useful for improving the efficiency of responding to internal inquiries, from the following.
▼ AI chatbot “WisTalk” product site for internal inquiries
Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.
Contact point for inquiries
Phone number: 0570-087870
Reception hours: 9:00 to 12:00, 13:00 to 17:30 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and company-designated holidays) Website: https://www.panasonic.com/jp/company/pstc.html
▼ Click here for inquiries from the website
https://it-sol.jpn.panasonic.com/public/application/add/1649 Details about this release:



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