Japan Printing Technology Association Comprehensive event for printing and media business “page2023” “New” market and “new” skills of printing companies that are the source of creation

Japan Printing Technology Association
Comprehensive event for printing and media business “page2023” “New” market and “new” skills of printing companies that are the source of creation

From January 31 to February 10, 2023, the Japan Printing Technology Association (abbreviation: JAGAT, head office: Suginami-ku, Tokyo, chairman: Shiro Tsukada) will hold a printing / We will hold a comprehensive media business event “page2023”.
URL: https://page.jagat.or.jp/
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“page2023” will consist of a real exhibition (February 1-3), a keynote speech (1), and conferences/seminars (10). This time, we will completely shift from the corona wreck to “with corona / economic activity priority”, and focus all content on the “creation” of the printing business.
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The number of cases of using DM as a means of branding and promotional activities is increasing. On the other hand, brand owners are struggling with the planning and production of DMs that can
effectively appeal to end users, and are looking for partners who can think along with them. We believe that there is an opportunity for printing companies to acquire a standing position as a partner in response to such needs. For that reason, it is necessary to raise the level of DM planning capabilities of printing companies, and it is important to “strengthen human resources” and “opportunities” to step into it.
This course introduces points for strengthening human resources through commentary on the know-how necessary for creating orders, such as DM trends, planning steps, and the organization and analysis of customer issues. In addition, we will present a practical example of a printing company that has completed a DM planning and production practice course (6 times in total) sponsored by JAGAT. From the state where the company had no DM experience, in just a few months, we released a part of the actual project proposal, as well as the process that led to the creation of the DM from the client. The key to this course is to know the process of a printing company that went from 0 to 1, not the results of DM creative examples. This course will serve as a “momentum” for printing companies that are trying to enter or strengthen DM.
・ Learn trends from DM production examples and learn the know-how of planning proposals necessary for creating orders
・Exploring the issues and possibilities of DM with printing companies from three perspectives (orderer, planner, printing company) ・How to enter the DM business as a printing company
[Date and Time] Thursday, February 9, 13:30-15:30
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Kagehiro Yoshikawa
(Executive Marketing Director, Fusion Co., Ltd.)
Joined a major retailer in 1993. Responsible for general advertising in the marketing department. Mainly implements promotions using customer data, such as customer strategy formulation, FSP development, and data analysis. Currently, he is practicing corporate marketing strategy planning, sales support, new customer development, etc., centered on direct marketing at Fusion. He has won many prizes at the All Japan DM Awards.
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Yuuya Nakajima
(Fusion Co., Ltd. account planner)
Joined a printing company in 2009. Responsible for corporate sales, providing solutions centered on on-demand printing. Currently working as an account planner at Fusion Co., Ltd. Engaged in resolving client issues, focusing on direct marketing through paper media.
■ DMA Certified Fundamental Marketer
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Sumiko Yonehara
(Jiichibo Printing Industry Co., Ltd. Director and General Manager of Sales Planning Department)
Worked at a hospital as a nurse in 1989, joined Juichibo in 1993, and presented research on exposure to organic solvents in factories at the Japan Society for Occupational Health. In charge of editing a certain academic journal from the experience of presenting at an academic conference. After that, we launched a new pre-press that allows division of labor. Established the Sales Planning Department in 2015 and actively participated in JAGAT training to improve marketing capabilities. Introduced OKR in 2020, formulated Vision Mission Value in 2021, and is moving away from customer-based sales to insight sales. The current challenges are reforming internal awareness, improving planning capabilities, and recruiting branding. His hobbies are rakugo, wine, and swimming.
[URL] https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_155.html
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Printing companies also have more opportunities to receive video orders. However, the video business is different from the reality of “starting because it looks like it will be profitable”. In the first place, creative production is labor intensive and similar to the traditional printing business.
In order not to miss an opportunity to receive an order, it is necessary to understand the trend of video demand and know the work flow. A lecturer who founded a company that specializes in content production with three skills: video, SNS, and bilingual. and learn the points of additional services in the video production business. 【curriculum】
・Current status of video business and trends in client work
・Main work flow from order receipt to production delivery
・Points of planning and production direction in video production [Date and Time] February 10 (Friday) 16:00-18:00
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Ryuta Takeuchi
(Representative Director of Sankyaku Co., Ltd.)
Sankyaku Co., Ltd. is a group of professionals who grow their business by proposing the best content for their industry and business conditions to companies that are having trouble with video production, web production, and SNS management. The representative is a former Sony Corporation and is currently in his fifth term.

[URL] https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_158.html
■ page2023 Online Conference/Seminar Details
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/26509/table/94_1_81927c3310b43b8f0311ac76e0ec2031.jpg ]

■ Seminars
We will focus on the “new” and “renew” of the printing company with the aim of improving the skills and abilities of the “people” who are the source of creation!
[Keynote Speech] Realizing “So-chu” with Undefeated Sales Power and Printing Business Power!
   URL: https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_146.html
◎ “Reconstruction” of the site is important to make SOC work! [S1] “Operation and practice of business management system” linked to cost -Management for making profit-
   URL: https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_150.html
[S2] Countermeasures against human error in printing factories    URL: https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_151.html
◎Skills necessary for the future printing business and the first step to new markets
[S3] Introduction to Data Science ~Improve your analytical skills and acquire the ability to read and understand~
   URL: https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_154.html
[S4] Disclosure of the DM proposal method and the process up to the creation order-Why did you start from zero experience? ~
   URL: https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_155.html
[S5] “Video order and production flow” that captures the trend    URL: https://page.jagat.or.jp/session/detail_158.html


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