Japan Racing Association “Illumi & Vision Show Koi Suru Merry-go-round” now being held at Tokyo German Village!

Japan Racing Association
“Illumi & Vision Show Koi Suru Merry-go-round” Now Being Held at Tokyo German Village!
Until February 5, 2023 (Sun), Nakayama Racecourse is holding the “Illumination & Vision Show Koisuru Merry-go-round” at Tokyo German Village. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to February 5, 2023 (Sunday) Every day from evening until 20:00
[Map] Location: Tokyo German Village Irodori no Oka
URL: https://nakayama-illumination.com/
*Details of the Tokyo German Village sponsored illumination can be found on the Tokyo German Village website.
URL: Please see https://t-doitsumura.co.jp/special_event/.
* For access to Tokyo German Village, visit the Tokyo German Village website. URL: Please check from https://t-doitsumura.co.jp/access/.
-A spectacular illumination and vision show that makes full use of super-large LED vision-
The super-large screen with a total length of 50m and the dazzling illumination are the highlight! !
The Vision Show, held once every 15 minutes, features an original animation of a horse falling in love with a white horse on a merry-go-round!
The narrator is Akari Kito, a voice actress.
Please take a look at the moving illumination & vision show being held until February 5th (Sun)!
[Image 3d34330-13-621dabcd396d3cab975a-3.jpg&s3=34330-13-a5462eb0d2f71b1e1a1027e4b7814172-3840x2160.jpg
Ultra-large monitor with a total length of 50m and illumination [Image 4d34330-13-45333dc59d0eb5391a4c-4.jpg&s3=34330-13-d1b8399a048f7f593fbad20353797343-3840x2160.jpg
Full view of Tokyo German Village Illumination (upper left side is area sponsored by Nakayama Racecourse)
[Image 5d34330-13-39aeeef3152eeb124526-2.png&s3=34330-13-8ba7cbaa644cc90be22451b2aa0f00d8-415x329.png
-back story-
One day, a horse meets a beautiful white horse.
I fall in love. But that white horse
It was the creation of a merry-go-round.
The horse is discouraged by the unreachable thoughts, but the situation A witch old lady was watching from the sky.
Now, what will happen to this love!?
-Narration by popular voice actor Akari Kito-
There is also a narration by popular voice actor Akari Kito for the opening and ending of “Illumination & Vision Show”. It is a narration that brightens up the show. Enjoy a spectacular and memorable show. [Image 6d34330-13-cd7c2c9a64724b9321f6-5.jpg&s3=34330-13-0c59b312fd5099eec0536f801ad77ed3-1801x2700.jpg

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