Japannext Securities Co., Ltd. Japannext Securities, which operates a PTS that allows night trading, announces “2022 Top 3 x 3 Trading Values ​​for Night Trading”

Japannext Securities Co., Ltd.
Japannext Securities, which operates a PTS that allows night trading, announces “2022 Top 3 x 3 Trading Values ​​for Night Trading” NEXT FUNDS Nikkei 225 Leveraged Index, Double Scope, Shionogi & Co., Ltd. tops PTS trading booming with reports outside of TSE trading hours such as NY stock price decline and corona oral drug approval
Japannext Securities Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Masakatsu Yamada), which develops financial services centered on the operation of a proprietary trading system (PTS), has announced that it will start night trading in 2022. Price Top 3 x 3” will be released on Tuesday, January 24, 2023. In addition to announcing the ranking format of the top 3 stocks of the day with the highest trading volume in the 2022 night market and the top 3 stocks of the day, we will also explain the reasons for this and the benefits of using the night market.
Japannext Securities is a securities company that specializes in operating PTS. PTS is a trading system that enables trading of securities such as stocks without going through an exchange, and provides trading opportunities to investors in the same way as the TSE and other exchanges. .
In addition, Japannext Securities operates the only PTS in Japan that allows night trading. In addition to being able to place orders immediately after news that could affect stock prices comes out after the exchange’s trading hours, it is also possible to check price movements and trade immediately after the announcement of important overseas economic indicators.
This time, as a review of the year, what happened in the night trading in 2022, what kind of effect was obtained by utilizing the night trading, SBI SECURITIES, an analyst certified by the Securities Analysts Association of Japan Director Hideyuki Suzuki explained it. By checking the night trading market, investors can expect to avoid losses and secure profits. Please use the PTS that allows night trading.
1st place: June 16 (Thursday) Night trading value: about 11.4 billion yen -breakdown-
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[Image 2d88645-6-818dd2e309b79fedb1e8-1.png&s3=88645-6-f12fffa7faf047f51d1ef7c7a1c009a0-669x334.png
The Nikkei Leverage Index (1570) during normal trading hours (9:00 to 15:00, including lunch break) was between 13,095 and 13,605 yen on Thursday, June 16. However, the NY Dow plunged on that day, and during the nighttime trading hours (16:30-23:59), the high was over 13,000 yen and the low was over 12,300 yen. The Nikkei Leveraged Index on June 17th (Friday) was between 12,400 and 12,735 yen due to the drop in NY stock prices. Investors who responded early using the PTS during the night trading hours may have been able to avoid some of the significant declines in the leveraged index. Similarly, if you buy the double inverse (1357) early during the night trading hours on June 16 (Thursday), you will be able to buy it before the double inverse rises during the regular trading hours on June 17 (Friday). It is possible that the price could have been met. In this way, when the NY market becomes rough, you can avoid losses and secure profits by checking the night market without giving up.
2nd place: September 21st (Wednesday) night trading value: about 10.4 billion yen
[Image 3d88645-6-1613bc3b15ff395efe03-2.png&s3=88645-6-3c8513402be8e0a6528bf7500631b367-1426x270.png
[Image 4d88645-6-193bd84dacb3d7594085-3.png&s3=88645-6-e7bc101f0398007a0cbfb7d0f72ade96-669x334.png
Double Scope (6619), which is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange prime market and produces separation membranes for lithium-ion batteries in South Korea, announced on September 16 (Friday) that the public offering price for its subsidiary scheduled to be listed in South Korea has not been decided. After announcing the release, the stock price continued to drop on September 16th (Friday), 20th (Tuesday), and 21st (Wednesday), and closed at a single price of 1,579 yen on the 21st (Wednesday). was During the PTS nighttime trading hours (16:30-23:59) on September 21 (Wednesday), the company’s stock expanded from a low of around 1,230 yen to a high of 1,360 yen. The trading value of night trading also expanded to 8 billion yen. As of September 22nd (Thursday), the company’s stock is trading between ¥1,409 and ¥1,749 in regular trading. The PTS’s nighttime trading resulted in a low that was not recorded in regular trading, which benefited investors who were buying. In this way, by checking the price on the PTS during night trading, it is possible to trade at stock prices that would not have been possible in normal trading. 3rd place: November 22nd (Tuesday) night trading value: about 9.8 billion yen -breakdown-
[Image 5d88645-6-99a609f9a52255f78658-4.png&s3=88645-6-acf226904b1c745fee7c2ccb54e86df2-1425x259.png
[Image 6d88645-6-88937222e1ef27fd5d8d-5.png&s3=88645-6-aa82e761b36f168ce8cda7a8e509c568-669x334.png
Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (4507), a major pharmaceutical manufacturer, was reported to have received emergency approval for an oral medicine for the new coronavirus before the start of regular trading on Tuesday, November 22. 193 yen higher compared to the previous year), normal trading ended. After that, after 20:00, the news that an oral medicine for the new corona was urgently approved was reported. The Tokyo stock market will be closed on November 23 (Wednesday, a public holiday). In regular trading on November 24 (Thursday), the company’s stock hit a high of 7,593 yen (422 yen higher than the previous day), but the closing price remained at 7,190 yen (19 yen higher than the previous day). It was a heavy impression of the upper price.
However, on November 22nd (Tuesday), there was a big movement in the stock price on the PTS market. During the PTS night trading hours (16:30-23:59) on November 22 (Tuesday), including the time when it was reported that the oral medicine was urgently approved, the company’s stock soared, and around 21:00 It went up to 8,500 yen. In this way, if you do not check the price movements of the PTS, there may be cases where the stock price has unknowingly factored in good news in the PTS market. By checking PTS transactions during night trading hours, it is possible to avoid chasing good news.

General comment
It is thought that this trading example shows that there are surprisingly many opportunities to improve investment performance by using the PTS to check the market outside of normal trading hours and create trading opportunities. In addition, when making investment decisions for target stocks, knowing the possibility that investors may have moved outside of normal trading hours, I felt that I could make more accurate investment decisions for those stocks. . It may be a matter of whether or not to trade, but first of all, why not watch the stocks that have made a big move at night when you can trade only on the PTS?
-Profile of Mr. Hideyuki Suzuki-
[Image 7d88645-6-ef531d66e0e2349e8398-6.png&s3=88645-6-078e6a1e98dea1e137eeae64a0cf1981-325x403.png
Certified analyst of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan SBI SECURITIES Investment Information Department Director Hideyuki Suzuki Graduated from Waseda University. Joined the former Nichiei Securities (currently SBI Securities), working in retail sales, research department, equity department, etc., and became SBI Securities Investment Information Department Manager. Assumed current position in May 2009 after transferring to Morningstar Co., Ltd. (general manager of research and analysis department). Comments are being sent on Radio NIKKEI (Monday), Stock Voice (Thursday), etc. Many regular
contributions, such as Diamond ZAI.

Japannext Securities Company Profile
Company name: Japannext Securities Co., Ltd.
Date of establishment: November 8, 2006
Representative: Masakatsu Yamada
Location: Roppongi T-Cube, 3-1-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032 Capital: 1.4 billion yen
Securities business registration and approval: March 2007 Securities business registration
June 2007 PTS (Proprietary Trading System) approval for operation            September 2007 Financial Instruments Business Operator PTS (private trading system) based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law
Registration as
Director of the Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 45
Member Associations: Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) / Japan Investor Protection Fund (JIPF)
Business description: Operation of PTS (private trading system), colocation data center service,
    Provision of market data, development of software
-Indications related to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act- Japannext Securities Co., Ltd.
Financial Instruments Business Operator Director of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 45
Member Association Japan Securities Dealers Association
-For investors Notes on fees and risks, etc.-
When investing in products handled by Japannext PTS operated by Japannext Securities Co., Ltd., it is necessary to use it through a securities company participating in Japannext PTS. You may be required to bear the commissions and expenses determined by the securities company for each product when using it. In addition, there is a risk of loss due to fluctuations in the price of each product. Please note that the fees charged by the securities company may differ depending on the securities company. In addition to confirming the fees, etc., and the risks and other precautions of the transaction with the securities company that you use, documents delivered before concluding a contract, documents such as listed securities, etc. delivered by the securities company, delivery before concluding a contract for margin trading Please confirm the details through documents, etc.
-Notes on our service-
Japannext PTS operated by our company conducts stock trading etc. with securities companies registered in Japan as participants. We do not provide services to those other than such securities companies (professional investors). Once again, if you wish to trade on Japannext PTS, you will need to open an account at the securities company that handles your orders with Japannext PTS.
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