Japan’s Best Starry Sky “Snow Camps 2023 supported by TARAS BOULBA” held in Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture

Achi Hirugami Tourism Bureau
[Japan’s Best Starry Sky] “Snow Camps 2023 supported by TARAS BOULBA” held in Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture
Winter camping in extremely cold places below 0°C! A day camp (day trip) is also held at the same time.

Achi Hirugami Tourism Bureau Co., Ltd. (President: Yuji Shirasawa) of Japan’s No. 1 starry sky “Achi Village, Nagano Prefecture” will open “Japan’s No. Momiji Campsite” will hold an event “Snow Camps 2023 supported by TARAS BOULBA” where you can enjoy winter camping in extremely cold temperatures below 0°C.
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At Achi Village, we are proposing “Active ACHI Outdoor <

“Japan’s No. 1 Starry Sky Ginga Momiji Campsite” is located in a cool plateau area at an altitude of 1,200m, and is a campsite that is also an observation site certified as “the place where the stars can be seen most shining”. The winter in Namai is cold, and it is natural for the temperature to drop below freezing point. That’s why I’m getting something. Air, water, land, snowscapes…the blessings of nature. There are few lights and the air is clear, so you can see the best starry sky in Japan. You can enjoy winter camping and Japan’s best starry sky in the most beautiful season of the year.
Start-up course for enjoying winter camping (snow camping) safely and securely [Image 3

Mr. Naoki Yoshizawa
In order to enjoy winter camp safely and securely, we will invite TARAS BOULBA camp advisor “Naoki Yoshizawa” as a lecturer and hold a winter camp start-up course. You will learn about cold measures (clothing), cold weather goods, gear selection such as tents and sleeping bags, and how to spend time at winter camp.
◆ Activities unique to winter, bonfires, and stargazing
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Activities unique to winter include “snowshoe trekking” where you can walk around the grounds wearing snowshoes, “tent sauna” where you can be prepared in the snow, and “starry sky viewing” by “starry sky creation company Hoshizora Products” at night. You can enjoy the meeting for free. Various equipment can be rented for free.
Overview of Snow Camps 2023 supported by TARAS BOULBA
■ Date and time
Saturday, February 18, 2023
■ Venue
Ginga Momiji Campsite
1711-1 Namai, Achi Village, Shimoina District, Nagano Prefecture 395-0501 TEL: 0265-48-6058 Official website: https://gingamomiji.org/wp/ ■ Participation fee/capacity
Course A Camping night
1 person: 3,000 yen (tax included) / Capacity: 30 people (first-come, first-served basis)
Course B day camp (day trip)
Free / Capacity: 20 people (first-come, first-served basis)
* Participation fee will be paid in cash at the reception on the day. * Please contact us by 17:00 the day before to cancel. If you cancel on the day, a cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation on the day: 50%
Non-participation due to non-contact on the day: 100%
■ Reservation method
By appointment only
1. Online reservation
Please fill in the necessary information and apply from the following. https://hirugamionsen.jp/news/information/snowcamps_2023/
2. Telephone reservation
0265-43-3001 (Achi☆Hirugami Tourism Bureau)
Please be sure to read the overview and notes on the special page, and apply after agreeing.
■ Rain/snow
However, if it seems that safety cannot be guaranteed due to deterioration of weather conditions or amount of snowfall, it may be canceled.
■ Reservation deadline
Friday, February 10, 2023
■ What to bring
A set of camping equipment/cold protection
*The temperature will drop below freezing, so please bring enough cold weather gear.
■ Organizer
Achi Hirugami Tourism Bureau Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation
Mega Sports Co., Ltd./Hoshizora Product Co., Ltd./JTB Co., Ltd./Namiai Ikuyukai ■ Inquiries
Achi ☆ Hirugami Tourism Bureau TEL: 0265-43-3001
■ Official website
time schedule
12:00-14:00 Reception and check-in
14:00-15:00 Winter camp start-up course *Applicants only
15:00-18:00 Activity time (snowshoes/tent sauna) *Applicants only Course B: Check out at 18:00 for day campers
20:00-21:00 Starry sky viewing party *Applicants only
Course A: Campers check out at 12:00 the next day
Participation conditions
■This event will be held as part of the Japan Tourism Agency’s project to create locally profitable signboard products that utilize unique local tourism resources. Those who agree to the following can participate.
・Be able to understand the purpose and cooperate with questionnaires and interviews
・Approval to be taken on the assumption that images and videos will be posted on the official website and SNS of the Achihirugami Tourism Bureau and partner companies.
・Cooperate with measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus infection, have been vaccinated, or have a negative test result such as a PCR test
・All participants must be able to present a new coronavirus
vaccination certificate, test result notification, or identification card.
■Participants should bring their own set of camping equipment and cold weather gear.
■Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a guardian. The price will be the same.
■Transportation expenses to the meeting place and personal expenses during free time not included in the itinerary are to be borne by the participant.
■Pets are allowed. Please wear a leash.
■If it is deemed that safety cannot be guaranteed due to deterioration of weather conditions or amount of snowfall, the tour may be canceled. ■The venue is located in a cool plateau area at an altitude of 1,200m, where the temperature drops below freezing. Please bring warm clothes, etc., and participate in perfect equipment and physical condition. ■Please make your own arrangements for transportation to the site. Participants arriving by car are required to come with studless tires and a 4WD vehicle, and if possible, please prepare tire chains. *It is difficult to use a car with a low vehicle height.
■We will clear the snow from the main aisle in the venue, but not to the inside of the site.
■Because there are people who enjoy camping in the snow, we will refrain from removing snow from the site. Customers are responsible for removing snow from the site.
■There is a separate guide for winter maintenance of the facility at the time of reception. Please follow the instructions.
■We are not responsible for interpersonal troubles, incidents, accidents, criminal acts, or vandalism caused by customers. We may also take appropriate measures such as reporting to the police or fire department. Please observe the manners and enjoy a wonderful camping. Campsite/common facilities, etc.
■ Site related
・It will be a free site during the event. (Usually it is a campsite divided into sites)
・Vehicles can enter the site. Please let us know the number of cars when you make a reservation.
・Open flames are prohibited. Please bring a bonfire stand and bonfire sheet. ・After 22:00, it will be silent time, so please be quiet.
・Although rental items are available, the number is limited, so please bring your own.
■ Related to shared facilities
・Administration building (center house): 9:00-17:00 Shop available ・Cooking building (sanitary): kitchen (some places do not have water heaters) / ash disposal area
・Flush toilet: Only women’s toilet is open (unisex)
*The shower building cannot be used in winter. Please use the nearby day-trip hot springs.
■ One-day hot spring
・Relaxing Hirugami: 370-1 Chisato, Achimura, Shimoina-gun / About 20 minutes by car / 10:00-21:30 (Last reception 20:30)
・Himawari-no-Yu: 252 Hiratani-mura, Shimoina-gun / About 15 minutes by car / 10:00-20:00 (Last reception 19:00)
■ Shopping facilities
・Kiraya Pier (supermarket): About 30 minutes by car / 9:30-22:00 ・A Coop Rack Achi Store (Supermarket): About 30 minutes by car / 9:30-20:00 ・Komeri Hard & Green Iidayama Main Store (Home Center): About 35 minutes by car / 9:00-19:30
We have options for BBQ ingredients. Advance reservation system. Price: 3,500 yen per person (tax included)
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■ Set contents
Beef sagari, Chiyo Chisato pork (loin, thigh, rib), Shinshu herb chicken thigh, sausage, grilled vegetables
*Only ingredients will be provided. Please bring your own stove, charcoal and tableware.
TARAS BOULBA camping gear rental
This time, based on the concept of “WISDOM OF THE WILDNESS”, we believe in manufacturing by combining the wisdom we have learned from nature and the science we have cultivated over our long history. Of course, with the support of the long-established brand “TARAS BOULBA”, which proposes challenges in nature, camping gear such as sleeping bags suitable for winter camping can be rented free of charge for everyone who loves the outdoors.・You can try it.
*Each item is limited in quantity, so it is basically one item per person, and it will be a first-come-first-served reservation. *Course B: Not available for day camp customers.
1. TARAS BOULBA mummy sleeping bag & brushed inner sleeping bag (10 sets) [Image 6

Mummy sleeping bag using 2.5 kg of Thermolite, a lightweight and highly heat-retaining polyester filling. The product has cleared the standard of comfortable temperature -10℃ / minimum usage temperature -17℃, so it can be used even in low temperature winter camping. You can use it in combination with an inner sleeping bag made of soft brushed material that feels good on the skin.
2. TARAS BOULBA hybrid down mummy sleeping bag & brushed inner sleeping bag (5 sets)
[Image 7

A hybrid mummy sleeping bag that uses 650 fill power white duck down on the top and thermolite on the bottom (floor surface) that is lightweight and has high heat retention. The comfort temperature is set at -7°C / the lower limit temperature is set at -14°C, so it can be used for camping in the harsh winter. You can use it in combination with an inner sleeping bag made of soft brushed material that feels good on the skin.
3. TARAS BOULBA bonfire set (5 sets)
[Image 8

It is a bonfire set of TARAS BOULBA. A stainless steel bonfire stand that can be disassembled parts “Assemble Fire Stand”, a
flame-retardant fiber bonfire sheet that protects the ground “FIRESHIELD Bonfire Sheet”, a tong with strength and durability “TB Fire Tong”, a telescopic fire blower ” TB Fire Blaster” set. 4.TARAS BOULBA Fire Shield Blanket (10 sets)
[Image 9

A blanket with a flame-retardant surface so that it can be used outdoors. The front side is 100% cotton. Uses material that is resistant to sparks and does not spread easily. The inside is made of boa fleece with long pile and has a nice texture.
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◆ Sports authority website: https://www.sportsauthority.jp/
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http://hirugamionsen.jp/ ■Star Village Achi Visitor Promotion Council Website http://info.sva.jp/ Details about this release:



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