Japan’s first! Fresh food early morning delivery service expands delivery days to 5 days a week

Kanoe Co., Ltd.
Japan’s first! Fresh food early morning delivery service expands delivery days to 5 days a week
Morning Express will expand its home delivery system from January 2023 and deliver fresh food every morning from Monday to Friday.

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Kanoe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “our company”, head office: Meguro, Tokyo) operates Japan’s first service “Morning Express (https://morningexpress.canoecorp.jp/)” that delivers fresh food early in the morning using the early morning route delivery method. Ward, Representative Director: Yuriko Hara) will expand the number of delivery days from January 2023, and will deliver every weekday from Monday to Friday. By applying the convenience of being able to order until 22:00 at night on all weekdays, we will support shopping on weekdays when people are busy with work, childcare, housework, nursing care, etc.
Initially, “Morning Express” (hereinafter “the service”) started with home deliveries on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We have received many requests from customers that they would like delivery on Mondays as well, so from January 2023, we have expanded the number of delivery days and established a system that allows delivery every day on weekdays.
This service is Japan’s first logistics service that utilizes the early morning hours and delivers perishable foods to customers’ doorsteps by 7:00 the next morning for orders placed by 22:00. By adopting an early-morning route delivery method* that is fully placed, we can reduce the cost of delivery and make it possible to receive it conveniently in a busy modern society.
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By making it possible to deliver every morning, we are now able to offer the experience of “ordering until midnight and delivery the next morning” whenever you are in trouble on weekdays. We will continue to improve our service so that it will be a new option for everyday shopping.
* Early morning route delivery method:
An efficient home delivery system that has been used in newspaper delivery. Unlike the piston home delivery method used in general delivery services, where products are delivered directly from stores to customers, the route is decided in advance and the density of delivery destinations on the route is increased, enabling low-cost and efficient home delivery.
[What is “Morning Express” (https://morningexpress.canoecorp.jp/)] Morning Express is a service that delivers fresh food while you sleep. Orders placed by 22:00 will be delivered by 7:00 the next morning. Orders are placed entirely online, and delivery costs are reduced by adopting an early-morning route delivery method. Currently, we are delivering to Meguro-ku, Tokyo. In the future, we will improve and expand product development and user experience, and build a food delivery service that customers can enjoy using.
【Company Profile】
Company name: Kanoe Co., Ltd. https://canoecorporation.jp/
Head office: 3-1-15 Higashiyama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Co-representatives: Yuriko Hara, Hidenori Manabe
Established: April 2020
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