Japan’s first sauna restaurant “JUHLA”, a coworking space, and a stay-type sauna facility “PARATIISI” including a relaxation area will finally open on Saturday, January 21st.

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Japan’s first sauna restaurant “JUHLA”, a coworking space, and a stay-type sauna facility “PARATIISI” including a relaxation area will finally open on Saturday, January 21st.

Sauna & relaxation PARATIISI, a paradise for saunas, has finally opened its doors at Shikisou, a hot topic in the Chugoku and Shikoku areas! The new area is full of passion for saunas, such as Japan’s first sauna restaurant “JUHLA”, which introduced Japan’s first sauna stove made by “MUGNUM”, and a workation space where you can balance work and life. It is a new area.
A sauna spot that is rapidly increasing in popularity in the Chugoku and Shikoku areas. Japan’s first separate sauna room is a uniquely constructed sauna room that can be heated in a Finnish style sauna. In addition, the cold water bath, which is set at 15°C throughout the year, has a water depth of 160 cm, and even an adult man can enter up to his shoulders while standing. And above all, the open-air bathing area offers a view of cherry blossoms in full bloom overhead in the spring, and a snowy landscape that colors the trees white in the winter. It is a popular sauna facility where you can have a relaxing time while feeling the scenery of the four seasons right before your eyes.
PARATIISI, an area dedicated to sauna users, including the traditional sauna area, will open this time. “PARATIISI”, which means “paradise” in Finnish, is the birth of a sauna paradise filled with attention to sauna.
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[Sauna room]

[Image 2

[Water bath]

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[Open-air bathing area]
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Open-air bathing area (spring)
Japan’s first sauna restaurant “JUHLA”
Eating and drinking in a sauna room is prohibited in Japan, but by creating a restaurant with the image of a sauna room, we have made it possible to eat and drink in a space that you cannot normally experience.
The highlight of the restaurant is the sauna stove made by MUGNUM, imported directly from Finland, which is the first appearance in Japan and sits on the center table. This sauna stove can actually be operated. This is the first restaurant in Japan where you can eat and drink while feeling the heat emitted from the sauna stove! Although the set temperature is not as high as that of the sauna room, you can enjoy the gentle warmth emitted from the stove and the first sauna stove in Japan, while enjoying carefully selected cold drinks such as “Sa-meshi” and “Oropo”.
“JUHLA” is a Finnish word meaning celebration and feast. We are waiting for you with a feast of saunas.
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[Image 6

Sauna stove made by MUGNUM
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JUHLA menu
Coworking space “rasia” that considers both openness and privacy “Rasia” means “small box” in Finnish. After feeling the great outdoors in the sauna area, when you enter the partitioned space, you will feel like you are stuck in a small box.
We have also newly set up a coworking space where you can concentrate on your work in such a calm space and tranquility.
In an era when remote work has become widespread and the workplace is no longer relevant, we propose a “totoi workation” of “sauna x work x travel”.
In addition to premium and textured designs, all office spaces come standard with power outlets for charging computers, smartphones, etc., and copiers that can be used free of charge. (There is also a free rental PC at the front desk.)
[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

[100V.USB power supply]
Relax zone “kuoppa” where you can relax after sauna and after meals There are a total of 12 rest spaces divided into upper and lower tiers. The upper level is a separate type that is reminiscent of the sauna room of the hotel. In addition, the lower level is like a tunnel to ensure personal space.
All sections are equipped with lighting and outlets, so you can bring in your smartphone or PC and take a break or work while charging. “Kuoppa” means hole or resistance. You can enjoy it as if you were in a secret base.
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[Image 12

[Image 13

[100V.USB power supply]
Locker room for sauna users
A locker room where you can change clothes comfortably A locker room has also been newly established in the new area. The existing dressing room is reserved for bathing only customers, and the new locker room is reserved for sauna users to reduce congestion when changing clothes. In addition, the number of seats that can be accommodated has tripled compared to the previous model.
[Image 14

locker room
Dedicated shower booth, dedicated passage
[Image 15

[Image 16

Opening commemorative event
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・Only on January 21st (Sat) and 22nd (Sun), ion water will be presented to all users.
・The membership registration fee, which is normally 2,000 yen, will be waived for two days only on the 21st and 22nd.
・All customers who order “PARATIISI Curry” or “Super Mapo Tofu” at JUHLA will receive a free gift.
・From 14:00 on the 21st (Saturday), a heat wave event will be held by the San’in heat waves “Kamikaze”.
Participating members: Izumo no Kaze Raipachi: Atsushi Asuhara “PARATIISI” https://shikisou.com/parattisi/
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