Japan’s first! “Well-being Month” held in Wakayama

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Japan’s first! “Well-being Month” held in Wakayama
The Haneda-Nanki Shirahama route, which takes about an hour by plane, will increase the number of round-trip flights to four in February. Taking this opportunity to bring Wakayama closer to you, we will hold events and seminars to help you feel the charm of Wakayama in February and increase your well-being.

The Japan Well-being Promotion Council (Representative Director: Yuka Shimada), which works to make Japan a well-being country, will hold “Wakayama Well-being Month” in February 2023 (co-sponsored by Nanki, Wakayama Prefecture). Shirahama Airport Utilization Promotion Executive Committee, Sponsored by: Tanabe City, Minabe Town, Shirahama Town, Kamitonda Town, Susami Town) will be held.
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“Let’s go to a warm place this winter.
Wakayama in February is full of fun, happiness, and delicious things! To Wakayama where well-being rises. ”
In addition to conveying the charm of Wakayama Prefecture in February, which is full of over 60 projects where you can actually experience this slogan, from the perspective of “SPIRE*”, the five elements of human well-being, especially 2/ The week of December 12-2/19 will be named “WWW: Wakayama Well-being Week,” and various events and seminars will be held mainly in the Tanabe, Minabe, Shirahama, Kamitomita, and Susami areas. I will. All of you who are invited as lecturers and speakers are embodying “well-being” way of living, working and living through their being.
A week where you can experience the most cutting-edge and happiest content for free. Please invite your loved ones and people close to you to participate in as many sessions as possible.
*SPIRE is a model advocated by Dr. Tal Ben Shahar and is a registered trademark of YeeY Co., Ltd.
In February, the number of flights on the Haneda-Nanki Shirahama route will be increased to 4 round trips, making it the perfect time to get closer to Wakayama from the Kanto region. On this occasion, we will maximize the appeal of Wakayama Prefecture through “Wakayama Well-being Month” and create opportunities to increase the number of people who visit Wakayama Prefecture and who like Wakayama Prefecture. Well-being literally means being in a good (well) state. What is the best time for you, what are you doing, who are you with? By having even a little of this kind of perspective, our days become more vivid. The month of February is said to be the busiest time for people to enjoy Wakayama’s 51 hot springs and plum blossoms in full bloom. I hope that the month of February, the place called Wakayama, will be an opportunity to accelerate the well-being of many people inside and outside of Wakayama Prefecture.
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Overview of Wakayama Well-being Month
・Wellbeing Seminar (2/2, 2/14, 2/15, 2/17, 2/18, 2/19) Shirahama Town (Special Venue: Nanki Shirahama Airport International Terminal 1F) ・Susami Town
・Primary industry workation ・Moray fishing (2/12-2/19) Susami Town https://note.com/pcwj_wakayama/n/n00747100b76d
・Beach combing & charm making (2/12, 2/13) Shirahama Town
・#Career Education Workation with #Damside Working (2/13) Minabe Town, Tanabe City
・Horse coaching experience @ adventure world (2/15 or 2/16) Shirahama-cho https://note.com/pcwj_wakayama/n/nacaa2548922a
・Screening of the movie “Morijin” (2/18) Shirahama Town
・Plum Blossoms in Full Bloom! Minabe Tour (2/16) Minabe Town https://note.com/pcwj_wakayama/n/n0890d2b4a65d
・Mindfulness Experience (2/18) Shirahama Town
Participation method / Contact information
For the latest information on each event and how to participate, please visit the Wakayama Well-being Month official LINE.
Register as a friend▶︎https://lin.ee/EQd80RU
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Inquiries are accepted at the official LINE or the email address below. wakayama.wellbeing@gmail.com
Overview of the Japan Well-Being Promotion Association
The “living” and “community” of each individual are the cornerstones of well-being in Japan.
School life, shopping at the mall, dining at restaurants, and relaxing in the park. Our daily lives are colored on the stage of “regions”. PCW Japan will create a well-being and prosperous Japan by connecting regions and regions and mixing wisdom, human resources, and
experiences, focusing on the “region” where each and every one of us lives.
▼Please feel free to contact us about anything related to well-being. ・ I want to practice well-being management
・I want expert advice/supervision on well-being
・I want to think about well-being regional policies
・I want to hold study sessions/workshops on well-being
・ I want to incorporate well-being into 〇〇, etc.
Corporate name: Japan Well-Being Promotion Association
English name: Promotion Council for Well-being in Japan
Abbreviation: PCW Japan
Representative Director: Yuka Shimada (YeeY Co-Founder/Representative Director) Contact: info@pcwjapan.com
Official website: https://pcwjapan.com/
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