Joint company simclear Pre-order sales start at Makuake from January 23 (Monday). Say goodbye to shaking up and down! Waist bag that does not shake even when running “Tsunag bag RUNNER”

simclear limited liability company
Pre-order sales will begin on January 23 (Monday) at Makuake. Say goodbye to shaking up and down! Waist bag that does not shake even when running “Tsunag bag RUNNER”

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[3rd] Tuna bag runner that does not shake even if you run
SIMCLEAR, a limited liability company that plans and sells bags in Itoshima, has released the new TSUNAGU BAG RUNNER, a multi-functional tsunagu bag series, at Makueke.
Tunagu Bag Runner will be the third version with this version upgrade from the release in 2020! !
Pre-order sales will start on January 23rd at Makuake, and it is attracting attention that the goal will be achieved in 2 hours. General sales are scheduled from mid-April 2023.
2WAY waist bag that does not shake even when running
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[Part 3] TSUNAGU BAG RUNNER has a stylish design with belts on both sides for the ultimate fit. It is a 2-way style that can be used not only for running and leisure but also for everyday use as a crossbody bag.
1.By tightening the side belts, you can achieve an outstanding fit! Reduces the up and down sway peculiar to the waist bag! !
2⃣Unisex design and 2-way style that can be used in a variety of ways regardless of the occasion!
3⃣Using SIMCLEAR original fabric with 100% recycled PET bottle & highly durable 1680D & eco-friendly CZERO water repellent finish [Image 2

The tuna bag runner has an expandable front pocket. Tighten the side belt to keep the bag and body in close contact.
Waist bag peculiar up and down movement is eliminated, so it can be worn comfortably during exercise and leisure activities.
Easy to use ⇒ Just pull the belt on both sides! To loosen, just move the length adjustment parts on both sides forward!
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5 pockets in a compact body! Secure storage space while maintaining a stylish design
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・100% recycled polyester from PET bottles
 RUNNER is made from recycled polyester equivalent to 8.5 PET bottles ・Durable 1680D nylon
Uses fabric that is resistant to rubbing
・CZERO water repellent treatment that does not use fluorine materials and is environmentally friendly
Considering both the earth and the user’s body, PFOA-free
specifications that do not use fluorine materials and repel water Makuake page URL
【Product information】
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Product number TSB09
Size: Body W29 x H13 x D5.5cm
  Front pocket W20×H13×D8cm
   Back storage W14×H11cm
Shoulder: 140cm
Weight: 328g
Capacity: 1.5 liters
Price: ¥9,570 (tax included)
Country of Origin: CHINA
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Based on the experience and know-how that we have accumulated as a buyer of imported bags for 13 years, our representative has collected trends from all over the world. is a company established in Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture. From now on, we will continue to carefully develop each and every product while taking on challenges every day, aiming to create a bag that you can continue to have an attachment to, rather than a transient “trend”.
Address: 5-9-21 Maebaru Nishi, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture Showroom: 1-1-43 Higashi Shinohara, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture HOMEPAGE:
TEL: 050-5360-9543
Person in charge: Takeyama

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