JR-Cross ~Cheesecake as a drink~ The first sweets to drink “Cheesecake Smoothie” will be available from January 30, 2023 (Monday) to April 30, 2023 (Sunday) at 5 CROSSTIES COFFEE at all 6 stores to sell

-Cheesecake as a drink- The first sweets to drink, “Cheesecake Smoothie”, will be sold at all 6 stores of 5 CROSSTIES COFFEE from January 30, 2023 (Monday) to April 30, 2023 (Sunday).

JR East Cross Station Foods Company Co., Ltd. (location: Taito-ku, Tokyo, company head: Masao Hino) is a station cafe “5 CROSSTIES COFFEE” that has 6 stores mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. , we will sell “Cheesecake Smoothie”, a sweet drink product with a new sensation that has not been in the lineup so far, from January 30, 2023 (Monday) to April 30, 2023 (Sunday).
Developed as a “drinkable sweets drink”, the smoothie with a firm taste that is cold for the cold season can be enjoyed in a warm cafe, at home, or in the office. I will make a suggestion.
In addition, we plan to continue to develop sweet drinks with new sensations on a regular basis, and this time we will sell this product as the first of these.
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【Product Details】
Product name: Cheesecake smoothie
Price: 720 yen (tax included) *Same price for eat-in and take-out Sales date: From opening on January 30, 2023 (Monday) to closing on April 30, 2023 (Sunday) (planned)
Stores: All 5 CROSSTIES COFFEE stores
Kamakura Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, Ecute Ueno Store, Ecute Nippori Store, Ecute Edition Yokohama Store, Shibuya Scramble Square Store The development concept is the first new sensation drink of “drinkable sweets drink”. Topped with cheesecake and granola in a style drink mixed with blueberry jam and cream cheese smoothie.
It is a cup that you can enjoy the change of taste along with the refreshing flavor of lemon.
In the cold season, we propose a slightly luxurious time with a “cup full” that you can enjoy a cold smoothie with a firm taste in a warm cafe, at home, or in the office.
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[Brand concept]
a cup of idea
[Store development: 6 stores]
Kamakura store
Gransta Tokyo store
Ecute Ueno
Ecute Nippori
Ecute Edition Yokohama store
Shibuya Scramble Square store (office lobby floor)

[Image 3

The brand logo is designed with a rail sleeper
5 CROSSTIES COFFEE opened its first store in front of Kamakura Station in Kanagawa Prefecture. It is a cafe that provides customers with a place where ideas are overflowing.
[Example of menu provided]
5CC Blend (R) ¥390
Ice coffee (R) ¥390
Latte (HOT/R) ¥470
Ice latte (R) ¥520
B.L.T. Sand ¥600
Taco rice ¥860
5cc Salad ¥690
Morning set ¥490~

[Image 4d82978-299-fc1d37778de14d46f2ff-4.jpg&s3=82978-299-51a8f6d00a607c6dbaa9a597546fa8ed-878x605.jpg
5 CROSSTIES COFFEE exterior (ecute Ueno store)

[Image 5d82978-299-89ec57178a75a27a9329-3.jpg&s3=82978-299-afa3a5471d5ea9d2a002cf19e70a08be-1248x936.jpg
5 CROSSTIES COFFEE Interior (Ecute Ueno store)
[Image 6d82978-299-2241b699186455527270-5.jpg&s3=82978-299-eae18bad17cf94eb2f5072463ccfa7ee-1190x472.jpg
* Prices are the same regardless of eat-in or take-out, and all prices include tax.
*The information provided is current as of the date of announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.
*The route map is an image. It differs from the actual positional relationship. ※The photograph is an image.
*Business hours may change due to the situation such as corona.

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