JR-East Hotels Hotel Metropolitan Morioka An evening of traditional sake and Japanese cuisine to be enjoyed at Washinoo

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[Hotel Metropolitan Morioka] Enjoy an evening of traditional sake and Japanese cuisine at Washinoo
Japanese cuisine “Taiizuru” special event for one night only
Hotel Metropolitan Morioka (main building: location: Morioka Ekimae-dori, Morioka City, NEW WING: location: Morioka Ekimae Kita-dori, Morioka City General Manager: Takashi Sato) will offer “Washinoo de An evening of Japanese sake and Japanese cuisine with traditional sake brewing will be held.
We prepare dishes that make the most of the seasonal ingredients devised by the head chef to match the sake of “Washi no O”, which is brewing sake using traditional brewing methods in harmony with the nature of Iwate. You can enjoy Japanese tradition and the delicate spirit of “Wa”, carefully selected Iwate’s famous sake to your heart’s content.
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Event overview
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Mr. Tomo Kudo, 8th generation brewer of Washinoo Co., Ltd.
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Hiroyuki Imamatsu, Head Chef of Japanese Cuisine “Taiizuru”
Sake list
In addition to the traditional methods of kimoto, yamahai, and wooden barrel preparation, we offer a total of 7 types of sake.
■ Kurowashi (kimoto pure rice sake)
Because kimoto is prepared using natural lactic acid bacteria, there is a high risk of failure in the manufacturing process, and advanced technology is required.
Compared to artificial lactic acid bacteria brewing, it has a stronger ability to produce various ingredients, resulting in a deeper flavor. Kitamado Santomo (Yamahai Junmaishu)
Yamahai is said to be a manufacturing method that abolishes
yamaoroshi, the process of mashing rice, because kimoto-zukuri is a labor intensive process.
Slowly brewed using natural lactic acid bacteria to create a deep flavor. Rikuu 132 (made in a wooden barrel)
Wooden barrel preparation using traditional wooden barrels for preparation. Microorganisms are easy to get along with in wooden barrels, and it is said that good sake is produced.
The sake rice “Rikuu No. 132”, which is also known as the rice associated with Kenji Miyazawa, is used as a raw material, and it is characterized by its unique aroma and deep flavor that is brewed in wooden barrels.
Iwawashi (aged sake)
The 2004 sake has been aged for 18 years in the brewery, resulting in a beautiful amber glow, a sweet and sour taste with a sense of maturity, and a wonderfully balanced taste.
Sake (Tobin Shizuku Sake, Junmai Ginjo)
Until the invention of the machine, sake is said to have been hung in a bag and quietly waited for the drops of sake to drip down. Unlike modern sake, which is squeezed by mechanical pressure, it is naturally squeezed slowly and quietly, giving it a clean and clean taste.
■ cloudy sake
Because it is filtered through a coarse cloth, the unrefined mash remains and the flavor of the rice can be felt. Because the yeast is lively, you can also enjoy a refreshing feeling like carbonic acid. Incense of Yui (Junmai Ginjo)
Iwate sake rice “Yui no Kaori”. Like Yamada Nishiki, it was developed with the aim of being in the ginjo class, and features a gorgeous and sophisticated taste.
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Washinoo Co., Ltd. / Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture
Founded in 1829 at the foot of Mt. Iwate in Ofuko, Hachimantai City. Iwate’s famous sake “Washi no O” is named because it is brewed with pure water that springs from the foot of Mt. In addition, when the snow melts in early spring, the remaining snow on the summit looks like a giant eagle spreading its wings.
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*The contents of the sake list are subject to change.
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*Prices shown include consumption tax and service charge.

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