JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd. The “underpass camping practice field”, which proposes first-step supp ort for camping beginners, will be commercialized!

JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd.
The “Overpass Camping Practice Field”, which proposes first-step support for camping beginners, will be commercialized!

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JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd. and ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd. will hold a commercialization review meeting at the 2nd “Lighthouse” new business proposal internal competition of JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd. on January 10, 2023 (Tuesday). We have decided to commercialize the “underpass camp practice field”. [Image 2

business details
[Commercialization decision]
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Project title: “Underpass camp practice field”
Business summary:
It is a service that develops a campsite under the elevated tracks and creates an opportunity for those who feel that camping is a hurdle to take the first step. The camping market is expanding due to the recent outdoor boom and the backing of the corona crisis. However, there are many issues for those who try camping for the first time, such as lack of knowledge about camping, possession and handling of gear, and dealing with rainy weather. We aim to develop a service that allows you to easily learn about camping by removing the hurdles one by one. [Image 4d15279-342-10627e31038d3d8602d9-3.jpg&s3=15279-342-e03383deb26318b730970552b6873e00-296x222.jpg
Drafting team members:
● Development Business Division Aya Kitada
● Facility Management Headquarters Haruka Iwasaki
● Development Business Division Shinpei Yamada
● Saikyo Branch Office Kotaro Abe
Reason for commercialization decision:
The “underpass camp practice field” team has conducted three demonstration experiments in the past, and for general monitors under the overpass between Akihabara and Okachimachi for 12 days from August 13 to 24, 2022. provided the service.
All the reservation slots were sold out in 12 days, and a total of 137 groups and 364 people participated, and we received a lot of media coverage and reactions from the participants.
Through the verification results of these needs, we decided to commercialize it because we were able to solve customer issues and create value, as well as our business model and entrepreneurial suitability.
Future plans:
We are planning to officially provide the service under the overpass between Akihabara and Okachimachi with the goal of March 2023, and as soon as the details are decided, we will send out information as needed in the press release.
Akihabara-Okachimachi Underpass Camp Demonstration Experiment Details: Implementation location: JR Yamanote Line, under the overpass between Akihabara and Okachimachi
Implementation period: August 13 to 24, 2022
URL: https://koukashitacamp.regacy-innovation.com/
The day of the commercialization review meeting
[Image 5d15279-342-596ac10638ad62d32c0c-4.jpg&s3=15279-342-83aae50ec6897433ea99673274ff9273-974x565.jpg
Commercialization Examination Committee Judges (13 people)
[Image 6d15279-342-1b4989554f913baf9ad0-5.jpg&s3=15279-342-b79482152373f57f862593b8829b7c45-898x321.jpg
New Business Proposal In-house Competition “Todai” Outline
[Image 7d15279-342-a3042ecdcb823234961a-6.jpg&s3=15279-342-d7ee2f55bf9e71b0bee2108bf7c996af-999x463.jpg
JR East Urban Development celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019, and JR East Urban Development celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019, and started as a project born from “the next 30 years created by employee ideas” in the “30th anniversary project”.
The “lighthouse” has the meaning of a “foundation” that will remain unchanged forever, and a “point of light” that sets the destination to shine according to social conditions and management policies. We believe that future urban development created by employees’ ideas is meaningful so that employees and the company can take the next step toward the future.
Company Profile
JR East Urban Development Overview
(1) Company name: JR East Urban Development Co., Ltd.
(2) Representative: Hideki Nemoto, President and CEO
(3) Date of establishment April 20, 1989
(4) Location: 2-2-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JR East Headquarters Building 13F (5) Company website: http://www.jrtk.jp/
Overview of ReGACY Innovation Group
(1) Company name: ReGACY Innovation Group Co., Ltd.
(2) Representative: Koichi Naruse, Representative Director
(3) Date of establishment: February 2, 2022
(4) Location: 2-7-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
(5) Company website https://regacy-innovation.com/
(6) Business overview ・Innovation consulting (innovation strategy, organization, human resources)
           ・Incubation (new business development, venture creation from large companies)
          ・Open innovation (program management, joint development, alliance support)
           ・Financial services (support for venture investment, CVC, M&A, JV establishment, etc.)
           ・Private equity (investment and development of spin-out ventures)

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