JR West Japan A hot spring art opening party and mini event will be held at Ogoto Onsen Station!

JR West Japan
Hot Spring Art Opening Party & Mini Event Held at Ogoto Onsen Station!
West Japan Railway Company (hereinafter referred to as “JR West”) and Seian University of Art and Design have collaborated to implement the Kosei Line art project with the desire to make Kosei Line stations “where people meet and smile”. increase.
As the second installment, we will be holding a gathering for the original pennants with the motif of “hot springs” that were produced at the art production workshop last November.
In addition, after the opening party, we will hold mini events for families, such as renting children’s uniforms and craft workshops using aquatic plants from Lake Biwa.
date and time
February 4, 2023 (Saturday) [Hot Spring Art Opening Party] 10:30-11:00 [Mini event] 11:20-15:00
JR West Japan Ogoto Onsen Station 1st floor outside the ticket gate (Location: 1-3-12 Ogoto Kita, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture)
Hot spring art opening party contents
-depend on-
1. Greetings from the organizer and guests
Organizer: JR West Keiji branch manager Takehiro Tsai
Zenmichi Kozaki, President of Seian University of Art and Design Guest: Yuko Sato, Chairman of Ogoto Onsen Tourism Association 2. Airing a making-of movie of art production
3. Unveiling ceremony of hot spring art
Mini event content
・Child uniform rental
・Commemorative photo with costume
・Ogoto Onsen Tourism Promotion (Exhibitor: Ogoto Onsen Tourism Association) ・Craft workshop using aquatic plants from Lake Biwa (Exhibitor: Livre Co., Ltd. / Capacity 30 people)
・Introduction of recommended local courses by bicycle (Exhibitor: Opal Optex Co., Ltd.)
This project is supported by the Kosei Line Convenience Improvement Project Promotion Council.
・Co-sponsored by: Seian University of Art and Design Kosei Line Art Project, JR West Japan
・ Cooperation: Seian University of Art and Design Future Society Design Co-Creation Organization

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