JR West Japan Full of charm of vehicles! About the release of the “Suita General Vehicle Depot Tour”

JR West Japan
Full of vehicle charm! About the release of the “Suita General Vehicle Depot Tour”
[JR West x Nippon Travel Agency Depot Local Tour Project “10th”]
In October 2022, the railway will celebrate its 150th anniversary, and in November 2021, West Japan Railway Company’s Suita General Depot (predecessor: Suita Factory) will celebrate its 100th anniversary. . In conjunction with this, the Suita General Depot tour, which has been held since May 2022, has been very well received, so we will hold the “10th” on-site depot tour in February. . Please take this opportunity to come into direct contact with the railway and experience its charm. We look forward to your participation.
Product name
Suita General Depot Tour (Suita General Depot Location: 1-1
Medawara-cho, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
Implementation date and time
Implementation date: Sunday, February 19, 2023
Time: 1.09:30~, 2.10:30~, 3.12:30~, 4.13:30~, 5.14:30~
*A total of 5 sessions will be held. The tour will take approximately 2 hours. Main menu of the tour
(1) Filming of newly painted train cars of Japanese National Railways In October 2022, we released the Moha 52 (current) and Kuha 117 series, repainted in the nostalgic JNR color. The exhibition will be held again this time, so you can take pictures while thinking about the majestic figure of yesteryear.
[Image 1d95753-407-5e40292db98c6e0d6c78-0.jpg&s3=95753-407-ffb80a0796945baf50f5446788d674a4-440x313.jpg
Moja 52
[Image 2d95753-407-58c077e05c37ebb72bbf-1.jpg&s3=95753-407-6a9cf88d30b104c12f9829cd6aade828-440x338.jpg
Kuha 117
*Subject to change due to vehicle operation.
(2) This special exhibition
We are planning to take a tour of the locomotive and passenger cars of the Sagano Torokko Train.
[Image 3d95753-407-dc298d5093ec46b8471f-2.jpg&s3=95753-407-6e23a2c68f19322b59e1269a6418979b-442x332.jpg
DE10 (locomotive)

[Image 4d95753-407-a2aac71f355878616cfb-3.jpg&s3=95753-407-23d05250dda610b008a45688c04e5f77-471x353.jpg
*Subject to change due to vehicle operation.
* DE10 (locomotive) is scheduled to be exhibited as a spare car. (3) Commemorative certificate of participation In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the relocation of the Suita factory in 2021, everyone who participated in the tour this time will also receive a commemorative certificate that commemorates the start of operation of the new rapid service released in 1980 (Showa 55). We will give you a commemorative certificate for the reprinted version of the admission ticket.
[Image 5d95753-407-e89e8d048d8b41d75998-4.jpg&s3=95753-407-9cf72aebcdd8b93abbf64a42468a06de-432x179.jpg
Participation Commemorative Certificate
*At the time of Showa 55 (1980), one set of three pieces was released, but this time we will give you one reprint (153 series design). Other designs will be handed out at the next tour.
※The image is an image. It may differ from the actual design. (4) Other menu
・Employees of the Suita General Vehicle Depot will guide you and explain, and you can freely take pictures during the designated time. We are also planning to take a tour of the Kumoya 145 series. ・A nostalgic head mark will be displayed in the cafeteria of the Suita General Vehicle Depot.
[Image 6d95753-407-4d3662041e876702a54e-5.jpg&s3=95753-407-d08c11e0a0f4572d8931845fd8b9da53-298x245.jpg
◇Indoor shooting and commentary
You can take pictures of vehicles undergoing remodeling work and regular inspections.
[Image 7d95753-407-6ce7b56ecf2c337d9831-6.jpg&s3=95753-407-82eeb0ee206077cc976b0111005cbb90-315x241.jpg
◇ Outdoor shooting
You can shoot business vehicles for moving vehicles.
[Image 8d95753-407-5c2e9ce1d029deb6dd56-7.jpg&s3=95753-407-0156ce85904c91dde164268c136e4cd1-313x251.jpg
◇Dining room
We will exhibit nostalgic head marks in the cafeteria.
About the release of the tour
(1) Release date and time
11:00 on Thursday, January 26, 2023
(2) Where to sell
It will be sold on the Nippon Travel Agency “Red Balloon Kansai Edition” website https://www.nta.co.jp/akafu/west/.
* Information will be released around 16:00 on January 25 (Wednesday). Recruitment personnel
30 people each time (minimum 10 people each) *Please select your preferred time when applying.
travel fee
(1) Local departure and arrival plan (local meeting / dissolution) 12,800 yen per adult
11,800 yen per child (elementary school student) *You cannot apply for children alone.
(2) JR set plan (departing from various parts of western Japan) We also offer a “JR set plan” that includes round-trip Shinkansen and limited express trains from various locations in the western Japan area.
For more information, please visit the Japan Travel “Red Balloon Kansai Edition” website above after the information is released. others
・Please refrain from bringing your own head mark and installing it on the vehicle, as it will interfere with other customers’ shooting. ・There may be backlight or shadows depending on the weather and shooting time on the day. Please note.
・The temperature may be very low when shooting outdoors, so please wear warm clothes such as cold weather gear.
・The event will be held after fully implementing measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection, but some plans may change depending on the spread of infection.
・In case of rain, some plans may be changed.
*Please see our website for details. (https://www.westjr.co.jp/)

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