K-FIRST Co., Ltd. Osaka city business area Are there rental offices near your workplace or business partners? Some people don’t even know!

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[Osaka city business area] Are there rental offices near your workplace or clients? Some people don’t even know!

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Have you ever seen a rental office near your workplace or client? In recent years, partly due to the impact of the corona crisis, work styles have diversified and the need for rental offices has increased. This time, we conducted a questionnaire survey targeting those working in the business areas of Osaka City regarding the availability and usage of rental offices near their workplaces and business partners. Please take a look at the remarkable results, which revealed many hints for using rental offices from the real intentions of the respondents.
Do you have a rental office near your place of work or business? In this survey, we asked people who work in business areas in Osaka Prefecture about the availability of nearby rental offices and how they are used.
First, we asked respondents whether there were rental offices near their workplaces or business partners.
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In this survey, 46.4% answered that there is a rental office near their workplace or business partner.
About half of the respondents answered that they are nearby, and it was found that they often see rental office properties in the business areas of Osaka.
On the other hand, it was worrisome that one out of four people answered “I don’t know (25.0%)”. Although there are cases in which it is not possible to know whether or not there is such a thing until it is examined, there are many cases in which people do not pay attention to it even if it exists.
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Majority use rental offices
Next, in the questionnaire, we asked those who answered that there is a rental office near their place of work or business partners about whether they use a rental office.
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Of those who have a rental office near their workplace or business partner, 53.8% answered that they actually use a rental office. A majority of the respondents use rental offices.
I learned that the usage rate is high when there is a rental office nearby, but what made you start using it?
Opportunities for using rental offices
In order to investigate the use of rental offices in more detail, the survey asked respondents about the reasons and purposes for using rental offices.
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Using a rental office as a meeting room
One of the most common triggers and purposes of use was “use as a conference room (42.9%)”.
This is largely due to the fact that many companies have downsized or relocated their offices due to the absence of employees due to telework, changes to layouts that do not have close contact, and the introduction of a free address system in which employees do not have fixed seats. I can say
It seems that many companies secure the minimum necessary working space as an office and use rental offices with good cost performance for meeting room space.
In addition, there is also a method of using it as a meeting space for customers such as business partners and visitors, and preventing outsiders from entering the company as a measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
Used as a satellite office or as a base for improving operational efficiency The same rate was used as a satellite office (42.9%).
This also seems to be often used as a means of improving work efficiency while taking into consideration the spread of infectious diseases by using rental offices to provide employees with an environment that makes it easy to telework during the corona crisis. There was also an opinion that “the distance between business partners and workplaces is shortened (14.3%)”. If you frequently go to business partners or stay almost permanently, there are many cases where work efficiency is greatly improved by having a base closer to the business partner than the original office. In such a case, a rental office may be useful.
Do you think the rental office looks easy to use?
Next, in the questionnaire, we asked whether the rental office seemed to be easy to use, in order to explore the impression of the rental office.
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In the survey, 64.3% answered that they thought the rental office would be easy to use.
Rental offices have various advantages such as convenient location, well-equipped environment, and reasonable fees.
image of rental office
In the questionnaire, we specifically asked about the image of rental offices. Let’s take a look at the opinions of both those who actually use rental offices and those who do not.
■ Opinions of Respondents
Those who use rental offices
It is very well-equipped, stylish, and has a very comfortable environment. (40s, construction industry)
Usually used as a business meeting space. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as for project meetings depending on the slack or when you want to concentrate on completing documents. (50s, food and beverage retailer)
I personally think that it is very convenient and easy to use because it is easy to use anytime and anywhere, and it can also be used in emergency situations. (40s, welfare related)
Those who do not use the rental office
Easy to use and available at low cost (30s, manufacturing industry) Since various people gather, there is an image that you can get along with people from other industries. (20s, real estate)
Since it’s a rental, you have to return it someday, so I think you can use it neatly without having to manage it. It’s easy to move from place to place, and you don’t have to be tied to the place, so I think it’s just the right system for a fluid office. (20s, nurse)
As mentioned above, both those who actually use a rental office and those who do not, have many opinions on the merits of a rental office, such as the well-equipped and quiet environment, the ease of use that can be used for multiple purposes, and the good cost performance. I saw it.
Some people were unfamiliar with the environment where many companies use adjacent rooms of rental offices, and the style of renting as needed rather than fixed properties, but I thought about it the other way around. There were also voices that praised the office for being able to interact with different industries and respond flexibly to changes.
Rental offices are well-equipped and can be conveniently used according to the purpose, location, and period of time that suit each company, and are a force that supports the business of companies. Summary of survey results
This time, based on the results of the questionnaire, we talked about the availability, usage rate, usage status, and image of rental offices near work and business partners in Osaka’s business areas. About half of the respondents answered that they have a rental office near their place of work or business partners, and the majority of them actually use it, indicating that the rental office is familiar to the respondents.
In a well-equipped office environment, it can be used according to the needs of each company, such as conference rooms and satellite offices, and rental offices that can be easily realized at a desired location at a reasonable price have become the vitality of many companies’ businesses. . Why don’t you take advantage of the rental office and realize a more comfortable business?
[Survey overview]
Survey target: Rental office user survey
Number of responses: 50 samples
Response period: 7 days from December 14th to December 20th, 2022 Research method: User research on the Internet

■Company Profile
Company name: K-FIRST Co., Ltd.
Location: 〒541-0043
2-3-15-1F Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
(Kitahama Office)
Representative: Kenji Tanaka, Representative Director
Capital: 20 million yen
Established: January 6, 2014
Business description: Building management business
RE:ZONE business
Operation service “Re:ZONE” (https://rezone.co.jp/)
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