K-pop idol group IVE appeared on the cover and in an interview “I want to proudly show my goodness” / AERA on sale January 23rd

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K-pop idol group IVE appeared on the cover and in an interview “I want to proudly show my goodness” / AERA on sale January 23rd
The special feature at the beginning of the book is “The present location of sex education” / Kohaku Chief Producer “Viewing Rating and Sense of Crisis”

Six members of the K-POP idol group IVE will appear on the cover of the January 30, 2023 issue of AERA, which will be released on January 23. IVE is gaining momentum after making its first appearance at the Kouhaku Uta Gassen. We approached their charm and real face with an average age of 18.1 years old. Please take a look at the gorgeous photos taken by Mika Ninagawa. The introductory feature is “The present location of sex education”. In today’s world where sexual information is overflowing, it is essential to convey proper knowledge about sex to children, but there are things that prevent it. Find out what it is, its current location and its problems. New Year’s Eve tradition “Kohaku Uta Gassen”. This time, NHK’s chief producer, who supervised the production of the show, spoke candidly about his thoughts on Kouhaku and the pressure on ratings. This is an exclusive interview that you can’t read anywhere else. The popular series “Kohei Matsushita Junin to Iro” welcomes a new guest. This is Mr. Kaisaku Ota, a veterinarian who Mr. Matsushita, who loves animals, wanted to meet. There is also an article reporting on the stage of Johnny’s Countdown with gorgeous members such as Sexy Zone, King & Prince, Snow Man, etc. It’s a worthwhile book filled with other articles from a unique perspective.
Cover & Interview: IVE
The six members of IVE appearing on the cover are based on the concept of “showing one’s goodness proudly”. Including sophisticated visuals, it’s stuck in the sense of the current generation Z. In the interview, “The spirit we cherish is ‘Love Myself'” (Wonyoung), “‘Being yourself’ is one of the concepts” (Iso), “I’m interested in trends, but I don’t follow them too much” (Yujin ) and talk about the thoughts they cherish. The only Japanese member, Ray, masters Korean like a native. “I was trained naturally at the Korean high school I attended,” he says. Their charm is fully revealed in the shoot surrounded by pop-colored flowers. The collaboration with Mika Ninagawa is a must-see.
Introductory special feature “Current location of sex education” Correct sex education not only protects children who live in an environment overflowing with sexual information, but also helps deter sexual harassment and forced sexual intercourse. However, many schools are not actively conducting sex education due to the “endorsement regulations” in the course of study. I explored what the problem was and what was behind it. The problems between the Liberal Democratic Party and the former Unification Church have been pointed out, but I also discuss how the “traditional family view” there is going against the global trend. Seiko Noda, ryuchell, and Takayuki Kiyota also talk about their thoughts on sex education.
Red and White Chief Producer “Rating and Crisis”
The “Kohaku Uta Gassen” held on New Year’s Eve is said to be a “national program.” However, due to the recent shift away from television, it will be difficult to achieve the same level of viewership as before, and trial and error will continue. NHK Chief Producer Hideaki Kato, who oversaw the production of Kohaku, answered an interview with AERA. He speaks candidly from a variety of perspectives, including his sense of urgency regarding viewership ratings, his thoughts on the program as it symbolizes that year, and new challenges suited to the Internet age.
Kohei Matsushita
From this issue, we welcome Kaisaku Ota, a veterinarian, as a new guest, and continue four rounds of dialogue. Mr. Matsushita, who has loved animals since he was a child, tells an old story about how his mother often picked up abandoned cats and dogs. It is a valuable content that you can catch a glimpse of Mr. Matsushita, who is different from usual, because he is a conversation partner with a completely different occupation.
Sexy Zone, King & Prince, Snow Man… Gathering
We will report on the state of “Johnny’s Countdown 2022 → 2023” on New Year’s Eve with plenty of photos taken in the magazine. In addition to King & Prince, who will be the last cowcon under the current system, and Sexy Zone, which was the last stage of Marius Yo, the state of the group change medley. It is a magazine that conveys the enthusiasm of the venue as it is.
Changes in substrains in the background of the spread of COVID-19 “Corona Fatigue” America Tired of Masks
Death of Teachers’ Guidance Excessive guidance kills children Defendant Yamagami’s prosecution Preventing weak men from falling into darkness Investment trust points
The reason why the Hakone Ekiden stalled Dangerous fluctuations in blood sugar levels
Possibility of “nuclear fusion power generation” Realization is several decades away
Construction Rush Due to ISS Retirement Space Station Situation in Each Country Metropolitan High School Entrance Examination English Speaking Test Focused on Criticism for “Reversal Phenomenon”
Kohei Matsushita Live Report Continue singing until you feel proud Ellie Omiya’s University of Tokyo Alumni Association Guest Kengo Kuma Contemporary portrait Kumiko Ueda, director
and other articles are posted.
* From noon on January 23 (Monday), the release date, “#Aerive” will be held on the official Twitter (@AERAnetjp) and official Instagram (@aera_net) to introduce the contents of the latest issue. Please check it out.
AERA January 30, 2023 issue
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Release date: January 23, 2023 (Monday)

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