K Village Site renewal of “KASIODA”, a Korean information site for Korean lovers that tickles the hearts of Korean lovers

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Renewal of KASIODA, a Korean information site for Korean lovers that tickles the hearts of Korean lovers

K Village Tokyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Motonari Kuwabara) is the site of “KASIODA”, a Korean information site for Korean lovers that tickles the hearts of Korean lovers operated by our company. I renewed.
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Casioda TOP
Background of KASIODA renewal
Since the business transfer in February 2021, the number of page views has increased 30 times, and the number of articles has increased to 2,000 articles, which is 5 times. changed to In addition to focusing on the media business, we aim to operate KASIODA, which is the center of our business, so that more people can enjoy it.
■ KASIODA PV (At the time of business transfer, current trends) February 2021 16,522PV
December 2022 500,000 PV
■ Number of KASIODA articles (at the time of business transfer/current trend) February 2021 400 bottles
December 2022 2,000 bottles
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Casioda smartphone TOP
Renewal concept
A Korean information site for Korean lovers that tickles the hearts of Korean lovers.
I was writing articles mainly on local trends in South Korea, but in response to the needs of our customers, who have the largest Korean language school in Japan with 10,000 students, I would like to introduce K-POP, dramas, Korean actors, and Japanese cuisine. We have increased the content that can only be seen on KASIODA that tickles the hearts of Korean lovers, such as Korean-style recipes arranged in Korean style, so that the editorial department can carefully select and publish content that Korean lovers are interested in.
Simple and gentle design with bold use of white

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The full-screen visual appeals directly to the Korean sensibilities of the top page, and the space between the lines of the text and headlines on a white background make it easy to read.
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Article page (Korean recipe)
Display of “number of views” that attracts user’s interest
With the number of PVs increasing, what kind of articles are KASIODA readers reading a lot? It is now possible to display the “number of views” that attracts the user’s interest.
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Popular article ranking
Every morning when I commute to work on the train, I check my favorite new articles about Korea, and when I feel at peace after returning home, I read them carefully while lying on my bed. I would like you to enjoy such a “Korean information site that becomes a part of the reader’s life”.
Korean information media “kasioda”
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kasioda (https://kasioda.com/) has K-POP, dramas, Korean actors, and Korean recipes that arrange Japanese cuisine in a Korean style. Submitting content. The number of Instagram followers is 10,000, and the gender of readers and viewers is 30% male and 70% female. The age is getting support from a wide range of people from teens to 50s. KASIODA’s articles are also posted on our app “K Village MODULY”, which is used by 10,000 students in our Korean language classes, and we have established a mechanism to convey information about Korea to Korean lovers.
We will utilize K Village media including KASIODA to carry out various initiatives. We also have invitation campaigns for Korean actors’ fan meetings, live invitation campaigns, and other promotions. If you would like to have even a little interest in our company, please feel free to contact us at the inquiry window below.
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