KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Actor Reiya Takahashi serves as the main personality and has opened Nico Nico Channel “Re iya Takahashi Official Channel “RYOYA CHANNEL”” that delivers live at least once a month.

Actor Reiya Takahashi has opened Nico Nico Channel “Reiya Takahashi Official Channel “RYOYA CHANNEL””, which is the main personality and performs live distribution at least once a month.

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On this channel, Reiya Takahashi plans to use the comment function and questionnaire function unique to Nico Nico Live Broadcasting to communicate with viewers and create a live distribution program together. Also, in the broadcast, there will be a corner where Reiya Takahashi will show off his singing voice. The channel is 550 yen (tax included) per month, and plans to stream live at least once a month. If you become a channel member, you can watch the full live broadcast including the members-only part. In addition, as channel member benefits, we plan to include bonus videos recorded after members-only live broadcasts, member-only goods sales, and lottery application plans.
The first broadcast will be delivered live from 20:00 on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Kento Yamada appears as a guest who should liven up the memorable first broadcast. Please watch it in real time. ▼ Nico Nico Channel “Reiya Takahashi Official Channel” RYOYA CHANNEL “” First live broadcast viewing URL:
https://nicochannel.jp/ryoya-channel/live/smbeFaxKNwXW3qQoH9mhhEs7 ▼ Profile of Reiya Takahashi
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Ryoya Takahashi
Born September 2, 1996. Born in Chiba prefecture. Type A.
He started performing arts activities as an artist, and in 2020, he made his stage debut in the musical “New Prince of Tennis” The First Stage. Main appearances include Live Musical “SHOW BY ROCK!!” -DO Konjo Kita Gakuen Edition-Yoru to Kuro no Reflection (21), RICE on Stage “Love Rice” ~Rice will come~ (21), “Oh My Diner ~Dancing Bun Bun Kyosoukyoku~” (22 years), MANKAI STAGE “A3!” series (22 years~), etc. Musical “Prince of Tennis” 4th season Seigaku vs Hyotei (January to March 2011), stage “Nobunaga less than Nobunaga – Reincarnation Mitsuhide can not defeat -” (March 2011) will be performed.
▼ Overview of Nico Nico Channel “Ryoya Takahashi Official Channel” RYOYA CHANNEL Channel URL: https://nicochannel.jp/ryoya-channel/
First delivery date: January 17, 2023 (Tuesday) 20:00 (planned) Monthly fee: 550 yen (tax included)
Member benefits: Viewing live broadcasts at least once a month, unlimited viewing of archives (“Time Shift” viewing is limited to one week), etc.
*Broadcast time is subject to change.
▼ Click here to join
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