KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. Held on 1/29 (Sunday) TV animation “Hyouka” 10th anniversary film concert, distributi on information & goods information released!

[Held on 1/29 (Sunday)] TV anime “Hyouka” 10th anniversary film concert, distribution information and goods information released! Information on goods sales and live distribution of the “Hyouka” film concert held at Tokorozawa Sakura Town (Japan Pavilion) on Sunday, January 29, 2023 has been released.

TV Anime “Hyouka” 10th Anniversary Film Concert
~Small Concert at Kamiyama High School~
[Image 1

TV anime “Hyouka”
Film concert held!
“Hyouka” is a bittersweet youth ensemble drama that still boasts deep-rooted popularity.
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the TV animation, we will hold the first film concert of this work.
Sunday, January 29, 2023
*2 performances at noon and night
Tokorozawa Sakura Town
Japan Pavilion Hall A
Held at!
(C) Honobu Yonezawa, Kadokawa Shoten / Kamiyama High School Classics Club OB Club
“Hyouka” is the debut work of Naoki Prize-winning author Honobu Yonezawa. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the TV animation this year, we will hold the first film concert of this still popular work. After 10 years, the TV anime “Hyouka” will be revived with famous scenes and wonderful music on a special day.
ChouCho was invited as a guest artist, and that famous song was performed live. In addition, the main cast Satomi Sato (playing Eru Chitanda) and Daisuke Sakaguchi (playing Satoshi Fukube) are planning a special corner for this day only, “Afterword of the Classics Club.”
After 10 years, the TV anime “Hyouka” will be revived with famous scenes and songs!
Performance information
▼Performance name
TV Anime “Hyouka” 10th Anniversary Film Concert ~Small Concert at Kamiyama High School~
▼Performance date
Sunday, January 29, 2023 *2 performances at noon and at night [Daytime] Doors open 13:00 Start 13:45
[Night] Open 16:45 Start 17:30
Tokorozawa Sakura Town Japan Pavilion Hall A
Address: 3-31-3 Higashi Tokorozawa Wada, Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture ▼Official site
▼Official Twitter
In addition to the latest information on this event, we will also cover nostalgic information about “Hyouka”.
Please follow us!
https://twitter.com/Hyouka_10th (@Hyouka_10th) Recommended tag: #Hyouka Concert Appearance
・Kamiyama High School Ensemble
・Satomi Sato (role of Eru Chitanda)
・Daisuke Sakaguchi (role of Satoshi Fukube)
・ ChouCho (singing the theme song)
・ Kohei Tanaka (music)
[Image 2

Satomi Sato
(The role of Eru Chitanda)
[Image 3

Daisuke Sakaguchi
(Role of Satoshi Fukube)
[Image 4

Chou Cho
(Theme song singing)
[Image 5

Kouhei Tanaka
Kouhei Tanaka, the composer of many songs for the TV anime “Hyouka”, will make a special appearance!
Mr. Tanaka also played the piano with the performance of the Kamiyama High School Ensemble,
We are planning to liven up the concert.

Live streaming overview
[Live distribution start date and time]
January 29, 2023 (Sunday) Daytime 13:45-/Night 17:30- *Scheduled to be streamed at the same time as the main performance.
[Archive distribution]
After the live broadcast ends-February 12, 2023 (Sunday) 23:59 *There will be times when you will not be able to see the live stream as it will be re-streamed after the live stream.
[Ticket price] Event discount target
Distribution viewing ticket 4,800 yen (tax included) ⇒ 3,840 yen (tax included) after applying the event discount
Delivery viewing ticket with premium goods 8,100 yen (tax included) ⇒ 6,480 yen (tax included) after event discount is applied
* Event discounts are applicable to customers who purchase by 23:59 on Tuesday, January 31, 2023.
-About distribution viewing tickets with premium goods-
*We are planning a desktop wood calendar for the 10th anniversary of the TV anime “Hyouka” (see the separate section for the design). * The contents of goods are subject to change.
* Goods are scheduled to be shipped in late February. We cannot ship to overseas addresses.
[Ticket sales period]
Sales start: January 14, 2023 (Sat) 12:00 to February 12 (Sun) 21:00 *Event discount until 23:59 on January 31 (Tue)
[Distribution platform]
Streaming+ (https://eplus.jp/hyouka10th_ol/)
*Customers who watch the live broadcast should purchase with plenty of time in advance. If you purchase just before the start, you may be able to watch from the middle.
*For details on how to watch and other precautions, please check the website where you purchased.
[Notes on purchasing distribution viewing tickets]
*Before purchasing a ticket, please carefully read the notes on the distribution platform site and be sure to check whether you have an Internet environment and recommended environment suitable for viewing. * Some services and conditions differ depending on the distribution platform. Please select and watch according to your own viewing environment and preferences.
*A separate fee will be charged.
*One viewing ticket can only be viewed from one viewing device. * If you watch from the middle, it will be live distribution from that point, and you cannot rewind and play it during distribution. * Communication environment: A high-speed and stable internet connection is required to watch videos. Be sure to check in advance whether you are out of service area or in a place with weak radio waves, and whether you have remaining packet capacity. If you are using a shared Wi-Fi, turn off the Wi-Fi of the terminals you are not using, and do not place any obstacles between them and the router. Also, avoid crowded areas and areas surrounded by concrete. We do not take any responsibility even if you cannot view it due to your communication status.
[Notes regarding performances]
*This performance is a paid live broadcast. All rights are reserved by the organizer.
Screen recording, shooting, and recording with cameras, smartphones, etc. are all prohibited. In addition, you may be held legally responsible if you reprint or share on video sites without permission. Commercial use of the broadcast live video is prohibited. This includes receiving fees from the audience and broadcasting live video in restaurants, halls, etc.
[Inquiries about distribution]
KADOKAWA Customer Support https://wwws.kadokawa.co.jp/support/mf/ [Inquiries about distribution viewing tickets]
■ Inquiries about purchasing viewing tickets
■ e-plus “Streaming+” usage guide/details
■ Inquiries about Streaming + Viewing

Goods information disclosure!
We will introduce limited goods that can only be purchased at the venue to commemorate the event (even if you do not have a ticket, you can purchase it at the venue) and a desk wood calendar attached to the ticket with premium goods.
“TV Anime ‘Hyouka’ 10th Anniversary Film Concert” Acrylic Netsuke All 8 types of trading (blind) will be sold.
Each member of the classics club has become a netsuke in plain clothes and school uniforms.
■ Product material/size
acrylic, rayon / about 40mm x 70mm (excluding string)
■ Price
700 yen each (tax included)
[Image 6

“TV Anime ‘Hyouka’ 10th Anniversary Film Concert” A4 Clear File 2-Piece Set A ■ Product material/size
PP / about 220mm x 310mm
■ Price
1,100 yen (tax included)
[Image 7

[Image 8

“TV Anime ‘Hyouka’ 10th Anniversary Film Concert” A4 Clear File 2-Piece Set B ■ Product material/size
PP / about 220mm x 310mm
■ Price
1,100 yen (tax included)
[Image 9

[Image 10

(Ticket with premium goods included) TV anime “Hyouka” 10th
anniversary desktop wood calendar
■ Product material/size
rubber tree, acrylic / about 350mm x 540mm x 175mm
Calendar body + 6 mounts
[Image 14

[TV anime “Hyouka” non-credit ED1.]
Eru Chitanda (Satomi Sato) & Mayaka Ihara (Ai Kayano)
“Promise of slumber”
[Image 16

[TV anime “Hyouka” non-credit OP 2.]
Saori Kodama
“Unfinished Stride”
[Image 17

[TV anime “Hyouka” non-credit ED2.]
Eru Chitanda (Satomi Sato) & Mayaka Ihara (Ai Kayano)
“A Mystery About You”
[Image 18


Contact information
[Inquiries about tickets]
e+ customer support (inquiries): http://eplus.jp/qa/
[Inquiries about this event]
KADOKAWA Customer Support: https://wwws.kadokawa.co.jp/support/mf/ -Organizer/Planner-KADOKAWA
-Production-Heart Company, Bandai Namco Music Live
– Cooperation – Anime Tourism Association

Notes on ticket purchase
*All seats are reserved.
* A separate fee will be charged for the play guide.
*Tickets will not be refunded due to performer changes or cancellations. *We cannot answer inquiries about seats.
* Up to 4 tickets can be purchased per person per application. * Preschool children are not allowed to enter.
*Wheelchair visitors will be guided to a designated wheelchair area. For guidance, please be sure to contact the following contact information by the day before.
* Please read the notes on this page and apply after agreeing. By purchasing this item, you agree to the same.
■[TV Anime “Hyouka” 10th Anniversary Film Concert ~Small Concert at Kamiyama High School~] Guidelines■
Please check the official website.

About electronic ticket application
[About electronic ticket application]
* Due to the infection status of the new coronavirus, performances will be held in accordance with the guidelines and guidelines of the government, administration, and facilities.
Tickets are electronic tickets only. Please be sure to apply and purchase in person.
*Applications can only be made from smartphones. You cannot apply from a PC. * To use the smart ticket, you need to install the e-plus app (free). * When applying, please apply from your own smartphone.
* When registering as a member, we will confirm by “SMS
authentication” using the short message function of the mobile phone. * Electronic tickets can only be applied for and downloaded with a smartphone after SMS authentication.
* A call contract is required for mobile phone numbers. Terminal numbers with data communication only contracts are not supported. *We cannot accept changes to your registered mobile phone number or name. Please note.
[When applying for multiple tickets]
* If you apply for two tickets, ticket distribution after ticketing is required. * Companions can also register as an e-plus member and install the e-plus app (free) at the time of distribution
A smartphone is required. (The operating model and recommended environment similar to those of applicants are required.)
[Notes on ticket application]
◇ This reception uses the e+ (e plus) system, and membership registration (free) is required.
◇ Due to the system, a handling fee is required for each ticket. ◇Seats cannot be specified. Please check your ticket for your seat number. ◇ Please note that we cannot accept any changes or cancellations (purchase refusal) after ticket purchase.
◇ Resale of purchased tickets (including listing at online auctions, buying and selling above list price, etc.),
and any attempt to do so is prohibited.
◇Please note that resold tickets will be invalid and you will be refused entry. ◇In order to prevent ticket reselling, we may check the identity of the purchaser when entering the venue.
◇Please be sure to bring your ID on the day of the performance. ◇ The handling of personal information is subject to the e-plus terms of use. ◇Due to system maintenance, the first and third Thursdays will be closed from 2:00 to 8:00 AM.
Application/payment/receipt procedures are not possible.
(C) Honobu Yonezawa, Kadokawa Shoten / Kamiyama High School Classics Club OB Club

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