Kakaku.com, Inc. Newly Opened Job Information Collective Search Site “Job Box” and Article Media “Job Bo x Journal” -Providing a Variety of Content Related to Jobs and Careers, Further Strengthening Job Search Support-

Kakaku.com, Inc.
Kyujin Box, a collective search site for job information, and new article media, Kyujin Box Journal -Provide a variety of content related to jobs and careers, and further strengthen job search support-

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Bulk search site for job information “Job Box”,
Established a new article media “Kyujin Box Journal”
Providing a variety of content related to jobs and careers, further strengthening support for job searches
Kakaku.com Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Shonosuke Hata) operates a collective search site for job information, “Job Box (https://Job Box.com/)”, on January 10, 2023. On Tuesday (Tuesday), we opened a new article media “Job Box Journal”. By disseminating a variety of content related to jobs and careers, we will further strengthen our support for users looking for jobs.
 URL: https://Job Box.com/journal/
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About “Job Box Journal”
Based on the concept of “media that you want to see when thinking about your career,” article media that provides job seekers with information that serves as hints and guidelines for careers. In response to the recent trend of further diversification of work styles and work purposes, we have opened this time so that you can use it when thinking about work styles and careers. Mr. Masayuki Kuroda (*), who has been engaged in the planning and development of career change services for more than 30 years in the human resources industry, has been appointed as the general supervisor. Provide content. In addition, by having users use this media, we believe that companies and businesses using it can expect an increase in the number of applications via the job posting box.
We will continue to expand the content and enhance the functions so that we can continue to deliver complete information to everyone. (*) Profile of Masayuki Kuroda (Representative Director of Lucent Doors Inc.):     https://Job Box.com/supervisors#sv2
-Example article-
How will work styles change in the post-corona era? Will telework continue as it is?
 https://Job Box.com/journal/career/1/
When is the best time to change jobs? How to build a career that suits you  https://Job Box.com/journal/career/4/
・ Anxiety about not being able to acquire “personal skills”–Should I change jobs to improve my skills? [Moto’s Counseling Room]
 https://Job Box.com/journal/career/16/
・ Explained in a list by OS and software! 141 shortcut keys to speed up your work
 https://Job Box.com/journal/life/shortcut key/
・For countermeasures against the cold during desk work! “Canned mackerel and bok choy ginger soup” that warms your body / Easy! Home work meal vol. 1
 https://Job Box.com/journal/life/22/
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About “Job Box”
This is a collective search site for job information developed by Kakaku.com since 2015. Currently, more than 10 million job information is aggregated and provided in an easy-to-understand manner, including regular employees, part-time workers, part-timers, contract employees, work from home, and new graduate recruitment, from career change sites and job sites nationwide.
 Users can search for job information by keyword, salary, work location, specific conditions, etc., and if there is a job they are interested in, they can go to each job site and check the details. You can search for jobs by referring not only to the recruitment page, which is full of information such as photos, but also to a wealth of article content. In addition, by registering as a member (free), you can use functions such as saving your profile and omitting input when applying, and saving job information you have applied for.
The ability to cross-search a wide range of job information according to detailed needs has been well received, and the number of users has steadily expanded from young to seniors. It is used by more than 8 million people per month (as of June 2022).
 Job Box will continue to work on expanding its functions and enhancing information, and will continue to expand the number of companies and businesses that use it, providing a place for gathering information that closely connects job seekers and businesses. [Kakaku.com, Inc. Company Profile]
Location: Digital Gate Building, 3-5-7 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Shonosuke Hata
Business description: Planning and operation of sites and
applications, provision of various platforms
Our website: https://corporate.kakaku.com/company/service

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