Kakogawa City Initiatives at the “Smart City Kakogawa” Educational Site Smart School Promotion Model Schoo l Announces Research Results

Kakogawa City
Initiatives at the “Smart City Kakogawa” Educational Site Smart School Promotion Model School Announces Research Results
Students’ ICT utilization rate is twice the national average Contributing to effective learning and increased motivation

The Kakogawa City Board of Education in Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture (Mayor Yasuhiro Okada) has designated Kakogawa City Kakogawa Junior High School as a smart school promotion model school for the two years of Reiwa 3rd and 4th, and will practice lessons that effectively utilize ICT. We are conducting research on This time, the school announced the results of its research, stating that “the rate of ICT utilization in classes is twice the national average,” and that “the use of ICT equipment is useful for student learning and contributes to raising motivation.” I understand, so I will let you know.
[The rate of ICT utilization in classes is about twice the national average] [Image 1

At Kakogawa Municipal Kakogawa Junior High School, which is a model school for promoting smart schools, we conducted a survey of students regarding classes using ICT.
When asked, “How much did you use ICT devices such as PCs and tablets in the classes you took in the first and second grades?” It reached nearly double the 21.6%, indicating that it is being used frequently in daily classes. (From National Academic Ability/Learning Situation Survey)
[Utilization of ICT is useful as an effective learning method and motivating students to learn]
In response to the question, “Do you think learning using a large monitor is easy for you?”, 86.8% of the students answered that it was “easy to understand,” and students who answered that classes using ICT devices were “easy to understand.” It was found that there were many, and the motivation for learning was improved.
In addition, more than 87% of the students think that using ICT devices in addition to classes with only blackboards will be useful for learning, and more than 89% of students feel that having their own ICT terminals at school will help them learn. It was also found that there are quite a lot of students who think that the use of ICT will improve learning efficiency.
*(Questionnaire 1st: June 2021, 2nd: March 2022, 3rd: June 2022) [Image 2

[Image 3

[Image 4

[Hybrid communication environment has been built to strongly promote ICT education]
Kakogawa City has been using “local BWA (broadband mobile wireless access)” so that children can use it in computer classrooms and at home. 125 classrooms at 7 schools have started using the fiber-optic line service, further increasing the speed of communication in the classrooms.
[Image 5

 The communication environment that directly lays one optical line in each ordinary classroom is a rare initiative that is unparalleled even in Japan.
In the next fiscal year, we will introduce fiber-optic lines into all classrooms at elementary and junior high schools in the city, and further advance GIGA School by building a hybrid communication environment that can utilize fiber-optic lines at schools and local BWA at home.
[Regional BWA *Regarding Broadband Wireless Access]
The regional BWA service uses radio waves in the 2.5GHz band, which is different from that of major telecommunications carriers, and contributes to the promotion of regional public welfare, such as improving regional public services and eliminating the digital divide (disadvantaged areas). A radio service for the telecommunications service intended to A communication method that can transmit and receive a large amount of data at high speed, characterized by its wide area and scale.
In Kakogawa City, we cooperate with BAN-BAN Networks Co., Ltd., which has a local BWA radio station license, to cover the entire city area and utilize it in the educational environment.
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