Kamata Mare Sanuki Co., Ltd. Notice of Yuji Mizobuchi’s retirement from active duty

Kamatamare Sanuki Co., Ltd.
Announcement of Yuji Mizobuchi retirement from active duty

We would like to inform you that Yuji Mizobuchi will retire after the 2022 season.
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【Player name】
July 20, 1994
【height, weight】
Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Tsukiji SSS (Shin-Shioyamachi Elementary School) – FC DIAMO (Yashima Junior High School) – Ryutsu Keizai University Kashiwa High School – Keio University – Jef United Ichihara/Chiba – Matsumoto Yamaga FC – Tochigi SC – Jef United Ichihara/Chiba – Tochigi SC
[Total field record]
J2 league: 82 games J3 league: 5 games
J League total: 87 games
Explore new areas and expand your possibilities.
With that determination, I, Yuji Mizobuchi, have decided to retire from professional soccer after the 2022 season.
I started playing football at the age of 6, had a real setback at 13, and had my mind blown at 16. At the age of 19, I learned the best culture called “socker”, and at the age of 22, I entered the world of competition.
At Fukuari, I experienced a comeback that I will never forget, and at Alwyn, I witnessed the real sense of unity that football creates. Throughout the season at Glista, I was able to reconfirm the joy of being on the pitch, and I was able to find the happiness and reward of playing for my hometown at Picasta.
Certainly, there are many things that I couldn’t achieve, such as becoming a professional soccer player representing Japan and playing in top leagues overseas. After graduating from university, I chose to become a professional player instead of finding a general job. But I have no regrets. This is because I can proudly say that I have thought, made choices, and worked with all my might at that time. And because I became a professional soccer player, I was able to encounter soccer, immerse myself in it, and make life choices. All of them are assets for me, and I am convinced that they will support me in the future.
Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have been involved, those who have supported me, and all of them. I don’t think I was the most technical player on the pitch. Also, even off the pitch, I am aware that there were many things that I could not reach because I was still inexperienced. I am truly grateful that you never gave up on me, placed your expectations on me, encouraged me, and encouraged me. Thank you very much.
Last but not least, I am proud of myself for making this decision. And I would be happy if everyone who has been involved and supported me so far supports my decision.
I would like to continue to seek and challenge what I can do so that one day I can contribute to the development of the world of soccer and sports in Japan. with ambition.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your continued support.
Yuji Mizobuchi
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