KANADEMONO It is possible to create a personalized table from 1440 combinations of top plates and legs. Variations will be expanded in the future.

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[KANADEMONO] It is possible to create a personalized table from 1440 combinations of top plates and legs. Variations will be expanded in the future.
Launched the “Perfect Table Diagnosis” service that allows you to find your favorite table

bydesign Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President: Morio Ishikawa), which develops the furniture D2C service KANADEMONO, will offer 1440 table customizations from Thursday, January 19, 2023. In addition, we have started a service of “Perfect Table Diagnosis” that allows you to find the combination of tables that suits your needs and tastes.
[Image 1d45524-31-7b03b0fb3c652e517089-0.jpg&s3=45524-31-42a85719ad86588382170ad349bc1258-3900x2226.jpg
The “THE TABLE” series, which represents KANADEMONO, is a series that combines a top plate that can be ordered in 1 cm increments and table legs that can be freely selected. can. In addition, products ordered in size are shipped after 5 business days at the shortest.
This time, in order to provide options that meet the needs of more customers through the customization and size order service, we aim to enable all combinations of tabletops and table legs, and we have created 1440 combinations. Now possible. (*Excluding patterns that cannot be combined due to some specifications)
Until now, if you wanted a combination of top plate and legs other than “THE TABLE”, you had to drill pilot holes in the top plate yourself. With this combination expansion, 1440 types of tables can be easily assembled with only the included hexagonal wrench.
KANADEMONO will continue to work on comprehensive customization that can be combined and continue to support customers’ “just right” life. KANADEMONO table series
[Image 2d45524-31-d740d89a7c73adcd584b-1.jpg&s3=45524-31-ac198b7954ed2c6dc4d35f2c20b1dc56-3900x2601.jpg
The table we provide is simple, so we value the texture of the material. For this reason, we pay close attention to the subtle colors and textures of our products so that the original beauty of the material stands out.
In addition, it is said that “the legs determine the overall impression of the table as much as the tabletop”, so we pay attention to the importance of table legs and offer many tastefully designed metal legs to match the space. I would like to suggest a table that is In addition to tables, we will set up a lineup of sizes that can be ordered, such as low tables, shelves, and benches, and will continue to develop personalized furniture.
“Perfect table diagnosis” that you can intuitively select and easily find in 1 minute
Because the table is the center of life, there are many customers who want to find their favorite. Based on the voices such as “What kind of combination is good” and “I don’t know how to choose”, we started the “perfect table diagnosis” service to find a personalized table. By following the instructions on the page, you can choose the table leg of your favorite design and color and the table top of your favorite material and color, and you can find the perfect table for you in 4 steps.
At this stage, only the “THE TABLE” series is eligible, but in the future we plan to expand to other furniture that can be personalized, such as low tables and shelves.
Diagnosis page https://kanademono.design/pages/table-personalization -Diagnosis page details-
[Image 3d45524-31-aa5ee587175f540c60a6-3.png&s3=45524-31-a5cf838aeb76b67a7f34cb523cce8db0-3900x2136.png
diagnostic top

[Image 4d45524-31-fbec35ca53067395af9f-2.png&s3=45524-31-3a4fedf1abe6bbeef95219007b212cc9-3900x2130.png
STEP1 “Choose the system of table legs”

[Image 5d45524-31-d591e1e2a02c8b87d549-4.png&s3=45524-31-f9cb8fe3a3b519fe6d413e30932c5bbf-3900x2131.png
STEP2 “Choose the shape of the table legs”

[Image 6d45524-31-10388c9d7addc26e6090-5.png&s3=45524-31-72b8e8cb18cc9d5cf5d5b60b1af3c13f-3900x2130.png
STEP 3 “Choose the system of the top plate”

[Image 7d45524-31-472fa7e873e51e1922a7-6.png&s3=45524-31-c7efcbb76624fe25c277d7bee8eba686-3900x2131.png
STEP 4 “Choose the material and color of the top board”

[Image 8d45524-31-42c7562650d6d43e1e0e-7.png&s3=45524-31-cabeb475aa7b76eebf36a177d7f1adc9-3900x2131.png
Combination completed “Your table is here”

A showroom where you can check the actual products
[Image 9d45524-31-20f5c63da3c3bc75899a-8.png&s3=45524-31-218648db10f8237d254bd2a63ee1edc9-2900x965.png
From the left, KANADEMONO BASE, KANADEMONO TOKYO We only sell our products online, but we have a showroom where you can check the actual products offline.
You can feel the ideal space you imagined online on a realistic scale that can only be obtained with the real thing. Enjoy a special time to touch the actual products and increase your creativity.
・KANADEMONO BASE (reservation required)
・KANADEMONO TOKYO (for corporate customers, reservation required) https://kanademono.design/blogs/topics/kanademono-tokyo
・KANADEMONO OSAKA (for corporate customers, reservation required) https://kanademono.design/blogs/topics/kanademono-osaka
[Image 10d45524-31-01e147d78b0460d90e36-9.png&s3=45524-31-2f3abe434118f4091c7e569f3de93f58-706x77.png
Official site https://kanademono.design
“All the furniture is tailored to you.”
KANADEMONO wants to be a catalyst for “playing” individual ideas and personalities while staying close to life. We sell furniture for people who want to take their current lifestyle one step further and be creative on our website.
We will demonstrate our unique strength of “1440 combinations x 1 cm unit size order” and support our customers’ “just right” lifestyles. We specialize in customized orders for products such as tables, and we develop many variations to propose the perfect furniture according to the space and purpose. The top plate is made of wood and functional materials, and not only can you order the width and depth in 1 cm increments, you can also order wiring holes and chamfers, and you can select from over 70 designs for the table legs that can be combined. In addition, the design is minimal and simple, so it can be harmonized with various interior styles. KANADEMONO currently proposes four styles.
-Suggested style-
[Image 11d45524-31-c767a3662106614ef632-10.jpg&s3=45524-31-b632c257cab296b4a7afdd945c131c11-2000x656.jpg
from left
・Neutral minimal taste “Kanademono”
・Luxury modern taste “Gemone”
・”Favrica” ​​with a modern bohemian taste
・Japanese mixed taste “Wabika”
About bydesign Inc.
[Image 12d45524-31-c96aa0b98bf27b1cfdce-11.jpg&s3=45524-31-ac91faccba314926ca84de09a81713de-3000x2000.jpg
Company name: bydesign Co., Ltd.
Representative name: Representative Director Masahiko Takashige Location: 1-9-3 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Established: December 2016
Business: Manufacture and sale of furniture, EC interior service business, space coordination business
Corporate site https://bydesign.co.jp/
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