Kanaflex Corporation Business tie-up with Kanaflex Corporation and Taisei Rotech

Kanaflex Corporation Co., Ltd.
Kanaflex Corporation formed a business alliance with Taisei Rotec. Start for joint development of civil engineering materials,
construction materials, and materials for renewable energy

Construction material manufacturer Kanaflex Corporation (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture; Representative: Shigeki Kanao) and Taisei Rotec Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo;
Representative: Yoshinori Nishida), a major road paving company. On December 30, 2022, we signed a business alliance with the aim of jointly or cooperatively promoting the development of new products for civil engineering materials, construction materials, and materials for renewable energy, as well as the development of new fields. rice field.
(1) Kanacrete civil engineering materials such as Kanacrete floor slabs, and civil engineering pipes and hoses
(2) Canacrete construction materials such as Kanastone
(3) Construction method materials for removing utility poles (4) Kanaslip Construction Method (Materials and Construction Method) (5) Power piping materials for renewable energy (wind power
generation, solar power generation, small hydro power generation, etc.)
(6) Pipeline materials for small hydroelectric power generation [Image 1

Kanacreet Road Bridge Deck National Route 6
■ Background and purpose of the business alliance
Kanaflex Corporation has developed and sold pipes and hoses that support infrastructure, as well as construction methods for
rehabilitating special parts of electric utility tunnels and aging pipelines.
In 2015, we succeeded in developing a completely new material, “Kanacrete (TM)”, a fiber-reinforced lightweight ceramic material that can replace conventional concrete. Although it is lighter than ordinary concrete, it has about three times the bending strength and about twice the compressive strength, and also has excellent heat insulation properties. We have many products such as “Kanacube” for storing soil, “Zero Knock” hand hole for electric facilities, “Kanacrete special part” for electric wire joint trench, Kanacrete floor slab for mud, Kanacrete road bridge slab, etc. We develop and support civil engineering construction and infrastructure in Japan. At the same time, for more than half a century, Taisei Rotec Co., Ltd. has been striving to improve pavement technology with the aim of creating roads that are comfortable for people and environmentally friendly pavement. As an expert in road paving, we are working on the development of social infrastructure such as expressways, general roads, airports, harbors, and streets. In addition, we support the development of cities that are resilient to disasters, such as construction of residential land to create a livable living
environment, and pipeline construction to underground lifelines such as water and sewer pipes and electric wires.
Since most of Japan’s infrastructure was built during the high-growth period, the deterioration of infrastructure is progressing, which is becoming a serious social problem. Over the next 20 years, the percentage of facilities that are over 50 years old is expected to increase at an accelerating rate. In order to solve this aging infrastructure problem, urgent renewal work is necessary.
Kanaflex Corporation has been developing to update infrastructure speedily and at low cost.
Through this business alliance with Taisei Rotec Co., Ltd., we will provide better and superior products more speedily by promoting joint research, development, design, prototyping, commercialization production, and sales.
■ About Taisei Rotec Co., Ltd.
Taisei Rotech Co., Ltd. is a road pavement company of the Taisei Corporation Group established in June 1961.
Road pavement, landscape pavement, parking lot pavement, exterior work, civil engineering work, manufacturing and sales of asphalt mixture, etc.
We are proposing a better urban development that takes the environment into consideration.
-Company Profile-
[Company name] Taisei Rotec Co., Ltd.
[Location of head office] Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower, 8-17-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-6112
[Representative Director] Yoshinori Nishida
[Business description]
1. Design, construction, supervision and consulting of the following construction
(1) Road construction (2) Paving work (3) Waterproofing work (4) Plumbing work (5) Landscaping work (6) Other civil engineering work (7) Other road construction work (8) Construction work
2. Manufacture and sale of construction materials
3. Design, manufacture, sale, repair and rental of construction equipment Four. Planning, construction, ownership, maintenance and operation of roads, airports, water supply and sewerage systems and other public facilities
Five. Management and leasing of sports facilities, commercial facilities such as restaurants, medical care facilities, etc. 6. Processing of industrial waste, manufacture and sale of recycled products 7. Business related to real estate transactions and real estate management 8. Power generation and energy supply business
9. Freight forwarding business
Ten. All businesses related to the preceding items
Established: June 15, 1961
HP: https://www.taiseirotec.co.jp/
■ About Kanaflex Corporation
Kanaflex Corporation is a specialized manufacturer of hoses, pipes and building materials. We develop, manufacture, and sell technologies and building materials that strongly support civil engineering and construction, such as industrial products, electrical construction materials, civil engineering materials, construction materials, and pipe rehabilitation.
We have developed strong and tough high-strength fiber concrete “Kanacrete”, and are currently developing road bridge slabs using Kanacrete and special parts for electric wire utility tunnels for underground electric wires.
* Click here for details on Kanaclete
-Company Profile-
[Company name] Kanaflex Corporation
[Head office location] 17F OAP Tower, 1-8-30 Temmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-6017 [Representative Director] Shigeki Kanao
[Business description]
■Planning, development, manufacturing, and sales of pipes and hoses for industrial products, electrical construction materials, civil engineering materials, and construction material panels, etc. ≪Products developed and sold in each field≫
・Industrial goods/hoses, ducts, home appliance hoses
・Electrical construction materials: Underground protection tubes, indoor wiring conduits, power/communication cable protection tubes, hand holes, etc.
・Civil engineering materials/metal-resin composite drainage pipes, pressure pipes for civil engineering drainage, non-cutting pipe rehabilitation method, road bridge slabs, etc.
・Building materials: natural stone composite panels, next-generation building material panels, etc.
[Established] July 1966
[HP] https://kanaflex.co.jp/
[Image 2d114893-1-6011d54ccce479b2f45d-3.jpg&s3=114893-1-dd804770a5ec7322505c1634510337a4-596x484.jpg
Materials for photovoltaic power generation Canacrete manholes and protection tubes for underground power transmission Kanalex ML [Image 3d114893-1-01b58516c828667f4f9b-1.jpg&s3=114893-1-8443c57316978143a4bd1443a8d85511-1600x900.jpg
KanaSlip construction method for rehabilitating aging pipelines [Image 4d114893-1-8d46b83a3e8be43386eb-0.jpg&s3=114893-1-e0f74c812a34acace51692bb7f999951-1600x900.jpg
Kanacreet Road Bridge Deck Slabs

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