Kao Corporation (news release) Kao exhibits a rare orchid scent reproduced at the Tsukuba Orchid Exhibition-Showcasing the results of research on the unique and diverse orchid scent-

Kao Corporation (news release)
Kao Exhibits a Reproduced Rare Orchid Scent at the Tsukuba Orchid Exhibition -Showcasing the results of research into the unique and diverse orchid scent-

Kao Corporation (President: Yoshihiro Hasebe) The Sensory Science Research Institute focuses on the diversity of orchid scents and conducts joint research with the Independent Administrative
Institution National Museum of Nature and Science Tsukuba Experimental Botanical Garden (hereafter referred to as the Tsukuba Experimental Botanical Garden). This time, we will exhibit the scent of orchids reproduced through joint research at the Tsukuba Orchid Exhibition (Tsukuba Botanical Garden) to be held from January 22 to 29, 2023. Orchidaceae is the plant with the greatest number of species, which made Darwin, who spent his life pursuing the formation of
biodiversity, say, “Nothing has impressed me more than the infinite variation in the structure of orchids.” It is one of the many departments. About 28,000 species have been recorded worldwide so far, and hundreds of new ones are still discovered each year. In addition to the number of species, orchids are often regarded as a symbol of biodiversity due to their variety of colors and shapes, coexistence with a variety of animals and fungi, and their diverse and flexible way of life that defies dryness and darkness. increase. However, about 65% of the orchid species living in Japan are designated as endangered species by the Ministry of the Environment, and there is data that estimates that about a quarter of the species are threatened with extinction on a global scale. is also a plant that symbolizes the fragility of ecosystems.
Focusing on such orchids, Kao is conducting research on the diversity of orchid scents in collaboration with the Tsukuba Experimental Botanical Garden, which has about 3,200 species of living orchids and acts as an international base for orchid conservation. I have done Some of the rare orchid scents reproduced in this research will be exhibited at the Tsukuba Orchid Exhibition held at the Tsukuba Botanical Garden.
Tsukuba Orchid Exhibition Overview
Period: January 22nd (Sun) to January 29th (Sun), 2023
Location: Tsukuba Botanical Garden
Organizer: Tsukuba Botanical Garden
Contents: Exhibition of various wild orchids from around the world, orchid scent experience, illusionary blue orchid exhibition, etc. Kao’s cooperation
  :Reproduced incense of Adenoncos Parviflora, etc., and applied skin care cosmetics exhibition
-Results of research on orchid fragrance by Kao and Tsukuba Botanical Garden- Since 2017, Kao has analyzed the scents of 167 species of orchids (total of 210 individuals) held by the Tsukuba Botanical Garden using the nose of in-house perfumers and the scent using a precision analysis device (gas chromatograph). We investigated using two methods of component analysis, and presented the results online at the 23rd World Orchid Conference (April 23-27, 2021, Taiwan).
Perfumers analyzed 15 types of orchid scents, ranging from citrus-like and floral scents to spicy, gourmand-like, and animalistic scents. It became clear that they could be classified (Fig. 1). In addition, we found that even genetically related species have diverse scents, and that their scents change dynamically with evolution.
[Image 1d70897-245-ac94db7d5a710effb21f-0.jpg&s3=70897-245-2972ec53d9f1642cc87bcc8e9e179c3a-501x441.jpg
In addition, a total of 887 types of aroma components were identified from instrumental analysis. In this analysis, there were a large number of rare aromatic compounds that could only be found in one species of orchid, accounting for 38% (337 components) of the total (Fig. 2). It is said that there are about 300 to 400 types of aromatic components in roses, but more than twice as many components have been confirmed as in roses, which have been studied in detail over many years, and a large proportion of components that are rarely detected are found. was shown.
[Image 2d70897-245-c8754e648bf55d055a4f-1.jpg&s3=70897-245-6097fc8327730b8ee6cc717b4ee27261-578x485.jpg
Although the surveyed species accounted for less than 1% of the world’s species, orchids have far more diverse floral scents than other garden plants. It turns out it doesn’t exist. In addition, many of them have unique and unique scents, and “unexperienced scents” that cannot be imagined from the scent of ordinary flowers have been discovered. I was able to uncover some of the possibilities. Kao will continue to contribute to enriching people’s lives by learning unknown scents from nature and applying those scents to products to create new value. Furthermore, if one orchid becomes extinct, the unique scent unique to the earth will be lost forever. -Application of orchid scent to products-
Kao applies the results of its research to cosmetics and other products, adding color and individuality to the scents of its products.
[Image 3d70897-245-a58e703c6758a3d8b661-2.jpg&s3=70897-245-3cd1a42f7a472cc6e8a312e1f5cb7c5c-1079x523.jpg

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