Kappa Create Co., Ltd. Kappa Sushi “Authentic Ramen Series” Vol. 23, Re-Collaboration with “Sapporo Misono” Introducing a Mellow Bowl of Crab Miso and Hokkaido Miso Rich Double Miso Ramen

Kappa Create Co., Ltd.
Kappa Sushi’s 23rd ‘Authentic Ramen Series’ Collaborates Again with ‘Sapporo Misono’ Introducing a Rich Bowl of Crab Miso and Hokkaido Miso Double Miso Ramen
Sales will start at all Kappa Sushi stores from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday)
Colowide Group Kappa Sushi (Kappa Create Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) will be the 23rd “Authentic Ramen Series” from January 18, 2023 (Wednesday). We will sell the popular “Sapporo Misono” supervised again at all Kappa Sushi stores. [Image 1

Since June 2018, Kappa Sushi has been developing the “Authentic Ramen Series” based on the concept of “Familiar Kappa Sushi with the taste of famous restaurants.” It is a popular series that has been supervised by 18 famous ramen shops so far, and has sold more than 12 million meals*. (*As of December 2022)
The 23rd installment of the “Authentic Ramen Series” is the return of ramen supervised by “Sapporo Misono”, a very popular ramen shop loved in Sapporo, the home of miso ramen. This time, we will sell “Crab Miso and Hokkaido Miso Rich W Miso Ramen”.
[Supervised by Sapporo Miso “Crab miso and Hokkaido miso rich W miso ramen” overview and product details]
・ Sales start date: Wednesday, January 18, 2023
・Stores: All Kappa Sushi stores
・Product information: Rich double miso ramen with crab miso and Hokkaido miso 539 yen (tax included)
* Depending on the weather, arrival status, sales, etc., it may be out of stock or sold out even during the sales period.
*The posted photo is an image.
[Image 2

“Crab miso and Hokkaido miso rich double miso ramen” 539 yen (tax included) “Crab miso and Hokkaido miso rich double miso ramen” is a chicken and pork-based rich miso soup blended with garlic, ginger, and other ingredients to create a rich and flavorful taste. In addition, the oil extracted from “crab” from Hokkaido enhances the aroma and flavor, and it goes well with the extra-thick noodles with a chewy texture. If you mix the toppings of crab miso and crab meat halfway through the soup, you can enjoy the rich aroma and richness of the soup and enjoy the change in taste. It is a bowl that can only be eaten at Kappa Sushi.
At Kappa Sushi, we will continue to focus on creating a store that customers can enjoy, and products that will make them feel more and more delicious.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/18731/table/571_1_15e98c50d33dbca9e7362f46c3f41cc9.jpg ]

About “Sapporo Miso”
[Image 3

The owner, Mr. Naoya Akasaka, originally from Sapporo, trained at Keisuke in Tokyo and returned to Sapporo in 2011 to open the restaurant. While following the classics of authentic Sapporo ramen, we have created a new miso ramen with an attitude of pursuing originality.
The style of Sapporo ramen, which is prepared one by one in a wok, is the result of sophisticated craftsmanship based on a wealth of experience, such as adjusting the heat, the timing of handling the ingredients, and the technique of grilling.
Now, it has spread to nine stores in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Chiba, Ishikawa, Aichi, and Fukuoka, serving authentic Sapporo ramen. (Photo: Miso Specialty Sapporo Misono Teine Main Store)

“Kappa Sea Urchin & Salmon Roe Festival” / Kappa Winter! The recommended story is being held
Kappa Sushi is currently holding the “Kappa Sea Urchin & Salmon Roe Festival” / “Kappa Winter! Top Recommendations”.
[Image 4

For 110 JPY (incl. tax) per piece, we have prepared a [Sea Urchin Wrap] that fills your mouth with a rich sweetness, and a [Salmon Roe Wrap] that is packed with umami and has a chewy texture. Both are recommended items that are limited to eating and drinking in the store.
In addition, there are sea urchin toro wraps and salmon roe wraps that go well with the sweetness of the fatty tuna. luxury
In addition, we have a variety of “sea urchin” and “salmon roe” products such as sushi.
[Image 5

In addition, Kappa Sushi’s recommended winter ingredient is “Nama Kobashira”, which is characterized by its moderate elasticity, crisp texture and sweetness, and the harmony of “Ikura” and “Tarako”. For 110 yen (tax included), you can enjoy pillar salmon roe wraps, raw kobashira cod roe wrapped in perilla, and yamitsuki sesame gari dried sardines topped with torojime mackerel.
As for the natural ingredients, you can enjoy the [Natural Bigeye Tuna Lean] cut at the store and the [Natural Bigeye Tuna Pickled Lean] that has been “pickled” in the original soy sauce, and you can enjoy the fragrant grilled skin and the aroma of the fat.
We offer 3 types of “Natural large seared sea bream with salt”. Overview of “Kappa Uni & Ikura Festival” / “Kappa Winter!
・ Sales period: Scheduled for January 11 (Wednesday) to January 30 (Monday), 2023
・Available at: All Kappa Sushi stores
・URL: https://www.kappasushi.jp/cp/2023/fair01
* Depending on the weather, arrival status, sales, etc., it may be out of stock or sold out even during the sales period.
*The posted photo is an image.
Efforts to ensure safety and security at Kappa Sushi restaurants ■Wearing a mask: Thoroughly enforce the wearing of a mask by all employees Hand washing disinfection: All employees wash their hands and disinfect at least once an hour
Separated guidance: Separate the seats as much as possible to prevent droplets ■ Alcohol installation: Installation of alcohol disinfectant at all stores ■Table sterilization cleaning: Disinfect the table area with a special sterilization cleaning agent.
*We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers, but we appreciate your understanding.
*There are changes in business hours at some stores. For details, please check the Kappa Sushi website.
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