Katagiri Juku Co., Ltd. 3 minutes on foot from Chitose Karasuyama Station Personal gym “Katagiri Juku Chitose Karasuyama store” will open on March 17, 2023!

Katagiri Juku Co., Ltd.
[3 minutes on foot from Chitose-karasuyama Station] Personal gym “Katagiri Juku Chitose-karasuyama store” will open on March 17, 2023! At Chitose-Karasuyama Station, Katagiri Juku, which is a hot topic for its “beautiful diet” that offers personal training that changes your body at a low price, is scheduled to open its 122nd store on March 17th! We have started accepting pre-orders for the first 20 people.
Katagiri Juku Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) operates a personal training gym called “Katagiri Juku,” which is actively contributing to the spread of fitness in the Kanto region, centering on business concepts such as “beautiful diet.” , Representative Director Sho Katagiri) plans to open “Katagiri Juku Chitose Karasuyama Store” at Chitose Karasuyama Station (Address: 5-20-15
Minamikarasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 2nd floor Suzuki Building) on ​​March 17, 2023. ing. The number of Katagiri Juku stores will reach 122 stores (total of direct management and franchise stores) with the opening of the Chitose Karasuyama (FC) store.
About Katagiri Juku
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Katagiri Juku Logo|Two people representing a trainer and a student (two triangles) are working together to achieve a healthy state and an ideal body (red circle). transmitted
Katagiri Juku, a personal training gym, opened its first store in 2018 to carry out the mission of “enriching people’s lives through body management and providing small impressions and foundations so that they can last a lifetime.” I started running a personal gym. At Katagiri Juku, a personal trainer who holds a difficult trainer qualification guides customers, and provides a custom-made training menu according to the customer’s constitution, skeleton, lifestyle rhythm, and goals to be achieved.
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Personal training at Personal Gym Katagiri Juku (from the official website) [Voice of a customer who actually attends]
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGzNv4xc5Nw] Katagirijuku Chitosekarasuyama store information
[Table 4: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/60073/table/123_1_e173f566c609e7fd5678961d10ae9040.jpg ]
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(Example) Personal training at Katagiri Juku
Personal training price guide
[Table 5: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/60073/table/123_2_de86c8f0eb7f22d660813a2fb1ddc8a3.jpg ]
*All prices are displayed including tax.
*At the time of enrollment other than the day of the free trial, the enrollment fee will be 55,000 yen.
*Pair is a plan in which two people can receive personal training together with a family member or friend.
Facility information
◆ Complete private room
◆ Equipped with water server
◆ Free towels, shoes and clothing
◆ Free protein
◆ Thorough measures against corona
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(Example) Interior view of personal gym Katagiri Juku
business hours
Personal Training Gym Katagirijuku Chitosekarasuyama store hours are as follows.
[Table 6: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/60073/table/123_3_d96956c7c68f1959e8deddcc1ec426dc.jpg ]
This is a personal gym that is chosen by this kind of person! Because you can train one-on-one with a top-notch trainer in a completely private room, it is chosen by the following people. ◆ I want to lose weight, but I can’t lose weight by myself
→︎ Training with 2 people on 3 legs
◆ If possible, I want to lose weight “beautifully”
→︎ “The most beautiful diet in the world”
◆ I want to change my body based on scientific knowledge
→︎ Guidance supervised by a physical therapist
◆ I want to build muscle efficiently and in the shortest time →︎ Based on functional anatomy and nutrition
◆ There is an ideal way of building muscles
→︎ “Make your muscles beautiful as much as you want. 』
◆ I want to lose weight and train without worrying about others →︎ Private space
◆ I’m a member of a public gym, but it doesn’t last
→︎ Learning style of going to cram school
◆ Public gyms have indescribable resistance
→︎ Dominate gyms and trainers
◆ I go to a public gym, but I’m worried about corona
[Image 5d60073-123-c1666a1b9fd09303b375-7.jpg&s3=60073-123-72c8c0f7fb69c514d3821ff877fef6c8-1936x1291.jpg
A personal trainer at Katagiri Juku who carefully explains the reasons and basis for each exercise and diet guidance
Complete measures against coronavirus infections.
At Personal Gym Katagiri Juku, we are thoroughly taking measures against coronavirus infections by taking the following measures. There are many people who have stopped going to public gyms on the way and have come to katagiri cram school.
◆ Alcohol disinfection of equipment for each training.
◆ Ventilation every training.
◆ Installation of an air purifier in a personal gym.
◆ Check the temperature of the trainer. Stop going to work when you have a fever or feel unwell.
◆ Thoroughly wash your hands and gargle your trainers.
◆ Wearing a mask during training.
◆ Thorough temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection when customers visit.
[Image 6d60073-123-253ba6b62eb3b0a1513c-4.jpg&s3=60073-123-4d5f17d4870133adfef5dd5616e59783-1920x1081.jpg
Under the corona epidemic, in addition to disinfection and
ventilation, wearing a mask
Aiming for a personal gym that is “cheap but high quality”
Speaking of conventional personal gyms, it was characterized by a high price and a rapid diet in a short period of time such as “-10 kg in 2 months”.
However, such short-term intensive dieting often leads to rebound and can even harm your health.
For this reason, Katagiri Juku has set up a personal training concept of “beautiful diet” and thoroughly focuses on customer service with a long-term perspective. In addition, we have continued to pursue guidance that pays more attention to health than anywhere else, such as conducting regular training under the supervision of a physical therapist.
In addition, in order to achieve a beautiful diet, Katagiri Juku sets the price so that you can continue exercising without difficulty, and offers a one-on-one training service starting from 4,950 yen per lesson, which is the lowest price class in the industry.
In addition, at Katagiri Juku, based on the actual experience of the trainers, “Training with close people is fun”, pair training is prepared in the plan, aiming for more fulfilling personal training. [Image 7d60073-123-96800713459231477e0a-8.png&s3=60073-123-fabf409dd8578c3505b3687a4f66104b-1380x420.png
Price list for personal training at Personal Gym Katagiri Juku (from official handout)
In addition, not only is the price lower than many other gyms, but there is also a device that allows you to continue for a long time by adjusting the monthly fee by adjusting the number of times you go to the gym with a coupon ticket. There are many people who continue to go for more than one year.
[Image 8d60073-123-5881bb8c7affad079f88-2.png&s3=60073-123-baa3f5392b0eae99c191317a77102152-2000x778.png
Price comparison between Katagiri Juku and personal gyms of other companies (from the official website)
In addition, it has gained the support of many customers, including the fact that you can receive guidance in a completely private room from experienced first-class trainers who hold difficult
qualifications, and the fact that we have opened 122 stores in just three years. , you can see the high level of satisfaction with the services of Katagiri Juku.
-Click here to make a reservation for personal training gym Katagiri Juku Chitosekarasuyama store-
Company Profile
[Image 9d60073-123-9411ab3e374ec379a633-5.png&s3=60073-123-b1ae2d93cdcd1fbc5d220ac2e072817f-1701x1701.png
Katagiri Juku Co., Ltd.
Sennishi Shinjuku Building 4F, 4-12-7 Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo ◆ Representative Director: Sho Katagiri
◆ Established: November 2018
◆ Capital: 10 million yen
◆ Trademark: Katagiri Juku
◆ HP: https://katagirijuku.jp

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