Kawanishi City Kawanishi City Three special prizes for the art festival “Kawanishi City Exhibition” decided

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[Kawanishi City] Three special prizes for the art festival “Kawanishi City Exhibition” have been decided
Selected works will be exhibited at Kisera Kawanishi Plaza from Tuesday, January 31 to Saturday, February 4.

On January 24th, three special prizes were awarded for the “Kawanishi City Exhibition” (sponsored by Kawanishi City), where works exhibited from inside and outside the city were gathered. The Aoki Award (Mayor’s Award) was given to “Lu Choqing Poetry” (Book), the Hiramichi Award (Chairman’s Award) was given to “Miyama of Miyuki” (Japanese painting), and the Kawanishi City Art Association Award was given to “Rope” (Photo). . Five judges, including Kawanishi City Mayor Kenjiro Koshida and City Council Chairman Hirohiro Nishiyama, made the selection. Selected works, including the above three works, will be exhibited free of charge at Kisera Kawanishi Plaza from January 31st to February 4th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (last day at 3:00 pm). [Image 1d98199-99-ae2aecbf9cd9be90d9b2-0.jpg&s3=98199-99-8b58da07188c151b2b5eb9f874a3c655-2836x1893.jpg
Aoki Prize
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Hiramichi Award
[Image 3d98199-99-ff21b11b78d4157814fc-2.jpg&s3=98199-99-b479b77a97b615ed4629af5ed600ea80-2950x1969.jpg
Kawanishi City Art Association Award
This year will be the 31st time the exhibition will be held. Artworks are solicited from both inside and outside the city, and the winning works are exhibited. This year, 256 works were collected from the seven categories of Western painting, Japanese painting, calligraphy, sculpture/three-dimensional modeling, crafts, photography, and contemporary art. Of these, 193 works were selected, and from among the winning works, a total of 21 works from 1st to 3rd place in each category and 43 works for the Encouragement Prize were selected. In addition, a special prize will be selected from seven works with one seat in each category. The judges who were in charge of the selection exchanged opinions on the technical ability and
expressiveness of each work, and decided on three works.
The Aoki Prize went to the calligraphy category for “Ryu Chōkei Poetry” (Wada Soka, age 74), and the Hiramichi Prize went to the Japanese painting category for “Miyuki no Miyama.” Settsunomiya” (Fumio Masuda, 78 years old), and “Rope” (Tsutomu Miyoshi, 76 years old) was selected from the photography category for the Kawanishi City Art Association Award.
Souka Wada, winner of the Aoki Prize, said, “I am very happy to receive this award. I would like to go,” he said. A commentary video will be released at the exhibition venue, and will also be distributed on the official YouTube channel of the city.
In addition, a special exhibition will be held at Gallery Kawanishi (Sakae-cho, Kawanishi City) from February 8 (Wednesday) to 13 (Monday). We plan to exhibit the 1st to 3rd prize winners of each category and the 2 winners of the 1st prize winner in 2012.
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