Kawasaki Motors Japan Co., Ltd. Kawasaki supports off-road debut “KAZE Off-road Riding School in Saitama Off-road Village” holding information

Kawasaki Motors Japan Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki supports off-road debut “KAZE Off-road Riding School in Saitama Off-road Village” holding information
Riding school for off-road entry users

Kawasaki Motors Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Hideko Kirino) will hold “KAZE Off-Road Riding School in Saitama Off-Road Village (Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture) on Sunday, March 19th. Saitama Off-Road Village” will be held.
https://www.kawasaki-motors.com/event/EventInfo?seq=4217&contents=1&year_select=2023&month_select=03 [Image 1d28066-412-d7db42115f710b6f1bae-3.jpg&s3=28066-412-b485730274cf70434c1c2018d2b02845-800x600.jpg
2022 KAZE Off-road Riding School in Riders Park Ikoma
KAZE Off-Road Riding School in Saitama Off-Road Village
If you recently bought an off-road bike and have just started off-road riding, or if you have just started off-road riding, or if you have been riding an off-road bike for the first time in a long time and want to ride an off-road bike, please join KAZE Off-road Riding School. In this school for “complete beginners”, you will carefully practice the basics necessary for off-road riding, from preparation and basic posture before riding a motorcycle to cornering and standing.
The instructors who can teach this time are Saijo, Kamoda, Sano, and IB OPEN class Hiratsuka, who are participating in the All Japan Motocross IA2 class.
◆ Instructor
・ Yuto Saijo All Japan MX IA2 class (affiliated with Pure Tech Racing) ・Sho Kamota Player All Japan MX IA2 class (affiliated with BLITZ) · Yuta Sano player All Japan MX IA2 class (belonging to junior riders) ・ Go Hiratsuka player All Japan MX IB OPEN class (affiliated with Johoku Riders with 634MX)
Why don’t you take this opportunity to try off-road driving? Overview of the event
Date: Sunday, March 19, 2023
(Morning session: 8:00 reception start – 12:00 end, Afternoon session: 12:00 reception start – 16:00 end)
*Time schedule is subject to change.
● Location: Off-Road Village 295-5 Nakaobukuro, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture Organized by: SKYWALKER Co., Ltd.
● Cooperation: Kawasaki Rider Scrub KAZE
: Kawasaki off-road entry shop
: West Point Clubhouse
● Participation fee: 1. KAZE member: 5,500 yen (tax included) 2. General (non-KAZE member): 11,000 yen (tax included)
Recruitment capacity: 1. Morning section ⇒ 15 people, 2. Afternoon section ⇒ 15 people
●Event page: https://www.kawasaki-motors.com/event/EventInfo?seq=4217&contents=1&year_select=2023&month_select=03 ●Vehicles that can participate: Off-road models, regardless of engine displacement.
(Participation with numbered models such as KLX230 and KLX125 is also possible) * However, due to consideration for the neighborhood, the venue has a volume regulation of 94 decibels or less.
Please be careful if you have modified or replaced the muffler on a domestic commercial off-road bike, or if you are bringing a
motocrosser or a foreign manufacturer’s vehicle. For details, please contact Offroad Village (Phone: 049-226-4141) in advance.
●Others: Please check the PDF file posted on the event page for details such as application, required equipment, vehicle/equipment rental, etc.
[Image 2d28066-412-f0e9770a130afee42a91-6.jpg&s3=28066-412-f76acac693ecc213158675b4c9d358b2-3900x2925.jpg
*The image used in this release was held at “Rider Spark Ikoma (Daito City, Osaka Prefecture)” in November 2022.

About application
[Image 3d28066-412-ee9c9789ca4390e2e8e8-9.png&s3=28066-412-06e12df420f5c54d47e3ec30a4ffcff4-1272x889.png
Please apply from the event information page on the Kawasaki Motors Japan official website to the application site (Motasuponet). Event information page URL:
https://www.kawasaki-motors.com/event/EventInfo?seq=4217&contents=1&year_select=2023&month_select=03 Kawasaki rider scrub KAZE
[Image 4d28066-412-1c3644fcd3611b21185b-4.jpg&s3=28066-412-9391e57fb80251ed8a4ee9109b8b71e3-829x333.jpg
For Kawasaki users, we support the members’ Kawasaki life by disseminating various information such as outdoor sports, touring, product information, riding know-how, and event information. (This is a user club limited to Japan.)
Off-road entry shop
[Image 5d28066-412-1a0a3bb5539e25243d16-5.png&s3=28066-412-381e715c729aa0e789508b85f0cbbd00-195x195.png
“Off-road entry shop” that delivers the fun of off-road to a wide range of customers, mainly entry users. The handling model will be Kawasaki’s “off-road competition model”, and we will propose and support a new motorcycle life.
“Off-road entry shop” 4 points
・Dissemination of the attractiveness of off-road
・Consultation desk for customers who are about to start off-roading ・Advice and support for customers who want to step up
・Holding events that can be enjoyed using off-road models and information on races in which you can participate
Off-road entry shop page URL:
Company Profile
Company name: Kawasaki Motors Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-1 Kawasaki-cho, Akashi City, Hyogo Prefecture 673-8666 President and Representative Director: Hideko Kirino
Established: December 15, 1953
Kawasaki Motors Japan Official Website
URL: https://www.kawasaki-motors.com/
Kawasaki Motors Japan Official SNS Account
Twitter: https://twitter.com/kawasaki_jpn
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kawasaki.Motors.Japan
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Kawasaki_JPN
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kawasaki_motors_japan/
LINE: https://lin.ee/W4VsNNe
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