Kayaba Corporation Developed CVT vane pump for Kayaba medium-sized passenger cars

Kayaba Co., Ltd.
Developed CVT vane pump for Kayaba medium-sized passenger car (Product weight -30% lighter, drive torque -10% quieter)

Kayaba (KYB) is pleased to announce that it has developed and mass-produced a vane pump for CVT*1) for JATCO’s medium-sized passenger cars.
In response to the CVT concept of “dramatic evolution of environmental performance and driving performance” advocated by JATCO Ltd., this product has achieved a significant reduction in size, weight, friction, and quietness compared to conventional products.
In addition, we have built a global supply system that meets market needs, with production in Japan, China, and Mexico.
Note 1) Continuously Variable Transmission

External view of JATCO CVT_Kayaba vane pump (installed inside the unit located inside the red frame of the CVT)
Regarding the reduction in size and weight, we have reduced the product weight by 30% by reviewing the component parts, changing the material of some parts from cast iron to aluminum, and reducing the number of parts. In addition to reducing drive torque by 10% by optimizing the amount of work of the pump and improving suction of hydraulic oil, quietness has been improved by improving noise. These improvements contribute to improving the environmental performance of vehicles.
For details, please refer to “Kayaba Technical Report No. 65”. http://www.kyb.co.jp/technical_report/data/no65j/product-introduction.pdf

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