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Kazokutei Co., Ltd. Kazokutei, a soba and Japanese cuisine production area fair “Kyushu, Goto, Iki, Tanegashima island tour” will be held from February 1st

Kazokutei Co., Ltd.
Kazokutei Soba and Japanese Cuisine Production Area Fair “Kyushu Goto, Iki, Tanegashima Island Tour” will be held from February 1st
~ Red sea bream from Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture and tempura soba with Kyushu vegetables, chicken nanban set with Hanami chicken from Kyushu, Agodashi Goto udon with Kyushu vegetables, etc.
From February 1st to March 31st, we will be selling products that allow you to taste ingredients from Kyushu for a limited time. ~ Dear members of the press,
January 30, 2023
《Kazokutei Co., Ltd.》
From February 1, 2023 (Wednesday), 8 brands, including “Kazokutei” and “Kashunan” operated by Kazokutei Co., Ltd., will hold the “Kyushu Goto/Iki/Tanegashima Island Tour” as a production area fair. I will. The Kyushu region has islands of various sizes, and one of the attractions is the ingredients that can be harvested on each island and the food culture that is unique to each island. At Kazokutei, we have prepared a menu that uses ingredients and food culture from the Kyushu region, mainly from the Goto Islands, Iki, and Tanegashima. Tanegashima island hopping trip” will be held. Broccoli from Goto, Anno potatoes from Tanegashima, red sea bream from Amakusa in Kumamoto Prefecture, Shiraishi lotus root from Saga Prefecture, radish from Fukuoka Prefecture, tempura soba and tendon with carino kale, and Hanamidori from Kyushu. It is a fair where you can fully enjoy the attractive ingredients of the Kyushu region, such as chicken nanban using , and menus using “Goto Udon” produced in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture. Please take this opportunity to enjoy the “Kyushu, Goto, Iki, Tanegashima island tour” at Kazokutei.
[Image 1d102185-14-7d33b53f059c75f225ef-0.jpg&s3=102185-14-d5c188b7bd1e4d0d40c3811e4645e7bf-3900x2755.jpg
*Some products may not be available at sales stores.

[Image 2d102185-14-a6b336230758fbe293c0-1.jpg&s3=102185-14-a3543c20b297e3de74b38b179edd56f4-2664x1775.jpg
● Red sea bream from Amakusa, Kumamoto prefecture and Kyushu vegetables tempura zaru soba ●
Tempura made with 6 kinds of Kyushu ingredients. “Red sea bream” from Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture, “broccoli” cultivated in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture using camellia oil cake and seawater from the islands, “Anno potato” grown in the mineral-rich soil of Tanegashima, and “Shiraishi lotus root” from the Kyushu region. ”, “Radish”, and “Curry No Kale”.
[Image 3d102185-14-4d95f7928237b76dc14d-2.jpg&s3=102185-14-dd51c63127d55aab1078f4fc1f48d591-3144x2096.jpg
●Kyushu Vegetable Agodashi Goto Udon and Hakata Mentaiko Rice Set● Goto Udon, which is produced in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture, uses camellia oil extracted from camellias to prevent the noodles from sticking to each other during the process of stretching the dough. We have prepared the goto udon with a thick sauce, using agodashi and Kyushu vegetables.
[Image 4d102185-14-a754bcd3612a2d5977a4-3.jpg&s3=102185-14-08aea6ff85df4765ccf03726fbfa6f59-1754x1241.jpg
●Souvenirs from the Kyushu region are also available at the register● “Mentai Takana” with plenty of mentaiko, “Kokuto Mame” with fragrantly roasted peanuts mixed with Tanegashima’s handmade brown sugar, “Turban Kabosu” with the scent of Kabosu and honey added to the kernels of Natsumikan, etc. We have prepared 5 types of souvenirs: “Iki Umeshioame” and “Shiawase Cruz” from Nagasaki. We have products that allow you to enjoy the feeling of traveling in Kyushu even at home.

*Some products may not be available at sales stores.
◯ Title: Kyushu Goto, Iki, Tanegashima island hopping trip
◯ Sales period: February 1, 2023 (Wednesday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) ◯ List of products for sale (partial excerpt)
・Red sea bream from Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture and Kyushu vegetables tempura soba and udon noodles (1,350 yen including tax)
・Kumamoto Prefecture Amakusa red sea bream and Kyushu vegetables tempura bowl set 1,280 yen including tax
・Kyushu vegetable salad soba/udon (1,250 yen including tax)
・Kyushu Vegetable Agodashi Goto Udon and Hakata Mentaiko Rice Set (1,350 yen including tax)
・Hanamidori Chicken Nanban Set (1,430 yen including tax)
・Sobachoko parfait with Tanegashima Anno potato gelato and buckwheat ice cream (480 yen including tax)
・Tanegashima Anno Potato Gelato 380 yen including tax
・Mentai Takana (350 yen including tax)
・Kokuto beans (200 yen including tax)
・ Round Kabosu (160 yen including tax)
・Iki Plum Salt Candy (250 yen including tax)
・Shiawase Cruz (420 yen including tax)
〇 Sales store
“Kazokutei”, “Kashunan”, “Samboan”, “Sobashun”, “Sobasai”, “Nobuya”, “Udon nou”, and “Udon no Uta” stores nationwide
*Excluding Kazokutei Sapporo, Kazokuan Ario Sapporo, Kazokuan Surugawan Numazu SA, and Kazokuan Totsuka
*Some stores may not carry some products or have different prices. *Sales may end without notice due to stock availability and weather. *Since the store handles soba, please refrain from eating and drinking if you are allergic to soba.
*Udon Nou and Udon Poetry stores sell udon instead of soba.
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