KDDI Agile Development Center Co., Ltd. opened bases in Maizuru City and Mishima City at the same time.

KDDI Agile Development Center Inc.
KDDI Agile Development Center Co., Ltd. opened bases in Maizuru City and Mishima City at the same time.
Creation of employment from the perspective of regional development, development of DX human resources and promotion of workation
On January 20, 2023, KDDI Agile Development Center Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Keiichi Kogure, hereinafter referred to as KAG) established Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture (Maizuru Red Brick Park) and Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Work :well Mishima) at the same time.
■ Purpose of opening the base
〇 Creation of employment from the perspective of regional development By creating a base where working people and students who tend to move to big cities in search of work places can work in rural areas, we will create employment including I-turn and U-turn. KAG has introduced a full telework system, allowing employees to choose a more flexible work style.
In addition, we will promote local KAG employees to engage in work that can contribute to the local community by tackling municipal government issues.
○ Development of DX human resources
We plan to provide the curriculum necessary for DX engineer human resource development in cooperation with related institutions of the city, universities and technical colleges. In addition to simply passing on knowledge, we will also share the process of voluntarily growing as a world-class DX engineer to support working people and students. Furthermore, we will contribute to the development of IT technology in the region through events such as internships and hackathons.
○Utilization as a workation facility
In order to create innovative ideas and improve productivity, it is important for employees to work while being refreshed. Both facilities will be used as workation bases that balance work and vacation, which has been booming recently. In addition, spending time in unfamiliar lands and experiencing new experiences will contribute to the growth of both humanity and abilities.
■Kyoto prefecture’s efforts with Maizuru city
On December 19, 2018, KDDI signed a three-party agreement with Maizuru City and Maizuru National Institute of Technology, Maizuru National College of Technology, aiming to revitalize the region. and smart fishing, and this time, KAG and Maizuru City will sign a memorandum of understanding on regional activities in a form that develops it. [Image 1d115171-2-0159265212c08e325401-0.jpg&s3=115171-2-9aea58de38a13e29eb2e41a2377b8837-1896x613.jpg
■ Shizuoka Prefecture About our efforts with Mishima City
KAG has been selected for the “workation promotion project (model demonstration project by companies and regions)” promoted by the Japan Tourism Agency, and has been conducting workation demonstration experiments (3 times in total) with Mishima City since October 2022. Along with the opening of the base, KAG and Mishima City will conclude a memorandum of understanding regarding regional activities. [Image 2d115171-2-87d93b27b5f2a656e938-1.jpg&s3=115171-2-6db155933ed8d4346a149a68b555cc97-1896x680.jpg
■ Contact information
For more information on this matter, please contact us below.
■Outline of KDDI Agile Development Center, Inc.
Company name: KDDI Agile Development Center Inc.
Main business: Agile development business and maintenance business Date of establishment: May 12, 2022
Head office location: 2-10-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Keiichi Kogure
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