KDDI Evolva Chiba Prefecture’s first BCP seen in Urayasu City -Remote disaster call center prepared to protect citizens-Educate and train operators during normal times, cost-minimized operation during natural disasters

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Chiba Prefecture’s first BCP seen in Urayasu City ~“Remote disaster call center” prepared to protect citizens ~Cost-minimized operation that trains and trains operators during normal times and operates in the event of a natural disaster

KDDI Evolva Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Hajime Wakatsuki, hereinafter referred to as KDDI Evolva) has announced the case of the “Disaster Call Center”, a BCP and disaster countermeasure counter in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as Urayasu City). rice field.
Local governments across the country are reviewing local disaster prevention plans to create disaster-resilient towns, including facilities and environments to protect the lives, bodies, and property of citizens from natural disasters, dissemination of disaster prevention information, and devising drills. is being strengthened. One of them is to provide citizens with accurate information when a natural disaster occurs (hereafter referred to as “disaster”) and to respond to inquiries from citizens who are concentrated at local government offices.
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●Urayasu City Disaster Call Center Example:
In 2019, Urayasu City opened a “Disaster Call Center,” a contact point that distributes contact points and reliably delivers information to citizens in a remote area away from Urayasu City, the site of the disaster, based on the experience of an overcrowded inquiry after the Great East Japan Earthquake. was established in Okinawa Prefecture on In the event of a disaster, Urayasu City’s disaster prevention and BCP functions as a function to provide citizens with various information such as damage, evacuation, medical and relief information,
restoration status of infrastructure and transportation, food and beverages, waste disposal methods, etc., and to respond to inquiries. incorporated into countermeasures.
Chiba Prefecture’s first “Disaster Call Center” in Urayasu City regularly conducts operator training and line expansion training aimed at linking disaster prevention information during normal times. Headquarters decides to operate based on the damage situation in the city. Urgent inquiries will be handled by Urayasu City, while non-urgent inquiries and information will be handled by Okinawa’s Disaster Call Center. While maintaining cost-saving operation by keeping the system out of service during normal times, we are prepared for unpredictable natural disasters that may occur anytime and anywhere.
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In the case study, through an interview with the person in charge of regional disaster prevention in the Crisis Management Division of Urayasu City, we learned from the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake and how the “Disaster Call Center” was introduced. We are reporting the real response to the large typhoon (No. 19) and the voices of the citizens.
Examples include “BCP measures to disperse risk”, “Establishment of a dedicated disaster call center”, and “Establishment of systems and approach methods for operations in the event of a disaster”, which are useful examples for formulating regional disaster prevention plans. Please take advantage of it.
● Urayasu City Disaster Call Center Case Download:
■ About emergency contact center services
The “Disaster Call Center” introduced by Urayasu City is an “Emergency Contact Center Service” provided by KDDI Evolva. We will promptly set up and operate a contact point in the event of an emergency, such as disaster response, recall of services or products, or security incidents such as information leaks.
For BCP and natural disaster countermeasures, after confirming the requirements including costs, sorting out functions that should be continued, functions that require immediate recovery, and functions that occur temporarily, we will prepare for “just in case” like insurance. We propose a service that will become From our 40 centers nationwide, at remote locations that are not affected by the same disaster, we build an environment that meets your requirements, formulate operation rules, provide operator education, and provide operations in preparation for a disaster.
●Service details: KDDI Evolva will continue to protect the safety of Urayasu citizens, deliver accurate information that is useful for actions toward recovery, and support safe and secure lives. We aim to realize two types of customer success: “contributing to the core business of client companies.”
Urayasu City Official Website “Disaster Prevention” Information: Urayasu City Disaster Call Center Example:
Emergency Contact Center Case:
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