Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd. “Working vehicle large gathering! Kids Park Tamado Festival 2023” will be held! ~”See”, “Touch”, and “Experience”~

Keio Corporation
“Working vehicle large gathering! Kids Park Tamado Festival 2023″ will be held! ~”See”, “Touch”, and “Experience”~
Sunday, January 29, 10:00-15:00

Keio Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tama City, Tokyo, President: Satoshi Tomura) will hold a large gathering of working vehicles in the “Kids Park Tamado” area on Sunday, January 29! Kids Park Tamado Festival 2023 “It will be held.
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This project, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Police
Department, the Tokyo Fire Department, the Ministry of Defense Self-Defense Forces, Hino City Hall, Keio Electric Railway Bus Co., Ltd., and Keio Bus Co., Ltd., is a fun way for families to “see,” “touch,” and “experience.” Under the theme of “disaster prevention enlightenment”, “vehicle exhibition of working vehicles”, “experience meeting at the booth”, etc. will be held. The purpose of this event is to further revitalize the “Tamado Area” and contribute to the sustainable development of the region through excursions to “Keio Rail Land” and “Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG”. .
Keio Electric Railway calls the three facilities “Keio Rail Land”, “Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG”, and “Tama Zoological Park” in the Tama Dobutsu Koen Station area “Kids Park Tamadou”, which can be enjoyed by parents and children. Various measures have been taken in the area. In the future, we will continue to deliver measures that can be enjoyed throughout the entire area.
The details are as follows.
About “Working Vehicles! Kids Park Tamado Festival 2023”
1. date and time
January 29th (Sun) 10:00-15:00
*Cancelled in case of rain, stormy weather, snowfall, etc. Also, each event and experience will be changed or canceled without notice. may stop
2. venue
・Tama Zoological Park No. 2 parking lot (vehicle exhibition/various experience areas)
・Tama Zoological Park Station Plaza (character greeting, thug-handling course, kitchen car)
3. content
(1) Vehicle display
“VR Disaster Prevention Experience Vehicle”, “Ladder Truck”, “Pump Truck”, “Ambulance”, “Police Car”, “Blue Patrol”, “White Bike” “Highway bus”, “fuel cell bus (hydrogen bus)”, etc.
[Image 2d22856-805-5103c5ae4987ca513d04-1.png&s3=22856-805-fdad45e28a942f04f280ce89a7984e3d-1391x580.png
(2) VR experience
・Tokyo Fire Department VR Disaster Prevention Experience Vehicle *Elementary school students and older
・ VR experience “tank ride” “parachute drop” at the Self-Defense Forces booth (3) Uniform try-on experience
・Experience trying on children’s uniforms of the Metropolitan Police Department, Tokyo Fire Department, and Ministry of Defense
Self-Defense Forces
(4) Character greeting
・Character greeting with Kyuta, Pipo, Keita, and Hagu
“11:00~” “13:00~” “14:00~” 3 times in total, 30 minutes each *In the event of rain, the event will be held at the Halle Land Outdoor Exhibition Hall.
(5) Others
・For those who come to the event venue on the day of the event, one free ticket for Keio Railland mini train (separate admission fee will be charged) and a 100 yen discount ticket for adult admission to Keio Asobi no Mori HUGHUG present
4. Customer contact information
Keio Customer Center TEL.042-357-6161 (9:00-18:00)
that’s all

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