Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo Co., Ltd. Propose a new way to spend your time-“Introduction to Leather & bar” to enjoy adult time-

Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo Co., Ltd.
Proposing a new way to spend your time-“Introduction to Leather & bar” to enjoy adult time-
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo × Kaban Itagaki First collaboration project
Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo has tied up with Itagaki Co., Ltd. and will hold a collaboration project on Saturday, February 25th: “Introduction to Leather & Bar” for enjoying adult time.
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Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo (Sapporo, Hokkaido; Representative Director: Junhisa Ikeda: is Itagaki Co., Ltd. (Akabira, Hokkaido; Representative: Emi Itagaki:
https://www.itagaki., and on Saturday, February 25, we will hold a collaboration project-“Introduction to Leather & bar” to enjoy adult time.
An event where you can experience the production of tannin-tanned leather items that increase in color and luster the more you use them, and the creation of your own “ultimate” gin and tonic, and enjoy spending time with the “real thing” filled with the commitment of craftsmen and bartenders. am. We planned this as an entry event for customers who feel that the threshold is high due to the high-class atmosphere and prices, so that they can feel more familiar with tannin leather items and the hotel’s authentic bar.
The first collaboration with “bag tagaki”
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Since its founding in 1982, Itagaki, which runs a bag workshop in Akabira City, Hokkaido, has been particular about “tannin-tanned leather” and continues to make bags with the handiwork of craftsmen. The presence and texture of the product, which takes time to complete, is irreplaceable, and it contains the joy of owning the real thing and the sincerity of craftsmen who aim to “make bags that last a lifetime.”
In 2022, we were asked to collaborate with companies celebrating their 40th anniversary, and this event came to fruition.
Tannin leather and authentic bar that are easy to feel high threshold For the next-generation customers (20s and 30s), tannin leather items and authentic bars tend to be avoided because of their high-class and stately atmosphere and prices. Therefore, I wanted to lower the psychological hurdles by holding an event that conveys knowledge about leather and bars and how to enjoy them in an easy-to-understand and polite manner, and by holding an event where you can actually experience the “real thing” with professional skills.
Event overview

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Reservation acceptance: January 16 (Mon)-February 20 (Mon), 2023 Itagaki Co., Ltd. (bag tagaki)
・ Telephone (representative): 0125-32-0525 (Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00) ・ E-mail: Please apply from the form at the following URL
*Customers under the age of 20 are not allowed to participate as there will be sake tasting.
*Introduction to leather and introduction to bar are divided into the first half and the second half, and five people each experience. *Details of the event can be found below.
[Program 1.] Introduction to leather
“Leather item introductory course”
Feel the “skill” of a craftsman (hand sewing demonstration)
Experience: Production of tannin leather “bottle tag” that can be used at a bar *You can choose 1 type of bottle tag from 5 colors.
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You can choose from five colors: black, dark, camel, moss green, and Bordeaux (wine red).
-Lecturer Minoru Hashimoto-
23 years of craftsmanship, Sewing Section Technical Quality Manager. From bags to small items, he is also in charge of product development. We will tell you about “the charm of tannin leather”, “difference from chrome tanned leather” and “how to deal with leather products in everyday life” in a soft spoken tone.
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[Program 2.] Introduction to bars
“Bar/Cocktail Introductory Course”
Feel the bartender’s “skill” (tasting the standard cocktail finished by manager Otsuka)
Experience: “Making the only gin and tonic in the world”
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– Lecturer Shinichiro Otsuka –
Main Bar – Cross Vault – Manager. Winner of the HBA/MHD co-sponsored cocktail competition (2007) and many other Grand Prix winners. With knowledge from many years of experience and a spirit of hospitality, we will convey the charm of the bar in an easy-to-understand and fun way.
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Main Bar -Cross Vault-
As the main bar of Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo, we offer original cocktails that make the most of Hokkaido’s individuality, as well as a wide variety of sake from around the world, including domestic whiskey. The arched ceiling using the cross vault, which is a medieval architectural style, draws attention and is a relaxing space that envelops you.
After the event, you can spend your adult time in the store to your heart’s content.
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Bag Itagaki x Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo Collaboration Project (comments from each company)
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