Kenedix and Axel Lab form a capital and business alliance Expansion of the smart home domain, aiming to furthe r improve the safety and convenience of rental detached houses

Accel Lab Co., Ltd.
Kenedix and Axel Lab form a capital and business alliance Expansion of the smart home area, aiming to further improve the safety and convenience of rental detached houses
– Business expansion of new rental detached house “Kolet” and smart home service “SpaceCore” –

Kenedix, Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Daisuke Miyajima; hereinafter referred to as “Kenedix”), one of the largest real estate asset management companies in Japan, and Axel Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director) : Manabu Kogure, hereinafter “Accel Lab”) is pleased to announce that it has signed a capital and business alliance agreement.

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“Kolet” Fujimidai exterior
(Equipped with delivery boxes and IoT gateways that can be operated with a smartphone app)
■ Aim of the capital and business alliance
In August 2021, Kenedix launched a fund that invests in newly built rental detached houses “Kolet” located in Tokyo and three prefectures as a new area initiative in the asset management business. Since the start of operation, “Kolet” has introduced the smart home service “SpaceCore” provided by Accel Labs to all properties in order to promote DX (Digital Transformation) and improve UX (User Experience). doing. IoT housing equipment and smart home appliances, such as remote-operable electric locks and smart home delivery boxes, will improve the convenience of daily life, while home cameras will be used to monitor family members and pets, and sensors will be used for home security. You can also use
This initiative has been well received for improving the convenience of living, and combined with the growing need for suburban rental detached houses due to the corona crisis, as of December 31, 2022, the total number of “Kolet” units has expanded to 1,264 units (all newly built properties). We have achieved our goal of 1,000 units invested in total by 2022.
Through this capital and business alliance, both companies will aim to further expand the smart home domain in order to realize the same safety and convenience as condominiums in rental detached houses in the efforts of both companies centered on the rental detached house business.
■ Future prospects
“SpaceCore” is a cloud-based software service necessary for
controlling and operating IoT devices in smart homes.In the future, we will consider using it not only for “Kolet” but also for real estate properties managed and operated by the Kenedix Group.
■ Comments from the person in charge
Kenedix, Inc. Strategic Investment Headquarters Fourth Investment Manager Yu Ichikawa
Until now, rental housing in the Japanese housing market has been limited to collective housing such as condominiums. In order to popularize rental detached houses, which are still unfamiliar to consumers, add value different from general rental condominiums so that the option of “renting a detached house” does not fall behind condominiums. As a result, we wanted to improve the convenience and satisfaction of residents, and we have been providing smart home services to Accel Labs since the start of “Kolet”. We are very pleased to have entered into a capital and business alliance with Accel Labs this time, and to have received further commitment to further improve the convenience of living for the residents of “Kolet”. In the future, we will consider not only installing IoT devices, but also using “SpaceCore” to provide various services to residents. In a world where revolutionary changes are taking place in all fields, such as work styles, communications, transportation, and shopping, we believe that the needs of people in their daily lives are constantly changing. Under close cooperation with , we will continue to anticipate lifestyle updates and promote further improvements in convenience for residents of “Kolet”.
Accel Lab Co., Ltd. Director and COO Daisuke Udagawa
Axel Lab started full-scale business with Kenedix with “Kolet”, and Kenedix will be one of the most important partner companies to develop a new market for rental detached houses. In the future, we will continue to deepen our collaboration with “Kolet”, and we are currently discussing cooperation with Kenedix Group companies, and we are positioning Accel Lab as a partner that will grow. By entering into a capital and business alliance with Kenedix, we believe that synergies on the business side will be wide-ranging. It is also very reassuring to have your support for Accel Labs as a shareholder. In the future, we will continue to select IoT devices and develop new functions that suit all businesses of the Kenedix Group.
■About “Kolet” (URL:
Kolet, a rental house that rents newly built detached houses, has become more spacious and spacious, with the number of rooms, etc. It was born in response to the trend that changed to values ​​that emphasize a certain house. In addition, “Kolet” provides new wooden rental housing that has less environmental impact at the time of construction than steel frame or reinforced concrete construction, and it is a house that uses virtually 100% renewable energy using non-fossil certificates. We are working to expand the supply of sustainable real estate.
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・ “Kolet” website:
・ Properties currently recruiting:
-Kolet brand concept movie:
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■About “SpaceCore” (URL:
“Kolet” has introduced the smart home service “SpaceCore” provided by Accel Lab Co., Ltd., which improves the convenience of life with IoT housing equipment and smart home appliances such as remote-controlled electric locks and smart delivery boxes. is realized.
[Image 5d33770-90-7f109e604bac17b97062-4.png&s3=33770-90-8188728fddb27a2fd962798f3840c54f-2225x490.png
[Image 6d33770-90-9cad63fb6730897b6054-5.jpg&s3=33770-90-6be6c71afabbcdaa1d5fd05f6d61bc9d-1522x832.jpg
Deployment devices may vary slightly from property to property. that’s all
■ Overview of Kenedix, Inc.
Representative: Daisuke Miyajima, President and Representative Director Established: April 1995
Location: 2-1-6 Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
Business: Asset management business, real estate related business, real estate investment business, etc.
Established in 1995, Kenedix entered the real estate asset management business in earnest in 1999 and has since expanded its business. Our asset management business, which began with the management of private real estate funds, has expanded to include the management of multiple J-REITs, and has now expanded to include long-term core funds. AUM). In recent years, we have also been actively working on new areas created by technological innovation such as crowdfunding and real estate security tokens.
■ Accel Lab Co., Ltd. Overview
Representative: Representative Director Manabu Kogure
Established: July 2017
Location: 18th floor, JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022
Business description: Planning, development, operation, and provision of IoT engine “alie+” and smart home service “SpaceCore”
Accel Lab was established in 2017 as the smart home business of investment condominium development company Invalance Co., Ltd. became independent*. From 2019, we will start providing the smart home service “SpaceCore”, and from 2022, we will commercialize the in-house developed IoT engine “alie+”, which is the original technology of SpaceCore. We have also started providing services to areas other than real estate. As of December 2022, we have transactions with over 250 companies.
*In 2020, the capital relationship with Invalance Co., Ltd. was dissolved.

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