Kewpie Fiscal 2022 Food Education Activities Summary

Kewpie Corporation
FY2022 Shokuiku Activities Summary
Resuming face-to-face tours at Mayo Terrace-Challenging new
initiatives after the corona disaster-

Kewpie Corporation (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Mitsuru Takamiya, hereinafter referred to as Kewpie) will summarize the food education activities conducted in fiscal 2022 (December 2021-November 2022). In 2022, the corona crisis continued, but we resumed face-to-face activities and further enhanced online content, resulting in a significant increase in the number of events held compared to 2021. Mayo Terrace, a tour facility in Chofu City, Tokyo, has resumed accepting face-to-face tours from July 2022 with a reduced number of people. If the organizers wished for on-site lectures and lectures, they were held face-to-face, and we were able to obtain a place for communication where we could meet customers directly.
As a new initiative, we held a factory tour and an event at Mayo Terrace where employees involved in quality assurance taught us how to read food labels. In addition, as a visiting class at schools, we held an “SDGs class” to convey what the Kewpie Group is working on as a corporate responsibility. Due to the popularity of the “SDGs classroom,” we aim to start recruiting as a new visiting class in 2023. The “Dietary Life Academy” on the Kewpie official website has released 5 new contents, making a total of 14 contents. The “Dietary Academy” was established in July 2021 with the aim of enabling children who will create the future to independently learn, think, and make decisions about their eating habits. It’s been a year since I’ve challenged various initiatives in the year of the year.
In addition, in June 2022, in June 2022, we received the highest award, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award, in the 6th Shokuiku Activity Awards, Educators and Businesses Category [Corporate Category]. *1.
*1 Kewpie Aohata News 2022 No.37 Kewpie Aohata News 2022 No.50 [Image 1

Based on the idea that factories are extensions of the kitchen of the home, Kewpie has been conducting various food education activities to convey the joy and importance of food, including the Open Kitchen (factory tours) that have been held since 1961. continuing. We will continue to take advantage of the merits of face-to-face and online, and continue our food education activities according to the situation in the world.
[FY2022 (December 2021-November 2022) results by initiative] 1. Number of face-to-face visitors to each factory and Mayo Terrace: 5,829 in total
From July 2022, Mayo Terrace resumed accepting face-to-face tours, and the number of visitors was 5,829 (690% compared to the previous year). During the summer vacation, many children visited, and the situation returned to before the corona disaster, except that no tasting was conducted to prevent infection and that masks were worn.
2. Number of online visitors to each factory and Mayo Terrace: 19,588 in total The total number of online visitors was 19,588 (78% compared to the previous year). The reasons for the decrease are the cancellation of tours of the Koromo Plant (Aichi Prefecture), which was scheduled to be closed, and the resumption of face-to-face tours at Mayo Terrace. In 2022, we have planned a new course using online. For example, during the summer vacation at Mayo Terrace, an event*2 was held to teach elementary school students how to read food labeling for independent research. This is an event*3 where you can learn more about sesame with the theme of “. In addition, at the event * 4 held during “Salad Week” in August, Mayo Terrace and the Tosu Factory (Saga Prefecture), Kobe Factory (Hyogo Prefecture), and Goka Factory (Ibaraki Prefecture) were connected in a relay format, and each person in charge recommended I introduced the salad of the world.
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[Image 3d44559-380-68da2883613d5c55fd76-4.jpg&s3=44559-380-eaf61716aeed34350772b239394e902b-897x497.jpg
[Image 4d44559-380-c107037bf6323c0c454e-5.jpg&s3=44559-380-f34b34506697eaf34cbf26b978149e0f-1163x227.jpg
[Image 5d44559-380-1f8379ba115d6bb8e889-6.jpg&s3=44559-380-787bc86cd5c98b2c659570fb6a56d9de-1165x228.jpg
3. Number of on-site classes (mayonnaise classes, SDGs classes) held: 82 schools in total
There were 56 “mayonnaise classes” (including 42 online schools) and 26 “SDGs classes” (including 1 online school), for a total of 82 schools (210% compared to the previous year).
4. Number of lectures held: 99 in total, 4,013 participants
A total of 99 events (up 70% compared to the previous year) were held for the three programs, “Have fun eating and be healthy!” The breakdown is 23 held online and 76 face-to-face, for a total of 99 meetings.
[Image 6d44559-380-a78750846a1982af0b4f-1.jpg&s3=44559-380-f8fdce019a23321efd22ff5b8f9ef3aa-3900x2925.jpg
5. Added 5 contents of “Dietary Life Academy”, a site where you can independently learn about eating habits
Newly added to the dietary education content “Diet Life Academy” on the Kewpie official website opened in July 2021 1. “What do you see when shopping? Let’s see!” 3. “The height at which the eggs are dropped is the decisive factor!? Let’s make a basic fried egg!” ” has been added, bringing the total to 14.
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