Kids Mob Co., Ltd. Kids Mob Co., Ltd. Held weekly management meetings with the aim of making management tran sparent and creating an open environment for “creating with employees”.

Kids Mob Co., Ltd.
[Kids Mob Co., Ltd.] A weekly management meeting is held with the aim of making management transparent and creating an open environment for “creating with employees”.
A detailed explanation of the background and purpose of the introduction!
Kids Mob Co., Ltd. operates gymnastics classes “LUNA STUDIO” and dance classes “LUNA DANCE” in Ota-ku and Setagaya-ku with the philosophy of “enriching family time with children’s smiles”. We have started holding weekly management meetings with the aim of making management transparent and creating an open environment. I will explain the background and purpose of the introduction in detail.
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Company Overview What kind of company is Kids Mob Co., Ltd.? We are developing a business for children based on the philosophy of “enriching family time with children’s smiles”.
In order to support the exercise that is essential for children’s growth, we started with gymnastics classes, dance classes, and develop and sell kids protein in-house.
Although it is a young company, having been established only two years ago, it has a total of four gymnastics and dance classes.
It is a popular exercise class for children in Setagaya Ward and Ota Ward, and is about to open a store in front of Komaba Tokyo University in February this year.
Average age is early 20s. It’s a great environment for energetic and energetic young people to play an active role.
It is a corporate culture that evaluates and actively incorporates independent opinions and actions that even young employees want to do more.
In addition, you can improve your technical and leadership skills not only when you join the company but also after joining the company through regular practice sessions.
It is a perfect environment for those who are positive about their own growth along with the company.
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What is the background behind the introduction of the weekly management meeting? It is still young, having been established two years ago, and the average age of the staff is around 20, making it a company with a fresh momentum.
As a company policy, we want to create an open environment where employees can express their opinions firmly, rather than just having employees carry out what management decides. And precisely because we have so many young employees, I want them to grow by learning the basics of being a business person and how to work with a sense of ownership.
Another purpose is to share the goals that the company is aiming for, and to think together about what kind of future we are envisioning and what we should do to achieve it.
We also want to create an environment in which all employees can work with a sense of trust and a sense of security by making management more transparent. ] will be done.
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Company management that employees gather and make with everyone. “What is the LUNA Conference?”
Frequency is once a week. It is a weekly management meeting in which everyone from full-time employees to part-time workers has the right to participate.
There are three main purposes of the LUNA Conference.
[1. Creating an open environment]
The flow of the LUNA meeting begins with an icebreaker to share the good things that have happened recently.
This will warm the air and make it easier to voice your opinion. It is important to start the meeting with a positive mindset in order to discuss the issues.
Although there is no compulsion, everyone, from full-time employees to part-time workers, has the right to participate.
[2. Management transparency]
Next, the future that the company is aiming for. Share specific goals with employees.
If employees just carry out what management decides, they will not understand why they are doing the work in front of them. I think it’s important to get people to understand the purpose.
By imagining what the company will look like one year from now, five years from now, etc., we also have the intention of wanting them to want to create that future together. We are creating a place to talk. [3. Developing employees with a sense of ownership]
When discussing problems and areas for improvement, grasp the current situation and discuss what needs to be done to close the gap to the target.
At this time, the final goal is to unanimously decide what to do and by when. Everyone has a say, and it’s a unanimous decision, so it’s essential that we all run towards that goal.
Since you have to actually carry out what you have decided, you are required to think and speak with a sense of ownership, rather than wondering if someone else will do something about it.
Also, I would like to foster the ability to cooperate and achieve a single goal, rather than acting selfishly.
Since many of our employees are young and have little experience working in society, we also want them to acquire the basics of being a business person when they go out into the world.
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Functions as a place to deepen exchanges
After the LUNA meeting is over, we have a lunch party with all the participating employees.
The meeting is held in a relaxed atmosphere, but after it is over, we try to create a friendly atmosphere where employees can deepen exchanges.
I don’t usually get to see employees from other stores, but it’s also attractive to be able to meet and get to know each other through opportunities like this.
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The result of actually going
It’s only been about two months since the program started, but the number of employees who are able to express their opinions clearly has gradually increased.
In addition, the number of questions about the company to the management has increased, and I feel that there has been a gradual increase in people taking ownership rather than just doing what they are told.
I think it is important to continue and brush up, so I would like to continue to make the conference even better.
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About us
Company name: Kids Mob Co., Ltd.
Established: May 1, 2020
Representative Director: Keito Kanamori
Capital: 15 million yen
Location: 1-15-5 Minamisenzoku, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Children’s gymnastics class/dance class business/D2C brand business
Number of employees: 40 (including part-time workers)
Company HP:
LUNA business:
■ Inquiries
Person in charge: Satoshi Abe
Details about this release:


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