Kimura Information Technology Co., Ltd. starts recruiting new graduates in its first metaverse space

Kimura Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Kimura Information Technology Co., Ltd. starts recruiting new graduates in its first metaverse space

Kimura Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saga City, Saga Prefecture, Representative Director: Takao Kimura, hereinafter “Kimura Information Technology”) will start recruiting new graduates in the company’s first metaverse space.
First of all, from the recruitment of new graduates graduating in 2024, we will conduct internships, company information sessions, and interviews on our original metaverse platform “KIMULAND”.
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Starting new initiatives in recruitment activities based on the idea of ​​”always new ideas.”
Kimura Information Technology has been developing various DX solutions since its establishment in 2005, based on the idea of ​​”always new ideas.”
Last year, in 2022, we made a full-scale entry into the Metaverse business, and in September 2022, we started providing our original Metaverse platform “KIMULAND” service. “KIMULAND” has already held more than 100 events centered on companies and school corporations, and more than 5,000 people have experienced the Metaverse space, and we have received many favorable comments.
Regarding recruitment, we have already started recruiting “Metaverse employees” who will work in the Metaverse space in December 2022 (*1). We have further expanded the scope of utilization of the Metaverse space, and have decided to conduct new graduate recruitment activities in the Metaverse space as well. This is the first initiative for our company.
(*1) Recruitment and selection are still in progress. (As of January 13, 2023) In the midst of the corona wreck, an increasing number of companies are conducting interviews and company information online using web conferencing systems. We have also used Zoom in our recruitment activities.
Our company has been using the Metaverse space for various events inside and outside the company so far, and we feel that it has certain merits, such as the ease of communication between people. By expanding the scope of its use to recruit new graduates, we will lead to better communication for both companies and students.
Overview of recruitment activities for new graduates in the Metaverse space ・Of the recruitment activities, internships, company briefings, and the first interview will be held in the Metaverse space.
・Second and third interviews will be conducted face-to-face (real or online). ・For students who find it difficult to participate in the Metaverse environment, we will flexibly respond to separate consultations. Comments from recruiters
As a new initiative, in addition to the “Metaverse employee
(mid-career recruitment)” that we started recruiting the other day, we have started using the Metaverse space for recruiting new graduates. After experiencing the Metaverse interview, I felt that it was “online but close to the real world” compared to the Zoom interview. In our Metaverse interview, the interviewer and the applicant meet in the virtual space as avatars and move together to the interview venue. In the meantime, chatting by voice can be an ice breaker and you can see the character of the person.
To be honest, when I started recruiting in the Metaverse space, I was worried about whether students would be interested in me, and whether I would be able to make a decision about what to hire when I didn’t have information such as facial expressions. However, when we asked students who actually participated in company events in the Metaverse, many of them had positive opinions about recruitment activities in the Metaverse space, and some said that it was “fresh” and “interesting.” Face-to-face interviews often end in a tense atmosphere, but in Metaverse interviews, perhaps because of the appearance of the avatar, the tension is quickly eased, creating a friendly atmosphere that allows students to be more relaxed. I felt that the part of was easy to see.
On the other hand, since we have just started recruiting activities in the Metaverse space, at the moment, it takes more time for recruiters to prepare than Zoom interviews, which makes them feel troublesome. In addition, there are also issues such as “sometimes we can’t see each other’s facial expressions and are confused”, and for students it is “difficult to understand the atmosphere in the company”. Instead of replacing everything with the Metaverse, we will start partially, and we will respond flexibly, such as holding real and online company tours for students who wish.
The other day, we started recruiting for our first “Metaverse employee,” and we received applications from people of a different type than before. New graduate recruitment activities will also be conducted in the Metaverse space, and we hope that both the company side and the student side will be able to see new discoveries and communication.
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About the metaverse platform “KIMULAND”
“KIMULAND” is equipped with a hall and activities that can be used for conference rooms and lectures, and anyone can use it freely. Please experience it from “Try it for free” at the transition destination of the following URL.
[About Kimura Information Technology Co., Ltd.]
We are mainly engaged in research and development of artificial intelligence (AI) utilization business and artificial intelligence services, web lecture management / distribution service “3eLive” and recording / on-demand distribution service.
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Established: July 29, 2005
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