Kinema Junpo Co., Ltd. Distribute the award-winning program “Our Kinema Junpo Best Ten 2022”! Starts at 21 :00 on January 31, the day before the announcement!

Kinema Junposha Co., Ltd.
The award-winning program “Our Kinema Junpo Best Ten 2022” will be distributed! Starts at 21:00 on January 31, the day before the announcement!
2022 96th Kinema Junpo Best Ten Award Ceremony and related events
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On February 1st (Wednesday), the award ceremony and announcement of the “Kinema Junpo Best Ten”, which has a longer history than the Academy Awards in the United States since 1924, will be held for the first time in three years. It will be held at the Bunkamura Orchard Hall, inviting the audience to. The pattern will also be delivered live on YouTube.
And this time, on January 31 (Tuesday), the day before, the winners of each award and the winning works will be predicted, “Predict and get 100,000 yen! -Free live distribution on Sports communication platform [eXeLAB]!
Shinsuke Kasai, a freelance announcer who will also serve as MC on the day of the awards ceremony, comedy duo Oide Yasuko, who is often called the number one comedian who loves movies, and is a member of former Nogizaka 46 and is currently active in the stage, movies, and dramas as an actress. Yumi Wakatsuki, who is active, challenges the currently held “100,000 Yen Win! 96th Kinema Junpo Best Ten Award Prediction Campaign” and develops a serious prediction to get 100,000 yen. .
* Win 100,000 Yen! The 96th Kinema Junpo Best Ten Awards Prediction Campaign ▶ Click here for details
In the program, we will mainly pick up and make predictions for 5 awards: “Japanese Film Award”, “Best Actress Award”, “Best Actor Award”, “New Actress Award”, and “New Actor Award”. In addition, by using the chat function and gifting function of [eXeLAB], it is a participatory program in which viewers can also participate in predictions, and enjoyment other than just watching is prepared. The collected gifts will be donated to Uni Japan, a public interest incorporated foundation that nurtures the next generation of talent in the Japanese film industry and hosts the Tokyo International Film Festival.
The “Kinema Junpo Best Ten” is said to be the longest-running film award and also the most difficult to predict. As expected result in program and how! ? And can you hit the mark wonderfully? ?
Please enjoy this program full of movie love.
-Program overview-
■ Program name: Predict and get 100,000 yen! “Our Kinema Junpo Best Ten 2022” ■ Performers: Shinsuke Kasai, Kogaken, Yumi Wakatsuki
■ Delivery date and time: From 21:00 on January 31, 2023
Distribution site: Free live distribution on the comprehensive communication platform “eXeLAB”
▶ Click here for the distribution page
* New member registration to “eXeLAB” is required for viewing. eXeLAB is a communication service created for all gamers and their fans. A platform where you can do various activities such as recruiting friends, participating in communities, and participating in
Click here for the live broadcast of the 96th Kinema Junpo Best Ten Award Ceremony, which starts at 19:00 on Wednesday, February 1.
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