Kinema Junpo Co., Ltd. “Kinema Junpo early February issue” Feature: “Legend & Butterfly” and 70 years of Toei movies

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“Kinema Junpo Early February Issue” Feature: “Legend & Butterfly” and 70 Years of Toei Films
Long interview with director Takuya Kimura, Haruka Ayase, and Keishi Otomo
Thank you for your continued patronage. The front cover feature of “Kinema Junpo early February issue” released today is “Legend & Butterfly” which will be released nationwide from 1/27. Including interviews with Takuya Kimura, Haruka Ayase, and director Keishi Otomo, we consider the charm of the work and the actors. As a special project, we will look back on the history of Toei Films under the title of 70 Years of Ever-changing Toei Films.
Front cover feature
Movie “Legend & Butterfly”
Interview with Takuya Kimura, Haruka Ayase and Keishi Otomo
work review
Special Project: 70 Years of Toei Movies, etc.
Featured Works
“SHE SAID Reveal that name”
“Morricone Musician who fell in love with movies”
“Spirit of Inisherin Island”
“Shadow Play”
Gravure interview
Etsushi Toyokawa “Instigator: Umeyasu Fujieda”
Suzuki & Hio Miyazawa “Egoist”
Kinema Junpo Early February 2023 issue
■ Released on 1/19
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